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Caltegfa, hamlet, Llanfwrog par., Denbighshire.

Caltliorpe.—par., N. Norfolk, 3 milesN. of Aylsham,
1048 ac., pop. 204.—
2. Caltliorpe, hamlet, Banbury
par., N. Oxfordshire.—3. Caltliorpe (Leicestershire).

Caltliwaite, hamlet with ry. sta., Hesket in the
Forest par., E. Cumberland, on river Petterill, 7 miles
NW. of Penrith; P.O.

Calton.—township, Blore par., N. Staffordshire, 94
miles SE. of Leek, 372 ac., pop. 62.-2. Calton, town-
ship, Mayfield par., N. Staffordshire, 12 miles SE. of
Leek, 376 ac., pop. 64.—3. Calton, township, Waterfall
par., N. Staffordshire, 6miles SE. of Leek, 596 ac., pop.
74. — 4. Calton, township, Kirkby-in-Malham-Dale
par., N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles SE. of
Settle, 1449 ac., pop. 59.

Calton, dist. in E. of Glasgow, adjoining Glasgow
Green, pop. 39,590.

Calton Hill, in city of Edinburgh, alt. 355 ft.; with
its public buildings and monuments, it forms one of
the most striking features of Edinburgh, and commands
an extensive and varied view.

Caltra, vil., 2 miles E. of Castleblakeney, E. co.
Galway, 10 miles NAY. of Ballinasloe ry. sta.; P.O.

Caltragli.—hamlet, 9 miles NW. of Athlone, S. co.
Roscommon.—2. Caltragli, hamlet, 10 miles W. of
Tuam, N. co. Galway.

Caludon, hamlet, 3 miles N. of Coventry, AYarwick-
shire ; contains C. College and the ruin of C. Castle.

Calva, islet and harb., Eddrachillis par., NW.
Sutherlandshire—islet, N. side of mouth of Kyle Sku,
5J m. SE. of Sconrie; harb., between islet and mainland.

Calvadnack, ham., 7 m. NW. of Peiiryn,W. Cornwall.

Calvay, island, S. IJist par., Inverness-shire, pop. 6.

Calve, island, Kilninian and Kilmore par., Argyll-
shire, off NE. coast of Mull island, at entrance of Tober-
mory harb., pop. 10.

Calveley, township with ry. sta., Bunbury par., W.
Cheshire, 8 miles NW. of Crewe, 1546 ac., pop. 279. _

Calver, township, on river Derwent, N. Derbyshire,
in par. and 4 m. NE. of Bakewell, 775 ac., pop. 431; P.O.

Calveriiall, eccl. dist., Prees par., N. Shropshire,
44 miles SE. of Whitchurch, pop. 248.

Calverleigh, par., N. Devon, 2 miles NAY. of Tiver-
ton, 2191 ac., pop. 83.

Calvcrley, par. and vil. with ry. sta., E. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, partly in bor. of Bradford—par.,
8900 ac., pop. 39,613; vil., pop. 2246; P.O. The
par. contains Calverley witli Farsley, township, 3180
ac., pop. 8206; P.O. at Farsley.

Caivcrstown, hamlet and seat, 8 miles S. of New-
bridge ry. sta., mid. co. Kildare; P.O.

Calvert Honsc, ham., Grinton par., N. -Riding Y orksh.

Calverton.—par., N. Bucks, 1 mile S. of Stony Strat-
ford, 2011 ac., pop. 550.—2. Calverton, par. and vil.,
S. Notts, 64 miles NE. of Nottingham, 3320 ac., pop.
1246; P.O.; birthplace of George A. Lee (1761-1826),
inventor of the stocking-frame.

Calverton End, part of Stony Stratford, Calverton
par., N. Bucks.

Calvine, hamlet, in par. and 4| miles AY. of Blair-
Athole, Perthshire; P.O., T.O.

Calvington, hamlet, Edgmond par., N. Shropshire.

Calwicii, township, Ellastone par., N. Staffordshire,
on river Dove, 74 m. NE. of Uttoxeter, 763 ac., pop. 125;
contains seat of Calwich Hall. The ruins of Cat wick
Abbey (16th century) are 4 miles E. of Ellastone.

Cam.*—par. and ry. sta., W. Gloucestershire, 1 mile
N. of Dursley, 2946 ac., pop. 1758 ; P.O., T.O.—2.
Cant, or Granta, river, Cambridgeshire; rises on SW.
border of co., near Ashwell, and flows NE. past Cam-
bridge to confluence with river Ouse 34 miles above
Ely; is 40 miles long, and is navigable from the Ouse to
Cambridge.—3. Cam, affluent of river Severn, W.
Gloucestershire, near Frampton ; 7 miles long.

Cam, or Cama, loch (24 miles long), Assynt par.,
SW. Sutherlandshire.

Cam, par., S. co. Roscommon, 9 miles NW. of
Athlone, 12,403 ac., pop. 1845.

Camagh Bridge, hamlet, 6 miles NW. of Castle-
pollard, N. co. Westmeath.

Cam is a Celtic word meaning “ crooked.”

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