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Chadklrk, eccl. dist. (St Chad), Stockport par., E.
Cheshire, pop. 1782.

Chadley, hamlet, 4 miles E. of Stratford on Avon,

Chadlington.—hundred, NAY. Oxfordshire, 60,709
ac., pop. 13,072; contains 23 pars.—2. Chadlington,
township and vil., Charlbury par., NAY. Oxfordshire,
34 m. SE. of Chipping Norton, 3450 ac., pop. 706 ;

Cliadnor Court, 2 m. NE. of AYeobley, Herefordsh.

Chadshunt, par. and seat, S. AYarwickshire, 2 miles
NAY. of Kineton, 1366 ac., pop. 46.

Chadsinoor, part of Cannock, in co. and 9 miles SE.
of Stafford;

Chadstone, hamlet, Castle Ashby par., in S. of co.
and 7 miles E. of Northampton.

Chadwell, school, Barking par., AY. Essex, 3 miles
SAY. of Bomford.

Chad well Heath, hamlet, and sta. on Great Eastern
Ry., Dagenham par., S. Essex, 10 miles NE. of London;
P.O., T.o., called Chadwell.

Chadwell Springs, a source of New River, SE.
Herts, near AYare Park.

Chadwell St Mary, par., S. Essex, on river Thames,
24 miles S. of Orsett, 1879 ac. (10 water) and 140 tidal
water and foreshore, pop. 587; P.O.

Chadwell with Wycombe, township, Rothley par.,
N. Leicestershire, 34 miles NE. of Melton Mowbray,
1730 ac., pop. 107.

Chadwick.—hamlet, in par. and 2 miles AY. of
Rochdale, SE. Lancashire.—2. Chadwick, hamlet, 3
miles N. of Bromsgrove, E. AYorcestershire.

Chadwick End, 3 miles E. of Knowle ry. sta., N.

Chaffcoiube, par., AY. Somerset, on Chard Canal, 3
miles S. of Ilminster, 999 ac., pop. 206.

Chafford, hundred, S. Essex, 34,703 ac., pop. 23,839;
contains 14 pars.

Chagford, par. and vil., S. Devon, near river Teign,
3 miles NAY. of Moreton Hampstead, 7492 ac., pop.
P.O., T.O. Market-day, Saturday.

Chalgley, hamlet, Milton par., NE. Lancashire, 5|
miles AY. of Clitheroe.

Chailey, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Newtek and
Chailey), AY. Sussex, 6 miles N. of Lewes, 5944 ac.
(26 water), pop. 1522 ;

Chair Eedder, remarkable group of rocks on coast
of Cornwall, SE. of Lands End.

Chalbnry, par., E. Dorset, 5 miles SE. of Dorchester,
1344 ac., pop. 211.

Chalcombe, par., S. Northamptonshire, 4 miles NE.
of Banbury, 1694 ac., pop. 447;

Chaldon, par., mid. Surrey, 5 miles NE. of Reigate,
1644 ac., pop. 185.

Chaldon-Herring, par., S. Dorset, near coast, 94
miles SAY. of AYareham, 2981 ac., pop. 334.

Chale, par., vil., and bay, on S. coast of Isle of AYight,
64 miles AY. of Yentnor, 2222 ac. and 54 foreshore, pop.
P.O. The bay extends 3 miles along the coast.

Chalflcld, Great, par., N. AYilts, 3 miles AV. of
Melksham, 700 ac., pop. 34.

Chalflcld, Little, par., N. AYilts, 34 miles AY. of
Melksham, 560 ac. (inclusive of Cottles), pop. 44.

Chalfont House, 5 miles E. of Beaconsfield, Bucks.

Chalfont St Giles, par. and vil., S. Bucks, 3 miles
SE. of Amersham, 3726 ac., pop. 1264 ;
P.O., T.o.

Chalfont St Peter, par. and vil., S. Bucks, 5 miles
SE. of Amersham, 4758 ac., pop. 1456 ;

Chalford.—eccl. dist. and vil., Bisley par., E. Glou-
cestershire, pop. 2367;
P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. The vil.,
34 miles SE. of Stroud, has mfrs. of broadcloth.—2.
Chalford, liberty, Aston Rowant par., SE. Oxford-
shire, 3 miles S. of Thame.

Chalgrave, par., SAY. Bedfordshire, 3| miles NE. of
Dunstable, 2130 ac., pop. 873.

Chalgrove, par. and vil., SE. Oxfordsh., on affluent
of river Thame, 5 miles SAY. of Tetsworth, 2385 ac.,
pop. 512;
P.O.; on Chalgrove Field in 1643 a skirmish
was fought between the Royalists and Parliamentarians,
in which John Hampden was mortally wounded.

Chalk,—hundred, S. AYilts, 24,832 ac., pop. 3074;
contains 7 pars.—2. Chalk, par., NAY. Kent, on river
Thames, 24 miles SE. of Gravesend, 1971 ac. (14
water) and 271 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 341.

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