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Cheshire, 5½ miles SE. of Nantwich, 839 ac., pop. 78.—

3. Chorlton, township, in par. and 6 miles NW. of
Eccleshall, W. Staffordshire, 1983 ac., pop. 380.—

4. Chorlton (Lancashire). See Chorlton upon Med-
and Chorlton cum Hardy.

Chorlton by Backford, township, Backford par.,
W. Cheshire, on Ellesmere Canal, 3½ miles N. of
Chester, 544 ac., pop. 66.

Chorlton cum Hardy, township with ry. sta., in
par. and 3½ miles SW. of Manchester, SE. Lancashire,
1280 ac. (11 water), pop. 2332; P.O.

Chorlton upon Medlock, township, Manchester par.
and bor., SE. Lancashire, 646 ac., pop. 55,598 ; 1 Bank.

Choseley, par., W. Norfolk, 5½ miles W. of Burnham
Westgate, pop. 10.

Choulesbury. See Cholesbury.

Choulton, hamlet, North Lydbury par., S. Shrop¬
shire, on river Onny, 4 miles SE. of Bishops Castle.

Chowhent, vil. with ry. sta., in par. and 2½ miles
NE. of Leigh, SW. Lancashire; P.O., T.O.

Chowlcy, township, Coddington par., W. Cheshire,
6½ miles N. of Malpas, 790 ac., pop. 39.

Chrishall, par., W. Essex, 5½ miles W. of Saffron
Walden, 2789 ac., pop. 573; P.O.

Chrishall Grange, hamlet, Chrishall par., W. Essex
(partly in Cambridge), 7 miles NW. of Audley End sta.

Christchurch.—hundred, S. Hants, 40,030 ac., pop.
13,834. — 2. Christchurch, pari, bor., seaport, and
par., S. Hants, at confluence of rivers Avon and Stour,
1½ mile from the sea, 34 miles SW. of Southampton,
and 113 miles SW. of London—par., 21,264 ac. and 690
tidal water and foreshore, pop. 12,989; bor., 22,350 ac.,
pop.28,535;P.O.,T.o., 1 Bank, 1 newspaper. Market-day,
Monday; was in Saxon times known as Tweonaeteam,
a name which continued until recently in the form of
Christchurch Twineham. The industries of C. are
unimportant—hosiery, chains for clocks and watches,
and some salmon fishing. It has a free grammar-school,
a commodious military barracks, and a priory church,
one of the best specimens of its kind, built in the 12th
century, and restored in 1861. The bor. returns 1
member to Parliament.—3. Christchurch, par. and
vil., Monmouthshire, NE. of and partly within Newport
bor., 5757 ac., pop. 6524.—4. Christchurch, in par.
and 5 miles from Upwell, Cambridgeshire; P.O.

Christchurch Bay, an inlet forming a spacious harb.,
SW. coast of Hants. In consequence of its position, it
has a double tide in the 12 hours. A bar and the
narrowness of the entrance, however, render it of
small use to navigation.

Christchurch Head, SW. coast of Hants, 3½ miles
E. of Bournemouth.

Christchurch Park, 4½ m. N. of Ipswich, E. Suffolk.

Christianhury Crag, eminence, E. Cumberland,
1598 ft. high.

Christian Halford, par. and vil., N. Wilts, on
river Avon, 4½ miles NE. of Chippenham, 3104 ac.,
pop. 777; P.O.

Christionydd-Coed and Christionydd-Kenrick,
2 adjacent hamlets, Ruabon par., SE. Denbighshire,
2 miles NW. of Chirk.

Christleton, par. and township, W. Cheshire, on
Ellesmere Canal, 2 miles .SE. of Chester—par., 3284 ac.,
pop. 1189; township, 1506 ac., pop. 835; P.O., T.O.;
contains Christleton Hall.

Christon, par., E. Somerset, 4 miles NW. of Ax-
bridge, 571 ac., pop. 57.

Christon Bank, sta. on North-Eastern Ry., N.
Northumberland, 10 miles SE. of Belford.

Chrlstow, par., E. Devon, on river Teign, 7½ miles
SW. of Exeter, 3218 ac., pop. 588 ; P.O.

Christ’s Kirk, or Rathmuriel, ancient par., now
forming E. part of Kinnethmont par., W. Aberdeen¬
shire ; the green, beside the churchyard and ruined
church, 1 mile SW. of Insch ry. sta., is supposed to be
the scene of the poem
Chryst’s Kirk on the Orene,
ascribed by some to James I.

Chrome Hill, rocky eminence, on W. border of
Derbyshire, 4 miles S. of Buxton.

Chryston.—quoad sacra par., Cadder par., NW.
Lanarkshire, pop. 3179.—2. Chryston and Muirhead,
vil., Cadder par., NW. Lanarkshire, 7½ miles NE. of
Glasgow, pop. 721; P.O., called Chryston.


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