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Cloghy, hamlet, on Cloghy Bay, 4 miles NE. of
Portaferry, E. co. Down; P.O.

Clogwyn-Du-r-Ardtlu, rock overhanging a lake,
Crib-y-Dystul ridge, Snowdon mountain, Carnarvon.

Clobamon, vil. and seat, 7 miles N¾. of Ferns ry.
sta., N. co. Wexford, on river Barrow, pop. 150; P.O.

Clola, hamlet, Old Deer par., E. Aberdeenshire, 3
miles S. of Mintlaw; P.O.

Clomantagb, par. and hamlet, N. co. Kilkenny,
34 miles W. of Freshford, 3703 ac., pop. 422; P.O.,
called Clomanto.

Cion-.* See also Clan-. and Cloon-.

Clonagam, par., in co. and 9 miles NW. of Water-
ford, containing Portiaw, 4939 ac., pop. 2436.

Clonagli, par., NW. co. Limerick, 4 miles W. of
Rathkeale, 2427 ac., pop. 303.

Clonaglicen and Clonenagh, par., mid. Queen’s co.,
3 miles SW. of Maryborough, 47,188 ac., pop. 8817.

Clonagblis, par., E. co. Kildare, on Grand Canal, 2
miles W. of Celbridge ry. sta., 518 ac., pop. 72.

Clonagoose, or Cloneyford, par., W. co. Carlow.
See Clonygoose.

Clonakenny, 7 miles from Roscrea, co. Tipperary; P.O.

Clonakllty, seaport, market town, and township,
Kilgariif par., S. co. Cork, at head of C. Bay, 9 miles
S. of Enniskean ry. sta., 15 SW. of Bandon, and 33
SW. of Cork—township, 1086 ac., pop. 3676; P.O., T.o.,
2 Banks. Market-day,
Friday. The town originally
owed its importance to Richard Boyle, first Earl of
Cork. It has several corn and flax mills. Owing to the
bar at the entrance to the harbour, large vessels dis-
charge their cargoes at a quay 1 mile below the town.
In the neighbourhood are some Druidical remains
resembling those of Stonehenge.

Clonalis, seat of the O’Conor-Don, 1 mile NW. of
Castlereagh, W. co. Roscommon.

Clonallan, par., SW. co. Down, 2 miles N. of War-
renpoint, 11,465 ac., pop. 3531.

Clonalvy, par., E. co.Meath, 6 miles SE. of Duleek,
3125 ac., pop. 324; P.O.

Clonamery, par., E. co. Kilkenny, on river Nore, 6
miles SE. of Thomastown, 3390 ac., pop. 452.

Clonard.—vil., 1 mile AY. of Balbriggan, N. co.
Dublin.—2. Clonard, par. and vil., SW. co. Meath,
on river Boyne, 2 miles from Hill of Down ry. sta. and
12 miles SW. of Trim, 13,324 ac., pop. 2055; P.O.

Clonard, Great and Little, 2 hamlets, in co. and
about 2 miles S. of Wexford.

Clonarney, par., NE. co. Westmeath, 2 miles N. of
Delvin, 2312 ac., pop. 332.

Conaslee, vil., 14 miles W. of Portarlington ry. sta.,
NW. Queen’s co., pop. 312; P.O.

Clonassy, hamlet, near Mullinavat, S. co. Kilkenny.

Clonatin, seat, near Gorey, N. co. Wexford.

Clonbanin Cross, 6 m. from Kanturk, co. Cork; P.O.

Clonbeale, seat, 3 m. NE. of Parsonstown, King’s co.

Clonbeg, par., in co. and 4 miles SW. of Tipperary,
15,112 ac., pop. 2187.

Clonlbern, par. and seat, N. co. Galway, 6 miles NE.
of Tuam, 10,461 ac., pop. 2005 ; p.o.

Clonbrock, seat of Lord Clonbrock, on Clonbrock
rivulet, 8 miles NW. of Ballinasloe, E. co. Galway.

Clonbroney, par., mid. co. Longford, 4 miles N. of
Edgeworthstown, 12,706 ac., pop. 2499.

Clonbulloge, vil., Clonsast par., E. King’s co., 8
miles N. of Portarlington, pop. 87 ; P.O.

Clonbullogue, par., in co. and 5 miles SE. of Tip-
perary, 3954 ac., pop. 554.

Clonbur, 4 miles NE. of Cong, S. co. Mayo; P.O.

Clonburren, seat, 44 miles E. of Bagenalstown,
mid. co. Carlow.

Clonca, par., NE. co. Donegal, containing Malin,
19,646 ac., pop. 5066; the most N. par. in Ireland.

Cloncagb, par., S. co. Limerick, 5 miles SW. of
Rathkeale, 4543 ac., pop. 624.

Cloncaird Castle, seat, on Girvan Water, 5 miles
SE. of Maybole, mid. Ayrshire.

Cloncarneel, seat, 6 m. S. of Athboy, W. co. Meath.

Cloncarragb, vil., near Corrofin, N. co. Clare.

Cloncat, vil., 3 miles N. of Athboy, W. co. Meath.

Cloncoskoran, seat, 3 miles E. of Dungarvan, S. co.

Cloncovid, school, Drumlumman par., S. co. Cavan.

Cloncrew, par., S. co. Limerick, 9 miles SE. of New-
castle, 1714 ac., pop. 217.

Cloncumbcr, seat, 8 miles NW. of Newbridge ry.
sta., N. co. Kildare.

Cloncurry.—par., N. co. Kildare, on Royal Canal,

3    miles W. of Kilcock ry. sta., 8397 ac., pop. 815.—
2. Cloncurry, par., W. co. Kildare, 3 miles NE. of
Rathangan, 5419 ac., pop. 357.

Clondagad and Islands, par. and seat, mid. co.
Clare, on river Fergus, 6 miles SW. of Clare ry. sta.,
16,975 ac., pop. 3046.

Clondaborky, par., N. co. Donegal, containing Dun-
fanaghy, 30,243 ac., pop. 4914.

Clondalkin, par. and vil. with ry. sta., in co. and 5
miles W. of Dublin—par., 4943 ac., pop. 1890; vil.,
pop. 379; p.o.; has a stone cross and a round tower.

Clondavaddog, par., N. co. Donegal, 6 miles N. of
Milford, 27,371 ac., pop. 6253.

Clondavv, vil., 3 m. NE. of Enniscorthy, co. Wexford.

Clonderalaw.—bar., S. co. Clare, 75,878 ac., pop.
14,552.—2. Clonderalaw, seat, in the above bar., on
Clonderalaw Bay, 6 miles NW. of Foynes ry. sta.

Clondermot, par., W. co. Londonderry, containing
part of Londonderry city, 21,608 ac., pop. 10,590.

Clondervis, hamlet, 3 miles S. of Oldcastle ry. sta.,
NW. co. Meath.

Clondrobid, par., W. co. Cork, 4 miles NW. of
Macroom, 27,114 ac., pop. 3818; P.O.

Clonduff, par., S. co. Down, containing Hilltown, 8
miles E. of Newry, 21,227 ac., pop. 5003.

Clondulane, par. and vil. with ry. sta., NE. co.
Cork, 14 mile E. of Fermoy, 4926 ac., pop. 1187.

Clone, par., N. co. Wexford, 2 miles S. of Ferns,
6266 ac., pop. 845.

Clonea.—par. and seat, S. co. Waterford, on C. Bay,

4    miles NE. of Dungarvan, 2108 ac., pop. 416.—2.
Clonea, vil., N. co. Waterford, 5 miles S. of Carrick-
on-Suir; P.O.

Clonearl, seat, 2 m. N. of Philipstown, N. King’s co.

Clonec, vil., in par. and 1 mile from Dunboyne ry.
sta., SE. co. Meath, pop. 147 ; P.O., T.o.

Cloneen.—par. and seat, S. co. Tipperary, 4 miles E.
of Fethard, 7540 ac., pop. 829.—2. Cloneen, place
with school, Columbkill par., co. Longford.

Clonegall, vil., on river Derry, E. co. Carlow, 64
miles SW. of Shillelagh ry. sta., pop. 195; P.O.

Clonegane, also called Clonagam : which see.

Clonegatb, seat, 2 miles SE. of Monasterevin, W.
co. Kildare.

Clonelly, seat, 2 miles NW. of Kesh, N. co. Fer-
managh; P.O.

Clonelty, par., W. co. Limerick, 3 miles E. of New-
castle, 3748 ac., pop. 634.

Clonenagb. See Clonagheen and Clonenagh.

Clones.—par., SE. co. Fermanagh and W. co.
Monaghan, 42,873 ac., pop. 12,533.—2. Clones, market
town and township, in the above par., W. co.
Monaghan, 39 miles NW. of Dundalk and 94 miles
NW. of Dublin by rail—township, 181 ac., pop. 2216;
P.O., T.O., 3 Banks. Market-days,
Thursday and Friday;
contains an ancient market-cross, the remains of an
abbey, and a round tower. There are 2 spade manufac-
tories and several large corn-mills in the neighbourhood.

Clonevan, 7 m. from Ballycanew, E. co. Wexford; P.O.

Clonfad, par., S. co. AYestmeath, containing part of
Tyrrell’s Pass town, 4672 ac., pop. 663.

Clonfeacle.—par., NW. co. Armagh and SE. co.
Tyrone, on the Blackwater and Ulster Canal, 26,283
ac., pop. 9427.—2. Clonfeacle, vil., in the above par.,
SE. co. Tyrone, 5 miles SE. of Dungannon.

Clonfert.—par., N. co. Cork, containing Kanturk,
on river Allow, 62,109 ac., pop. 10,143.—2. Clonfert,
par., S. co. Galway, on river Shannon and Grand Canal,
4 miles NE. of Eyrecourt, 24,446 ac., pop. 2267.

Clongeen, par. and vR., S. co. AYexford, 5 miles
SW. of Taghmon and 14 miles W. of Wexford ry. sta.,
5379 ac., pop. 897.

Clongesb, par., in co. and 3 miles NW. of Longford,
containing Newton Forbes, on river Shannon, 12,536
ac., pop. 3172.

* The prefix Cion is from a Celtic word meaning “ a

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