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Commondalc, township (ry. sta. Commondale Sid-
ing), in par. and 64 miles SE. of Guisbrough, North-
Riding Yorkshire, 3057 ac., pop. 167; P.O.

Commondyke, mining vil., Auchinleck par., Ayr-
shire, 3 miles NE. of Cumnock, pop. 1048.

Commonbcad, sta. on North British Ry., adjacent
to Airdrie, N. Lanarkshire.

Commore Dam, reservoir, in par. and 2 miles SW.
of Neilston, Renfrewshire.

Comp, hamlet, Leybourne par., E. Kent, 54 miles
NW. of Maidstone.

Comp, Great, hamlet, in par. and 3 miles SE. of
AVrotham, mid. Kent.

Compass Hill, Canna island, Argyllshire, NW. of
Canna Harb. ; so named from the effect it is said to
have on the magnetic needle.

Compass Point, headland, AY. coast of Cornwall,
on S. side of Bude Haven.

Compstall, vil., in par. and 5 miles E. of Stock-
port, E. Cheshire; P.O., T.O.; has coal mines.

Compstone, seat, on Tarf AVater, in co. and 24 miles
N. of Kirkcudbright; has long been the property of a
branch of the Maitlands. In old Compstone Castle,
now a ruin, Alexander Montgomerie, the soldier-poet,
wrote the
Cherrie and the Slae (1595).

Compton.—hundred, mid. Berks, 15,768 ac., pop.
2410; contains 7 pars.—2. Compton, par. andry. sta.,
Berks, 8 miles NE. of Newbury, 3863 ac., pop. 632; P.O.
—3. Compton, hamlet, Ashborne par., N. Derbyshire.
Clifton with Compton.—4. Compton, vil., 1
mile NE. of Plymouth, S. Devon.—5. Compton, tith-
ing, in par. and 2 miles NE. of Newent, W. Gloucester-
shire.—6. Compton, par. and vil., N. Hants, onriver
Itchen, 24 miles SAY. of Winchester, 2110 ac., pop.
275 ; P.O.; contains Compton Down, where Cromwell
encamped previous to his siege of Winchester. — 7.
Compton, mid. Somerset, 5 miles N. of Sherborne; P.O.
Compton-Pauncefoot. — 8. Compton, hamlet,
Compton Dundon par., mid. Somerset.—9. Compton,
hamlet, Tettenhall par., AY. Staffordshire, 2 miles W.
of AYolverhampton; P.O.—10. Compton, hamlet, Kinver
par., W. Staffordshire, 54 miles AY. of Stourbridge.—
II. Compton, par. and vil., AY. Surrey, 24 miles SW.
of Guildford, 1998 ac., pop. 472; P.O.—12. Compton,
par., W. Sussex, near border of Hants, 10 miles NW. of
Chichester, 1864 ac., pop. 289; P.O.—13. Compton,
hamlet, Enford par., S. AVilts, 7 miles N. of Amesbury.

Compton, East and West, 2 tithings, Pilton par.,
mid. Somerset, 14 mile SW. of Shepton-Mallet.

Compton, Fenny, par. and ry. sta., S. Warwick-
shire, on Oxford Canal, 8| miles NAY. of Banbury, 2330
ac., pop. 587;
P.O., t.o.

Compton, little, par., S. AYarwickshire, 44 miles
NW. of Chipping Norton, 1670 ac., pop. 501.

Compton, long.—hamlet, Ranton par., in co. and 4
miles AY. of Stafford.—2. Compton, long, par. and
vil., S. Warwickshire, 5 miles SE. of Shipton-on-Stour,
3530 ac., pop. 700; P.O.

Compton, STetber, par., N. Dorset, 24 miles NW. of
Sherborne, 892 ac., pop. 387.

Compton, Over, par., N. Dorset, 2 miles NW. of
Sherborne, 788 ac., pop. 142.

Compton Abbas.—par., N. Dorset, 2| miles SE. of
Shaftesbury, 1516 ac., pop. 402; P.O.—2. Compton
Abbas, or West Compton, par., W. Dorset, 7 miles
NE. of Bridport, 846 ac., pop. 66.

Compton Abdale, par., E. Gloucestershire, 4 miles
NAY. of Northleach, 2215 ac., pop. 210 ; P.O.

Compton and Ipmarden, school, Westbourne dist.,
W. Sussex.

Compton-Bassett, par. and seat, N. Wilts, 24 miles
NE. of Caine, 2632 ac., pop. 374 ; P.O.

Compton Bay, on SAY. coast of Isle of Wight, 3
miles S. of Yarmouth; is 2 miles long, and has bold
cliffs, cut by two chines, called Compton and Comp-
ton Grange.

Compton Beaiicbamp, par., W. Berks, 6miles NW.
of Lambourn, 1466 ac., pop. 120.

Compton Bisbop, par., mid. Somerset, on river Axe,
2 miles W. of Axbridge, 2535 ac., pop. 551.

Compton Castle, ruins, 3 miles AY. of Torquay, E.
Devon; ancient seat of the Poles, and one of the finest
examples of a fortified house in the W. of England.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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