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Crawley, North, par., Bucks, 3 m. E. of Newport
Pagnell, 3362 ac., pop. 699; P.O.; contains C. Grange.

Crawley Down, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Worth par.,
Sussex—dist., pop. 1336 ; hamlet, 5 miles SE. of Craw-
ley; P.O.; in vicinity is Crawleydown Park.

Crawsbaw Booth, vil., 14m. N. of Manchester; P.O.

Crawton, fishing vil., Dunnottar par., E. Kincardine-
shire, 4 miles S. of Stonehaven.

Cray.—vil. withry. sta., Devynnockpar., in co. and
10 miles SW. of Brecknock, pop. 428; P.O.—2. Cray,
rivulet, W. Kent; flows 8 miles NE. to the Darent l|
mile N. of Dartford.—3. Cray, hamlet, Arncliffe par.,
E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 11 miles SE. of Hawes.

Cray, place with church, on Shee AVater, 15 m. NW.
of Blairgowrie, Perthshire; in vicinity is Cray House.

Cray, Foots, par. and vil., W. Kent, on river Cray,
54 miles NE. of Bromley, 805 ac., pop. 1908; P.O., t.o.;

1 mile NAV. of vil. is the seat of Foots Cray Place.

Cray, North, par., W. Kent, on river Cray, 4J miles

NE, of Bromley, 1484 ac., pop. 635.

Cray, St Mary, par. and vil. with ry. sta., W. Kent,

2 miles S. of Foots Cray, 2028 ac., pop. 1906; P.O., t.o.

Cray, St Paul, par. and vil., AV. Kent, adjacent to

St Mary Cray, 1654 ac., pop. 774; P.O.; contains Cray
Yalley Paper Mill.

Crayford, par. and vil. with ry. sta., W. Kent, 8
miles SE. of Greenwich, 2457 ac. (29 water) and 144
tidal water and foreshore, pop. 4347; P.O., T.o.; has
calico and felt carpet printing works, and silk and
Brussels carpet manufactories.

Crayinch, wooded islet, Kilmaronock par., Dum-
bartonshire, in Loch Lomond, 4 mile NE. of Inchmurrin.

Crayke, hamlet and school, 24 miles NE. of Easing-
wold, North-Riding Yorkshire; P.O. See Craike.

Cray’s Hill, school, Billericay dist., Essex.

Craze Cowman, hamlet, in par. and 3 miles NE. of
Tiverton, N. Devon.

Crea, or Creca, vil., in par. and 5 miles NE. of
Annan, S. Dumfriesshire.

Creachben, mountain, Mull isl., Argyll, alt. 2289 ft.

Creacombe, par., N. Devon, on river Sturcombe, 74
miles SE. of South Molton, 1050 ac., pop. 63.

Creacombe Ford, hamlet, Holbeton par., S. Devon.

Creadan Head, on E. side of AVaterford Harbour,
E. co. Waterford.

Creagan Ferry, ferry and inn, on S. side of Loch
Creran, N. Argyllshire.

Creagorry, Lochmaddy, Outer Hebrides; P.O., T.O.

Creagb,—par. and seat, SAAL co. Cork, on river
Hen, containing part of Skibbereen, 7053 ac., pop. 3411.
—2. Creagh, par., S. co. Roscommon, on river Suck,
10 miles SAY. of Athlone, 8867 ac., pop. 1927.

Creagb Castle, seat, 6 miles SE. of Buttevant ry.
sta., N. co. Cork.

Creagbadoos, hamlet, 2 miles W. of Porthall ry.
sta., E. co. Donegal.

Creak, vil., 34 m. SAY. of Rhynie, AV. Aberdeenshire.

Creakc, North, par., AV. Norfolk, 3 miles SE. of
Burnham AVestgate, 3601 ac., pop. 613; p.o.

Creake, South, par., W. Norfolk, 34 miles S. of
Burnham Westgate, 4146 ac., pop. 976; P.O.

Creamore, hamlet, 1 m. N. of Wem, N. Shropshire.

Creams Paper Mill, Little Lever, near Bolton, SE.

CrcanwaU Isles, 2 islets, Barra par., Outer Hebrides.

Creaton, Great, par., in co. and 8 miles NW. of
Northampton, 790 ac., pop. 314; P.O.

Creaton, Little, hamlet, Spratton par., in co. and
7 miles NAY. of Northampton, pop. 50.

Creca, vil., Dumfries. See Crea.

Crecora, par., inN. of co. and 6 miles S. of Limerick,
3012 ac., pop. 503.

Crecrin, par., NE. co. Carlow and SW. co. Wick-
low, 5 m. NAY. of Shillelagh ry. sta., 2470ac., pop. 304.

Credenhill, par. and ry. sta., in co. and 4 m. NW.
of Hereford, 1224 ac., pop. 244; contains C. Court.

Crediton. — hundred, N. Devon, 37,216 ac., pop.
10,162; contains 7 pars.—2. Crediton, market town and
par. with ry. sta., N. Devon, on r. Creedy, near its junc-

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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