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Denny Lodge, par., S. Hants, in New Forest, 84
miles SAY. of Southampton, 11,708 ac., pop. 293.

Dennyloanbcad, vil., in par. and if mile S. of
Denny, Stirlingshire; P.O.

Dennystoun, suburb of Dumbarton, on AY. side of
river Leven ; it was founded in 1853, and named after
its projector, AYm. Denny, the enterprising shipbuilder.

Dcnoon Burn, stream, Forfarshire; flows 6 miles
NAY. through Denoon Glen to Dean AYater 2| miles
NAY. of Glamis; in the glen is D. Law, an isolated
hill, 24 miles SAY. of Glamis, alt. 689 ft.; it is crowned
with vestiges of an ancient fortification called D. Castle.

Denovan, vil. with print-works, and seat, on the
Carron, Stirlingshire, in NE. vicinity of Denny.

Denshanger (Northampton). See Deanshanger.

Dcnsbaw, eccl. dist., Rochdale par., S. div. AYest-
Riding Yorkshire, pop. 1279.

Dcnside, school, Tannadice par., Forfarshire.

Dcnston, par., Suffolk. See Denardiston.

Denstone, township with ry. sta. (D. Crossing),
Alton par., E. Staffordshire, on Uttoxeter Canal, 5
miles N. of Uttoxeter, 686 ac., pop. 441; P.O.

Dent.—township and vil., Sedbergh par., N. div.
AYest-Riding Yorkshire, on river Dent, 15 miles NAY. of
Settle and 260 NAY. of London, 20,890 ac., pop. 1209;
P.O. Market-day,
Friday; near the vil. is Dent Crag, or
County Stone, where the counties of York, AYestmorland,
and Lancaster meet.—2. Dent, rivulet, N. div. AYest-
Riding Yorkshire; flows 11 miles NAY. past Dent to
river Luue, on border of AYestmorland.

Dentborpc, hamlet, Thurgarton par., S. Notts, 5
miles SAY. of Southwell.

Denton.—small town and township with ry. sta.,
SE. Lancashire, in par. and 4 miles SE. of Manchester
and 182 miles NAY. of London, 1706 ac., pop. 7660;
P.O., T.o., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper; has hat mfrs. and
coal mines. Denton HaU, the old seat of the Hollands,
is now a farmhouse.—2. Denton, township, Gainford
par., S. Durham, 54 miles NAY. of Darlington, 987 ac.,
pop. 84.—3. Denton, par., Huntingdonshire, 74 miles
SAY. of Peterborough, 890 ac., pop. 75.—4. Denton,
par., E. Kent, 74 miles NAY. of Dover, 1184 ac., pop.
137; P.O. ; contains Denton Court.—5. Denton, par.,
mid. Kent, on river Thames, 2 miles E. of Gravesend,
438 ac. and 85 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 218; P.O.
—6. Denton, par. and vil., S. Lincolnshire, 4 miles
SAV. of Grantham, 2600 ac., pop. 547 ; P.O., T.o.; con-
tains Denton Honse.—7. Denton, par., S. Norfolk, 3|
miles SAY. of Bungay, 2437 ac., pop. 484; P.O. ; con-
tains Denton House.—8. Denton, par., in co. and 6
miles SE. of Northampton, 1970 ac., pop. 547.—9.
Denton, hamlet, in co. and 54 miles SE. of Oxford,
pop. 138.—10. Denton, par., E. Sussex, on river
Ouse, 5 miles SE. of Lewes, 1016 ac., pop. 486.—II.
Denton, township, Otley par., E. div. AYest-Riding
Yorkshire, on river AVharfe, 4 miles NAY. of Otley,
3240 ac., pop. 147 ; contains Denton Park.

Denton, Bast, township, Newburn par., S. North-
umberland, 3 miles NAY. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 764
ac., pop. 986; P.O., called Denton.

Denton, Net.Uer, par., E. Cumberland, 5 miles NE.
of Brampton, 4880 ac., pop. 315.

Denton, Upper, par., E. Cumberland, 6 miles NE.
of Brampton, 1039 ac., pop. 152.

Denton, West, township, Newburn par., S. North-
umberland, 4 miles NAY. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 329
ac., pop. 458; P.O., called Denton.

Denton Holme, eccl. dist., Carlisle St Mary par.,
Cumberland, pop. 6816.

Denver, par., AY. Norfolk, 14 mile S. of Downham
Market, 3149 ac., pop. 837; P.O.

Denworthy, hamlet, Bradworthy par., S. Devon.

Denzell Downs, 6 m. SAY. of Padstow, AY. Cornwall.

Denzell House, seat, near Altrincham, mid. Cheshire.

Deopbam, par., S. Norfolk, 3 miles N. of Attle-
borough ry. sta., 1646 ac., pop. 424 ; P.O.

Depden, par., AY. Suffolk, 74 miles SAY. of Bury St
Edmunds, 1595 ac., pop. 227; P.O.

Deptford.—pari, bor., consisting of the par. of Dept-
ford St Paul, Kent and Surrey, on Ravensbourne
rivulet and river Thames, 3 miles SE. of London Bridge
by rail and immediately AY. of Greenwich, 1575.
ac., pop. 76,752. Deptford has engineering works,

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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