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is the terminus of the London, Chatham, and Dover
and the South-Eastern Ry. systems, and is also a port
for the mail and packet service to the Continent, Calais
being distant 22 miles and Ostend 68 miles. On the
Continental service its trade chiefly depends, but it has
also attractions as a seaside resort; and it has ship-
building, rope and sailmaking, fisheries, and coast
traffic, besides the supply of ships’ stores. The harbour
has been greatly improved in recent years. The Ad-
miralty Pier (commenced in 1848) runs more than one-
third of a mile into the sea; it forms the W. arm of a
harbour of refuge which, when completed, will enclose
the whole bay. On the extremity of the Admiralty
Pier is a flashing light seen 6 to 7 miles, and on the
North Pier is a fixed light seen 3 miles. (For shipping
statistics, see Appendix.) As the nearest landing-place
from the Continent, D. has from the earliest times
been a place of considerable importance; it contains
many antiquities, the chief of which is Mover Castle,
situated on NE. side, on a chalk cliff nearly 350 ft. high.
Within its walls are the Roman pharos, the Romano-
British fortress church, some remains of the Saxon fort,
and the Norman keep. Dover returns 1 member to
Parliament; it returned 2 members until 1885.




Dover, Strait of, between England and France, con-
necting English Channel with North Sea; is 21 miles
wide from Cape Grisnez to Dover, and 22 from Dover
to Calais; is the French
Pas de Calais.

Dover Castle Liberties, par., in Dover bor., E. Kent,
34 ac., pop. 701.

Doyercoiirt, par. and ry. sta., forming S. district of
Harwich, E. Essex, at mouth of estuary of river Stour,-
1438 ac., 200 tidal water, and 529 foreshore, jrop. 2021;
P.O., T.O., and P.O. at Upper D., 1 mile distant; on the
shore or Inner Ridge, abreast of Dovercourt, are two
fixed lights (Harwich), seen 11 and 94 miles.

Doverilale, par., E. Worcestershire, 34 miles NW.
of Droitwich, 743 ac., pop. 57.

Doverliays, hamlet, Luckham par., W. Somerset, 4
miles SW. of Minehead.

Doveridge (or Dovebridge), par. and vil., N. Derby-
shire, 14 mile NE. of Uttoxeter, 4377 ac., pop. 696;
P.O.; contains Dovcridge House.

Dove’s Nest, seat, 1£ mile S. of Ambleside, West-
morland ; overlooks Windermere.

Dovcsland, S. suburb of Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Dovey, river, North Wales. See Dyfi.

Dow Crag, precipitous height, N. Lancashire, over-
hanging W. side of Goats Water, 1 mile W. of Coniston
Old Man, alt. 2555 ft.

Dow Crags, range of precipices, NW. Westmorland,
at head of Patterdale.

Dowally, vil., at confluence of Dowally Burn with
the Tay, 5 miles NAV. of Dunkeld, Perthshire; 1 mile
SE. is Dowally Uoch.

Howalton Lock, in co. and 6 miles SAV. of AVig-
town; was entirely drained in 1862-63, when two of its
islets were found to be artificial crannoges or pile-built
lake-dwellings, with many interesting relics.

Dowanhill, NAV. suburban part of Glasgow, Govan
par., Lanarkshire, pop. 3455.

Howard, sctiool, in co. and vicinity of Monmouth.

Howard HiU, S. Hereford, 34 miles NE. of Mon-
mouth ; on its summit is an observatory 70 ft. high.

Dowblggln, hamlet, near Sedbergh, AVest-Riding
Yorkshire. See
Cantley cum Dowbiggin.

Dowdeswcll, par., E. Gloucestershire, 4 miles SE.
of Cheltenham, 2246 ac., pop. 483 ; contains D. Court.

Dowdike, hamlet, Sutherton par., S. Lincolnshire,
54 miles SE. of Swineshead.

Dowdstown, or Douthstown, par., mid. co. Meath,
on river Boyne, 3 m. SE. of Navan, 869 ac., pop. 114.

Dowglas, affl. of r. Dinin, N. co. Kilkenny; 6 m. long.

Dowic Bens, former moor, now enclosed and culti-
vated, near Yarrow church, Selkirkshire.

Dowkabottom Cave, remarkable cavern in the
Kilnsey range of crags, E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire,
2 miles NAY. of Kilnsey; has yielded a large quantity
of bones of animals, and traces of human habitation.

Dowlnis, dist. and ry. sta., forming a NE. part
of Merthyr Tydfil bor., Glamorgan, 184 miles NAY. of
London, pop. 16,476; 1 Bank; has large > ironworks;
Dowlals Top, ry. sta., is 2 miles NE. of Dowlais sta.

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