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Downside.—hamlet, Backwell par., E. Somerset, 74
miles SW. of Bristol.—2. Downside, eccl. dist. and
vil., Midsomer Norton par., mid. Somerset, pop. 674;
the vil. is 2 miles NE. of Shepton Mallet. — 3.
Downside, hamlet, 4 miles NW. of Leatherhead,
W. Surrey; P.O.

Hownton.—small town and par. with ry. sta., S.
Wilts, on river Avon, 6 miles SE. of Salisbury and 93
miles SW. of London, 12,495 ac., pop. 3378
; P.O., t.o.,
1 Bank; is an ancient place, with grammar-school; on
a conical mound are remains of the old castle; has
tanneries and malting-houses; contains Do wnton
Paper Hill.—2. Downton, hundred, S. AYilts, 26,664
ac., pop. 6172; contains 7 pars.—3. Downton, par.,
Herefordshire, 54 miles SAV. of Ludlow, 1201 ac., pop.
180; contains the seat of D. I'astle.—4. Downton,
hamlet, 4 miles SAV. of Lymington, S. Hants;
5. Downton, hamlet, Stanton Lacy par., S. Shropshire,
3 miles NE. of Ludlow ; in vicinity is Downton Hall.

Downton Hall, seat, in co. and 1 mile E. of Radnor.

Downwood, hamlet, Shobdon par., Herefordshire,
8 miles W. of Leominster.

Dowra, vil., in NW. extremity of co. Cavan, 94
miles SAV. of Belcoo ry. sta.; P.O., T.O.

Dowrish, seat (12th century), on river Creedy, N.
Devon, 34 miles NE. of Crediton.

Dowrog, lakelet, 14 mile NE. of St Davids, Pem-

Dowry, hill, 4 miles NE. of Blessington, N. co.
Wicklow, 1060 ft.

Dowsby, par., N. Lincolnshire, 34 miles SE. of Folk-
ingham, 1809 ac., pop. 186.

Dowsing, Inner and Outer, 2 shoals, off coast of
Lincolnshire, 9 miles E. and 16 miles NE. of Trus-
thorpe ; near NE. end of Inner D. is a light-vessel, with
revolving light seen 10 miles ; at the W. side of Outer

D. is a light-vessel, with revolving light seen 10 miles.

Dowth, par., E. co. Meath, on river Boyne, 4 miles

W. of Drogheda, 1463 ac., pop. 207; P.O.; contains
Dowth Hall.

Howthorpe, hamlet, Swine par., East-Riding York-
shire, 54 miles S. of Hornsea.

Dowtliwaite Head, E. projection of Great Dodd
mountain, AV. Cumberland, 6 m. E. of Derwent AVater.

Doxey, hamlet, in co. and 2 miles NW. of Stafford.

Doxford, township, Ellingham par., N. Northum-
berland, 6 miles N. of Alnwick, 609 ac., pop. 100.

Doyle’s Golninn, or Jerhonrg Tower, monument
to Governor Sir John Doyle (died 1834), on SE. ex-
tremity of Guernsey, Channel Islands; is 396 ft. high
(from sea), and commands a magnificent view.

D’Oyley Honse, ruins, near Arlington, E. Sussex;
was the seat of Lord Bolingbroke (1678-1751).

Hoynton, par. and vil., AV. Gloucestershire, 5 miles
S. of Chipping Sodbury, 1728 ac., pop. 402 ; P.O.

Dozmare Pool, gloomy tarn, underneath Bron Gilly,

E. Cornwall, 94 miles NE. of Bodmin.

Draffan, hamlet, Lesmahagow par., Lanarkshire, 14
mile NAV. of Auchenheath ry. sta.

Dragon’s Hole, cave, in face of Kinnoull Hill, in co.
and 14 mile E. of Perth.

Drainage Marsh, par., S. Lincolnshire, near Swines-
head, pop. 3.

Drainie, coast par., Elginshire, 6949 ac., pop. 3991;
contains the town of Lossiemouth and Branderburgh ;
has sandstone, limestone, and lead.

Drakclioles, hamlet, 4 m. SE. of Bawtry, N. Notts.

Drakclow. — township, Church Gresley par., S.
Derbyshire, 14 mile SW. of Burton-upon-Trent, pop.
142; contains Drakclow House.—2. Drakclow, ham-
let, 3 miles SE. of Bawtry, N. Notts.

Brakemyrc, vil., in par. and 4 mile N. of Dairy,
Ayrshire, pop. 325.

Drakes Hrougkton, school, Droitwich dist., E.

Drake’s Island, pyramidal rock, in Plymouth Sound,
S. Devon,
\ mile NE. of Bottlenose Point, pop. 64; is
strongly fortified and garrisoned.

Drakestown, par., N. co. Meath, 6 miles NE. of
Kells, 2692 ac., pop. 265.

Drakewalls, tin mine, 5m. E. of Callington, Cornwall.

Drainlcchs, 3 deep ravines, in SE. vicinity of Foch-
abers, E. Elginshire.

Draugan, par. and vil., S. co. Tipperary, 6 m. NE. of
Fethard—par., 5427 ac., pop. 791; vil., pop. 151; P.O.

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