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Dunibledikcs, in E. of city of Edinburgh.

Dumblcton, par. and vil., E. Gloucestershire, 6 miles
SAY. of Evesham ry. sta., 2100 ac., pop. 439; P.O.; con-
tains Dumbleton Hall.

Dumbreck, hill, SW. Stirlingshire, 14 mile NE. of
Strathblane, alt. 1664 ft.

Hninbrock, loch, SW. Stirlingshire, 1 mile SW. of

Dmnbuck, vil., W. Kilpatrick par., in co. and 14
mile SE. of Dumbarton, near the Clyde; in vicinity are
Dumb nek House, seat, and Dmnbuck Hill, with
magnificent prospect, alt. 547 ft.

Duiubuilg, hill, with remains of ancient fort, in par.
and 1 mile SE. of Forgandenny, Perthshire, alt. 300 ft.

Dunicrlcff, seat, property of Lord Rollo, on Moffat
Water, 14 mile SE. of Moffat, N. Dumfriesshire.

Dumfin, hill, with traces of ancient fort, Dumbar-
tonshire, 3 miles NE. of Helensburgh.

Dumfries, cap. of co., pari, and royal burgh, par.,
and river port, Dumfriesshire, on river Nith, 33 miles
NW. of Carlisle by rail, 92 SE. of Glasgow, and 324
NAY. of London—par., 10,032 ac., pop. 16,841; pari,
burgh and town, pop. 17,092; royal burgh, pop. 15,713;
P.O., T.O., 7 Banks, 3 newspapers. Market-day,
Dumfries is the chief place in the S. of Scotland. It
is the capital of a rich rural district, and is an important
manufacturing town. The staple is tweeds, but D. has
also hosiery and hat mfrs., clog making, basket making,
timber trade, ironworks, and tanneries. The traffic is
now carried on chiefly by rail, and the port has de-
creased in importance. (For shipping statistics, see
Appendix.) D. is connected with its suburb Maxwell -
town (which, with the Terregles part of the town, is in
Kirkcudbright) by a stone bridge of the 13th century.
In the Minorite Convent Bruce slew the Red Comyn in
1305. The town was plundered and burned by the High-
landers in 1745. The poet Burns died at Dumfries in
1796. The Dumfries Burghs, for parliamentary pur-
poses, consist of Dumfries, Annan, Lochmaben, and
Sanquhar, in co. of Dumfries, and Kirkcudbright, in co.
of same name; they send 1 member to Parliament.

Dumfriesshire, maritime co., on S. border of Scot-
land ; adjoins the cos. of Lanark, Peebles, and Selkirk
on the N., and on the S. is washed by the Solway
Firth; extends about 53 miles NAAL and SE. between
Ayrshire and Cumberland, and about 32 miles NE. and
SAV. between Roxburghshire and Kirkcudbrightshire;
coast-line, about 20 miles; area, 680,217 ac., pop. 76,140,
or 72 persons to each sq. mile. The surface in general
is bare and hilly. The dales of the Nith, Annan, and
Esk, however, are rich in beauty, and contain fine
holms for pasture and some good arable land. The
rivers are numerous, and yield splendid salmon and
trout fishing. The coast and S. region is low and sandy;
much of it is covered with morass, and lochs are nume-
rous around Lockerbie ; but there is also much excellent
corn-growing land. The Lowther or Lead Hills along
the N. boundary are upwards of 2000 ft. in height,
and abound in lead ore. These and the other hills
round the borders are mostly smooth in outline, and
afford excellent pasturage. (For agricultural statistics,
see Appendix.) Red sandstone is a prevailing rock,
and limestone, coal, and lead, are worked. The
co. comprises 4i pars, with 2 parts, the pari, burghs of
Annan, Dumfries (greater part), Lochmaben and San-
quhar (part of the Dumfries Burghs—1 member), and
the police burghs of Annan, Dumfries, Lochmaben,
Lockerbie, and Moffat. It returns 1 member to Pari.

Dumfries Honse, ry. sta. and seat, property of the
Marquis of Bute, in co. and 15 miles E. of Ayr and 2
miles AV. of Cumnock.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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