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Dunincer Castle, ancient seat, lb mile NW. of
Bodmin, E. Cornwall.

Dunmoe, par., mid. co. Meath, 3 miles NE. of
Navan, 975 ac., pop. 80.

Bunmoran Harbour, 2 miles E. of Aughris Head,
N. co. Sligo.

Dunmore.—vil., with small harb., on river Forth, in
co. and 8 m. SE. of Stirling; P.O., T.O.; in vicinity is
Dnnmore Park, seat of the Earl of Dunmore ; 14 m.
from vil. is Dunmore Pottery.—2. Dunmore, seat and
place with school, on W. Loch Tarbert, Kintyre, Argyll-
shire.—3. Dunmore, hill, l|m. NW. of Comrie, Perth-
shire, alt. 841 ft.—4. Dunmore, hill, with remains of
ancient fort, 5 m. S. of Amulree, Perthshire, 1520 ft.

Dunmore.—market town and par., N. co. Galway,

8 miles NE. of Tuam—par., 34,938 ac., pop. 8251;
town, pop. 608; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank. Market-day,
Thursday; in vicinity of town is Dnnmore Castle.
—2. Dunmore, bar., N. co. Galway, 71,011 ac., pop.
17,628.—3. Dunmore, par. in co. and 3 miles NW. of
Kilkenny, 2379 ac., pop. 255; contains stalactite
caves. — 4. Dunmore. 4 miles from Ballynahinch,
co. Down; P.O.

Dunmore, Past, fishing vil., Killea par., in co. and 8
miles SE. of Waterford, pop. 345; P.O., T.o. On the
pier head, at W. side of entrance, is a lighthouse, with
fixed light (Waterford) seen 5 miles.

Dunmore Head, co. Kerry, on N. side of Dingle Bay.

Dunmow, hundred, W.Essex, 52,171 ac., pop. 12,343.

Dnnmow, Great, market town and par. with ry. sta.
(Dunmow), W. Essex, on right bank of river Chelmer,
11 m. NW. of Chelmsford and 39J m. NE. of London,
6740 ac., pop. 3005; P.O.,T.o., called Dnnmow, 1 Bank.
Tuesday. Great Dunmow is a chartered
incorporation, dating from the reign of Philip and Mary.

Dunmow, Little, par., W. Essex, on left bank of
river Chelmer, 2 miles SE. of Great Dunmow, 1728 ac.,
pop. 338; P.O.; was formerly the seat of a priory
(founded 1104), remarkable for the ancient custom of
the “ Dunmow Flitch,” a custom which within recent
years has been revived.

Dnnmoylan, par., W. co. Limerick, 9 miles SW. of
Askeaton, 6189 ac., pop. 1171.

Dunmoyle, 4 m. from Sixmilecross, co. Tyrone; P.O.

Dunmullie, former inn, 1 mile from Boat of Garten
ry. sta., E. Inverness-shire.

Dnnuuirraghill, par., N. co. Kildare, 7 miles NW.
of Sallins ry. sta., 449 ac., pop. 90.

Dumnurry.—vil. withry. sta., Drumbeg par., S. co.
Antrim, 5 miles SW. of Belfast, pop. 713; P.O., T.O.;
has linen mfrs.—2. Dunmurry, par., in co. and 2
miles N. of Kildare, 1100 ac., pop. 103.

Dnnmyat, hill, Perthshire. See Du Ml'AT.

Dunn, hamlet with inn, near head of Loch Watten,

9 miles SE. of Thurso, Caithness-shire.

Dun-na-Feulan, or Gull Rocks, 2 rocky islets, near

Sanda island, Argyllshire.

Dunnamaggan, par. and vil., W. co. Kilkenny, 2
miles NW. of Knocktopher, 3551 ac., pop. 527.

Dnnnamanagli, vil., Donaghedy par., N. co. Tyrone,
7 miles NE. of Strabane, pop. 243; P.O., called Duna-
nianagb, 1 Bank.

Dnnnamore, 8 m. from Cookstown, co. Tyrone; P.O.

Dunnerdalc and Seathwalte, township, Kirkby
Ireleth par., N. Lancashire, on river Duddon, 6 miles
N. of Broughton in Furness, 10,258 ac., pop. 299; con-
tains Dunnerdalc Hall.

Dunnct, coast par. and vil. with inn, N. Caithness-
shire, on Dunnet Bay, 9 miles SE. of Thurso—par.,
16,844 ac., pop. 1607 ; P.O.; sandstone, and sandstone-
flag suitable for pavement, are extensively quarried;
Dunnet Bay (3J miles by
2\ miles) is an excellent
fishing ground; on Dunnet Head, the most N. point
of the Scottish mainland, is a lighthouse with fixed
light, 346 ft. above high water, and seen 24 miles.

Dunnet Brough, school, Dunnet par., Caithness.

Dunnichen, par. and hamlet, in co. and 3£ miles
SE. of Forfar—par., 4917 ac., pop. 1422; contains D.
Hill, alt. 671 ft., and H. Honse.

Dunnidecr, or Dun o’ Deer, hill, in par. and 1£
mile W. of Insch, Aberdeenshire, alt. 876 ft.; has
remains of a vitrified fort, and the fragment of an
ancient tower of 14th century.

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