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Eastry.—hundred, St Augustine lathe, E. Kent,
17,830 ac., pop. 4513; contains 12 pars.—2. Eastry,
par. and vil., E. Kent,
24 miles SW. of Sandwich, 2733
ac., pop. 1380; P.O., T.O.; was the seat of the kings of
Kent; near the church is Eastry Court, old mansion.

Eastsbield, seat, in par. and 3 miles NW. of Carn-
wath, E. Lanarkshire.

Eastville, par. and ry. sta. (East Ville), mid. Lin-
colnshire, 8 miles NE. of Boston, pop. 359.

Eastwell.—par., E. Kent, 3 miles N. of Ashford, 896
ac. (41 water), pop. 113; in the church is a monument
to Richard Plantagenet, bricklayer, son of Richard III.,
and the last descendant of that royal race. Eastwell
Park (of time of Henry VIII.) is the seat of the Earl
of AVinchilsea and Nottingham. The park is well
wooded, and commands a view at once of the Thames
and the English Channel.—2. Eastwell, par., N.
Leicestershire, on the AYolds,
64 miles NE. of Melton
Mowbray, 1346 ac.,pop. 163; P.O.—3. Eastwell, seat,
near Devizes, N. AYilts.

Eastwick.—par., on E. border of Herts, on river
Stort, 54 miles SE. of Ware, 822 ac., pop. 95.-2,
Eastwick, hamlet, Combe par., N. Hants, 9 miles N.
of Andover.—3. Eastwick, hamlet, in par. and near
Ellesmere, N. Shropshire.

Eastwick Park, old seat of the Earls of Effingham,
14 mile AY. of Leatherhead, AV. Surrey.

Eastw’ood.—par. and vil. with ry. sta., in co. and 9
miles NAY. of Nottingham, 951 ac. (25 water), pop.
3566; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank; in the neighbourhood are
numerous collieries; 1 mile N. of vil. is Eastwood
Hall.—2. Eastwood, par., S. Essex, 14 mile SAV. of
Rochford, 3236 ae., and 47 tidal water and foreshore),
pop. 499; P.O.; contains the seats of Eastwood Bury
and Eastwood Lodge. — 3. Eastwood, eccl. dist.,
Keighley par., N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, pop.
5596.—4. Eastwood, hamlet with ry. sta., on AV.
border of N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 24 miles NE.
of Todmorden ; P.O.—5. Eastwood, seat, near Staley-
bridge, E. Cheshire.

Eastwood, par., E. Renfrewshire, 5596 ac., pop.
13,915 ; contains part of Shawlands, suburban to Glas-
gow, and the towns of Pollokshaws and Thornliebank.

Eastwood End, hamlet, Wimblington par., Cam-
bridgeshire, 2 miles S. of March.

Eastwood House.—seat, 44 miles S. of Berkeley,
W. Gloucestershire.—2. Eastwood Honse, seat, 1 mile
NE. of Rotherham, West-Riding Yorkshire.

Eastwood House, seat, near Dunkeld, Perthshire.

Eastwood House, seat, 2 miles N. of Templemore
ry. sta., NE. co. Tipperary.

Eastwood Park Mouse, 1 mileSE. of Thornliebank,
E. Renfrewshire.

Enswritk, East, hundred, Bramber rape, W. Sussex,
10,834 ac., pop. 1599; contains 4 pars.

Easwritli, West, hundred, Arundel rape, AV. Sussex;
34,951 ac., pop. 7911; contains 10 pars.

Eatlile. See Ethie.

Eatliorpe, township, Wappenbury par., S. AVarwick-
shire, 44 miles NAV. of Southam, pop. 148 ; P.O.

Eatington, par., S. AYarwickshire, onriver Stour,54
miles SE. of Stratford-on-Avon, 4080 ac., pop. 694;
P.O. ; contains the hamlets of Lower Eatington and
Upper Eatington, and the seat of Eatington Park.

Eaton.—hamlet, Appleton par., Berks, on river
Thames, 5 miles NW. of Abingdon.—2. Eaton, town-
ship, Astbury par., mid. Cheshire, on river Dane, 2
miles NE. of Congleton, 1229 ac., pop. 401; contains
Eaton Hall.—3. Eaton, township, Davenham par., AY.
24 miles SW. of Northwich, 456 ac. (16
water), pop. 17.—4. Eaton, township, Eccleston par.,
W. Cheshire, on river Dee, 4 miles S. of Chester, 999
ac. (20 water), pop. 132; contains Eaton Hall : which
see.—5. Eaton, township, Tarporley par., W. Cheshire,
14 mile NE. of Tarporley, 1344 ac., pop. 465; P.O.—6.
Eaton, hamlet, Doveridge par., N. Derbyshire, 2 miles
NE. of Uttoxeter.—7. Eaton, hamlet, Leominster par.,
N. Herefordshire, 1 mile SE. of Leominster.—8. Eaton,
par., N. Leicestershire, on river Devon, 8 miles NE. of
Melton Mowbray, 2470 ae., pop. 351.—9. Eaton, in
SW. suburbs of Norwich city; P.O. See Eaton, St
Andrew.—10. Eaton, par., N. Notts, on river Idle, 2
miles SE. of East Retford, 1540 ac., pop. 127.—I!.
















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