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SE. of sta. and 8 miles SW. of Perth; P.O., called
Gask; the par. is traversed by a Roman road. See

Findon, par. and vil., W. Sussex, 4 miles SW. of
Steyning, 4370 ac., pop. 708; P.O. ; in vicinity of vil. is
the seat of Findon Place.

Findon.—fishing vil. (ry. sta. Portlethen), near Fin-
don Ness, on coast of Kincardineshire, 6 miles S. of
Aberdeen, pop. 156 ; gives name to the well-known
Findon (or Finnan) haddocks, first cured here. — 2.
Findon, farm, Gamrie par., Banffshire, 1 mile SW. of
Gardenstown; has yielded numerous fossil fish.

Findon Honse, on SE. shore of Cromarty Firth,
Ross-shire, 5 miles NE. of Conon Bridge.

Findrack House, seat, in par. and 1J mile NE. of
Lumphanan sta., Aberdeenshire.

Findrassie, seat, in co. and 24 miles NW. of Elgin.

Findynate, seat, on the Tay, 6 miles W. of Ballin-
luig Junction, Perthshire.

Finea, on N. border of co. Westmeath, 2 miles E. of
Bally willan sta.; P.O. See

Finecourt House, seat, 6 miles SW. of Bridgwater,

Finedon, par. and vil. with ry. sta., N. Northamp-
tonshire, 34 miles NE. of Wellingborough, 3650 ac., pop.
2404 ; P.O., T.o. ; the vil. is 14 mile SE. of sta. ; in W.
vicinity of vil. is Finedon Hall, and 4 mile S. of sta.
is Finedon Podge.

Finelia, Kincardineshire. See Fenella.

Fineskade, par., N. Northamptonshire, 24 miles
NW. of King’s Cliffe, 880 ac., pop. 64 ; contains Fine-
sliade House.

Finfan, mineral well, Urquhart par., NE. Elginshire,
14 mile SW. of Garmouth.

Fingall, dist., N. of river Liffey, co. Dublin; gives
the title of earl to the Plnnkets.

Fingal’s Cave, Staffa : which see.

Fingal’s Fort (or Knoekfln). See Dun Fionn.

Fingal’s Grave, Killin : which see.

Fingal’s Griddle, Caledonian remains, on Ormsaig-
more, Ardnamurchan par., Argyllshire.

Fingal’s Oak, old tree, near Barcaldine House, on S.
side of Loch Creran, Argyllshire.

Fingal’s Seat (Ait-Suidh-Thuin), mountain, at head
of Portree Loch, Skye island, alt. 2000 ft.

Fingal’s Stair, flight of steps, on shoulder of Ben
Eadden, Morvern par., Argyllshire.

Fingask.—ry. sta., Daviot par., Aberdeenshire, 14
mile AY. of Old Meldrum; in vicinity is F. House.—2.
Fingask, loch, 14 mile S. of Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

Fingask Castle, old mansion, seat of the Threip-
lands of Fingask, 2| m. NW. of Errol sta., Perthshire.

Fingest, par., S. Bucks, 64 miles SAY. of AVycombe,
1285 ac., pop. 333.

Finghall, par. and township with ry. sta. (Finghall
Lane), North-Riding Yorkshire, 44 miles SE. of Ley-
burn—3990 ac., pop. 345; township, 562 ac., pop. 99.

Fingland, hamlet, Bowness par., E. Cumberland, 6
miles N. of Wigton.

Fingland.—affluent of the White Esk, NE. Dumfries-
shire ; has a waterfall (AVellsburnspout) 56 ft. in leap.
—2. Fingland, affluent of Quair Water, Peeblesshire.

Finglas.—par. and vil., on the Royal Canal and
river Tolka, in co. and 3 miles W. of Dublin—par., 4696
ac., pop. 1714; vil., pop. 581; P.O.—2. Finglas, par.,
SAY. King’s co., 4 m. SW. of Roscrea, 702 ac., pop. 84.

Fingie Bridge, old 3-arch structure, amidst romantic
scenery, 011 river Teign, NE. border of Dartmoor, E.
Devon, 34 miles NW. of Moreton Hampstead.

Finglcsliain, hamlet, Northbourne par., E. Kent, 2
miles SW. of Deal.

Fingringkoe, par. and vil., E. Essex, 4 miles SE.
of Colchester, 2890 ac. and 426 tidal water and fore-
shore, pop. 659; P.O., called Fingrinlioe.

Finham, hamlet, 3 m. S. of Coventry, Warwickshire.

Finkaven Castle, ruins of ancient stronghold of the
_ earls of Crawford, near river South Esk, in co. and 5
miles NE. of Forfar ; in vicinity is Finkaven House;
Finkaven Hill (751 ft.), with vitrified fort, commands
a view of Strathmore.

Finish.—island, SW. co. Galway, off Kilkerran
Bay.—2. Finish, island, S. co. Clare, at mouth of
river Fergus.

Fink, St, Perthshire. See St Fink.

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