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Flawfortli, place, Ruddington par., S. Notts, 3 miles
from Edwalton sta.; it was formerly a populous town.

Flawith, township, Alne par., North-Riding York-
shire, 4¼ miles SW. of Easingwold, 609 ac., pop. 71.

Flax-Bourton, par. and hamlet, E. Somerset, 5¼
miles SW. of Bristol, 621 ac., pop. 175;

Flaxby, township, Goldsborough par., E. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 3¼ miles NE. of Knaresborough, 718
ac., pop. 81.

Flaxford, seat, 3 miles W. of Guildford, W. Surrey.

Flaxley, par. and vil., W. Gloucestershire, 2 miles
N. of Newnham, 1749 ac., pop. 1278; in vicinity of vil.
is the seat of
Flaxley Abbey (built 1140, rebuilt 1777).

Flaxpool, hamlet, Crowcombepar., W. Somerset, 12
miles W. of Bridgwater.

Flaxton on the Moor, township and ry. sta.
(Flaxton), Bossall and Fostonpars., North-Riding York-
shire, 9 m. NE. of York, 1825ac., pop. 366;
P.O., called
Flaxton, and P.O. at sta., called Flaxton Station.

Flaxwell, wapentake, S. Lincolnshire, 37,532 ac.,
pop. 8572 ; contains 13 pars, and part of another.

Fleckney, par., S. Leicester, on Union Canal, 7 m.
NW. of Market Harborough, 1630 ac., pop. 770 ; P.O.

Flccknoe (or Flekenho), hamlet, Wolfhamcote par.,
N. Warwickshire, 6¼ miles NE. of Southam.

Fledborough, par. and hamlet, N. Notts, on river
Trent, 8 miles SE. of East Retford, 1427 ac., pop. 106.

Fleeccthorpe, hamlet, Blyth par., N. Notts, 5 miles
NW. of East Retford.

Fleensop, hamlet, Coverham par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 4 miles,SW. of Leyburn.

Fleet.—par. and hamlet, Dorset, 3 miles NAY. of
Weymouth, 967 ac., pop. 138; contains
Fleet House.
2. Fleet, par. and vil. with ry. sta., S. Lincolnshire,
2 miles SE. of Holbeach, 6667 ac., pop. 1331; P.O.;
near the sta. is
Fleet Hall.—3. Fleet, eccl. dist. and
hamlet with ry. sta., Crondall, Elvetham, and Yateley
pars., N. Hants—dist., pop. 557; hamlet, on Fleet
Pond, 3¼ miles SW. of Farnborough; P.O., T.O.—4.
Fleet, hamlet, 2 miles S. of Margate, E. Kent.—5.
Fleet, river, Notts; rises near Newark, and flows 8
miles N. to the Trent near Girton.

Fleet, river, SE. Sutherlandshire; rises 2 miles SE.
of Lairg church, flows SE. through Strath Fleet, and
falls into the Moray Firth at Little Ferry 3 miles S. of
Golspie; is 16¼ miles long, and has salmon and trout;
near its mouth it expands into the tidal lagoon called
Loch Fleet, in which is a good harbour.

Fleet, East and West, narrow channel on SAY. coast
of Dorset; runs 7f miles NAY. from Portland Road,
inside Chesil Bank, to St Catherine’s Chapel.

Fleet, Water of, river, Kirkcudbrightshire; is formed
by the junction of the Big Water of Fleet and the Little
AYater of Fleet (which issues from Loch Fleet) near
Castramont, and flows 5 miles SE. to Fleet Bay; has
trout, and is navigable for small vessels up to Gate-
house of Fleet.

Fleet Ditch, Middlesex ; flows from Hampstead Hill
to the Thames at Blackfriars; was navigable to Holborn
Bridge in 1502, but has been covered over since 1737.

Fleet (or Flete) House, seat, 2 miles W. of Modbury,

S. Devon.

Fleet Marston, par., Bucks, 3 miles NAY. of Ayles-
bury, 934 ac., pop. 27.

Fleet Fond, lakelet, on NE. border of Hants, 3¼
miles SW. of Farnborough.

Fleetham.—township, Bamburgh par., N. Northum-
berland, 6 miles SE. of Belford, 570 ac., pop. 61.—2.
Fleetham, par., Yorkshire. See Kirkby Fleetham.

Fleetland House, seat, 1 m. NAY. of Gosport, Hants.

Fleetside, school, Anwoth par., Kirkcudbrightshire.

Fleetwith Fike, W. Cumberland, 4¼ miles NE. of
AYast Water, alt. 2126 ft.

Fleetwood, seaport town and watering-place with
ry. sta., Poulton-le-Fylde par., N. Lancashire, at mouth
of river Wyre, 18 miles NW. of Preston and 229 NW.
of London, pop. 6733;
P.O., T.O., 2 Banks, 1 newspaper.
Fleetwood dates from 1836, and is now a considerable
town, with a large trade. Royal mail steamers ply
daily to and from Belfast, and there is regular com-
munication with the Isle of Man. The harbour is safe
and extensive ; a new dock, with an area of 10 ac., was
opened in 1877. (For shipping statistics, see Appendix.)

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