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of Boston—par., 2961 ac. land and 3430 water, pop.
1105; P.O.;
4½ mile S. of vil. is the hamlet of F. Shore.

Frcmington.—hundred, N. Devon, 31,384 ac., pop.
5458 ; contains 11 pars.—2. Frcmington, par. and
small port with ry. sta., N. Devon, on Taw estuary, 3
miles W. of Barnstaple, 6810 ac., pop. 1235 ; P.O. ; has
salmon fisheries; contains Fremington House.—3.
Frcmington, hamlet with school, Grinton par,, North-
Riding Yorkshire, on r. Swale,
\ m. SE. of Reeth; P.O.

French, hamlet, near Wem, N. Shropshire.

French Drove, hamlet with ry. sta., Thorney par.,
Cambridgeshire, 9 miles NW. of March junction.

Frenchay, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Winterbourne par.,
W. Gloucestershire—dist., pop. 1079; hamlet, 4 miles
NE. of Bristol; P.O. ; in vicinity is Frenchay House.

Frenches, vil., Rochdale par., S. div. West-Riding

Frenchgrove, seat, 4 miles SE. of Holymount, SE.
co. Mayo.

Frenchland Tower, Moffat par., Dumfriesshire.

Frenchman’s Hole, cavern, on SAY. coast of Isle of
Wight, 2 miles SAY. of Freshwater Bay.

Frenchmen’s House, hamlet, Heddon on the AVall
par., S. Northumberland, 7 miles NW. of Newcastle.

Frenchmoor, township, Broughton par., S. Hants,
7 miles NAY. of Romsey, 379 ac., pop. 36.

Frenchpark.—bar., NAY. co. Roscommon, 71,203
ac., pop. 20,406.—2. Frenchpark, vil., Tibohine par.,
in the above bar., 8 miles SAV. of Boyle ry. sta., pop.
419; P.O., T.O. Market-day,
Thursday; 1 mile NAY.
of vil. is Frenchpark House, seat of Lord De Freyne.

Frend caught House, in par. and 2jr miles SE. of
Forgue church, and 6 miles NE. of Huntly, Aberdeen¬
shire ; on the N. side of the house is a fragment of the
the old tower, the burning of which, one night in
October 1630, gave rise to the fine old ballad, “The
Fire of Frendraught.”

Frensham, par. and vil., W. Surrey, 3½ miles S. of
Farnham—par., 8807 ac., pop. 2079 ; P.O. ; in vicinity
of vil. are the seats of Frensham Hill and Frensham
House; the par. contains Frensham Fond, lakelet.

Frenze, hamlet, 4½ mile NE. of Diss, S. Norfolk; in
vicinity is Frenze Hall. See
Scole with Thorpe
Parva and Frenze.

Fresdon, tithing, in par. and 2 miles NE. of High-
worth, N. Wilts.

Freshiield, hamlet with ry. sta., on W. coast of
Lancashire, 5 miles SW. of Southport; P.O.

Freshford, par. and vil. with ry. sta., E. Somerset,
4½ miles SE. of Bath, 561 ac., pop. 615 ; P.O., T.O.

Freshford, or Aghoura, town and par., in N. of co.
and 8 miles NW. of Kilkenny—par., 2171 ac., pop.
1052; town, pop. 733;
P.O., t.o.

Freshwater, par. and vil., SW. coast Isle of AVight,
on river Yar, 4½ mile SAV. of Yarmouth—par., 4836 ac.
and 478 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 2809 ; P.O., T.O.,
1 Bank ; 1 mile S. of vil. is the vil. of F. Gate.

Freshwater Bay.—small bay on SW. coast of Isle
of Wight.—2. Freshwater Bay, small bay on coast of
Pembrokeshire, 4 miles S. of Milford Haven.

Freshwater Cascade, near Clovelly, N. Devon.

Fresh well, hundred, W. Essex, 28,728 ac., pop.
6229 ; contains 10 pars.

Frcssingfield, par. and vil., E. Suffolk, 8½ miles AY.
of Halesworth—par., 4560 ac., pop. 1147 ; P.O.; in NE.
vicinity of vil. is the seat of Fressingfield Hall.

Freston, par., E. Suffolk, on river Orwell, 3½ miles
S. of Ipswich, 1513 ac. (100 water), pop. 274; P.O. ;
contains Freston Tower, of time of Elizabeth.

Freswick, vil. with half-yearly fairs, Canisbay par.,
Caithness, on Freswick .'Burn, 12 miles N. of Wick;
P.O.; on SW. shore of Freswick Bay (4½ mile by | mile)
is Freswick House.

Frctherne, par., W. Gloucestershire, on river Severn,
7½ miles NW. of Stroud, 558 ac., pop. 239; contains
the seat of Fretherne Lodge.

Frettenham, par., S. Norfolk, 6½ miles NE. of Nor¬
wich, 1581 ac., pop. 220.

Freuchic.—quoad sacra par. and vil., Falkland par.,
Fife—par., pop. 1117; vil., 1 mile N. of Falkland Road
sta., pop. 1059; P.O., 1 Bank; has a linen factory.—
2. Freucliie, loch, at head of river Bran, Perthshire,
If mile W. of Amulree.

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