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Giles’ Qnay, small harbour, on N. side of Dundalk
Bay, N. co. Louth.

Gilesgate Moor, in co. and 2 m. from Durham; P.O.

Gilcston, coast par. and seat, Glamorgan, 5 miles
S. of Cowbridge, 367 ac. and 146 foreshore, pop. 52.

Gilfach Coch, vil. with ry. sta. (Gilfach), 9 miles
NE. of Bridgend, Glamorgan; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank.

Giliillan, site of ancient church, near middle of
Sorbie par., Wigtownshire.

Giifoot, seat, 24 miles from Carluke, Lanarkshire.

Gilford, town and township with ry. sta., Tullylish
par., NAY. co. Down, onr. Bann, 4m. NW. of Banbridge,
83 ac., pop. 1324; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks ; has linen mfrs.

Gill.—hamlet, Greystoke par., E. Cumberland, 5
miles SAY. of Penrith. See
Greystoke, Johnby, &c.
—2. Gill, another name for Barnoldswick.

Gill Bay (or Port Gill), on border of Stoneykirk and
Kirkmaiden pars., Wigtown, 84 m. SE. of Portpatrick.

Gill Foot, seat, 5 m. S. of Whitehaven, Cumberland.

Gill Lougk, in co. and 2 miles E. of Sligo; is 8 miles
long, has picturesque scenery, and is navigable by
small steamboats.

Gill Moss, school, Walton on the Hill par., SW.
Lancashire, 44 miles NE. of Liverpool.

Gill of Cree, wooded gorge, on r. Cree, on border of
KirkcudbrightandWigtown,lm. above Minnigaff church.

Gillamoore, township, Kirkby Moorside par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles NE. of Helmsley, 1391 ac.,
pop. 189.

Gillander’s Cave, in NE. of Golspie par., Sutherland.

Gillbeck, hamlet, Fewston par., E. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 5 miles NW. of Otley.

Gillcar, eccl. dist., Sheffield par., S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, pop. 10,883.

Gillcan, island, Ross-shire, at AY. entrance to Loch
Alsh, 1 mile N. of Kyleakin, pop. 6; on SW. point is a
lighthouse, 70 ft. high, with fixed light (Kyle Akin,
Loch Alsh), 53 ft. above high water and seen 12 miles.

Gillen Honse, seat, Isle Oronsay, Skye island, 8
miles SE. of Broadford.

Giliercombe, upland valley, W. Cumberland, on W.
side of Borrowdale.

GillesbieHouse, seat, 7 m.NE.of Lockerbie,Dumfries.

Gillhall, seat, 2 m. AY. of Dromore, NAY. co. Down.

Gillibrand Hall, seat, 1 mile SW. of Chorley, N.

Gillies Hill, in NW. vicinity of battlefield of Ban-
nockburn, in co. and 2 m. SAY. of Stirling, alt. 500 ft.

Gilling.—(near Helmsley) par., township, and vil.
with ry. sta., North-Riding Yorkshire, on river Rye, 12
miles NW. of New Malton—par., 4125 ac., pop. 376 ;
township, 2072 ac., pop. 245; P.O.; on an eminence
overlooking the vil. is the seat of Gilling Castle.—

2. Gilling (near Richmond), par., township, and vil.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, on Gilling Beck, 3 miles NE.
of Richmond—par., 24,321 ac. (including parts of 3
townships in Stanwick par., and 1 in Croft par.), pop.
2776 ; township, 4877 ac., pop. 872; P.O.

Gilling, East and West, 2 wapentakes, North-Riding
Yorkshire—East Gilling, 57,737 ac., pop. 7188 (contains
8 pars, and parts of 6 others); West Gilling, 206,764
ac., pop. 14,688 (contains 16 pars, and parts of 4 others).

Gilling Beck, upper part of affluent of the Swale,
North-Riding Yorkshire; the lower part is called
Skeeby Beck, and joins the Swale near Brompton.

Gillingham.—market town, liberty, par., and town-
ship with ry. sta., N. Dorset, on river Stour, 4 miles
NW. of Shaftesbury—liberty, 13,196 ac., pop. 5542 ;
par., 8353 ac., pop. 4131; township, 7527 ac., pop.
3293; P.O., T.O.; 2 Banks. Market-day every alternate
Monday.—2. Gillingham, par., township, and local
government dist., Kent, on river Medway, on NE. side
and mostly in pari. bor. of Chatham—par., 5016 ac.,
pop. 20,865; township, 4317 ac., pop. 20,644; dist.
(partly also in Chatham par.), 4302 ac., pop. 20,745;
P.O. ; was the birthplace of William Adams (1575-1621),
discoverer of Japan.—3. Gillingham, hundred, mid.
Kent. See
Chatham and Gillingham.—4. Gilling-
ham, par. (All Saints and St Mary) and vil., S. Nor-
folk, I! mile NAY. of Beccles, 2008 ac., pop. 450; near
the vil. is the seat of Gillingham Hall.

Gillovv lleath, ry. sta., on NW. border of Stafford-
shire, 4 miles SE. of Congleton.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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