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Glimps Holm, island, South Ronaldshay par.,
Orkney, in Holm Sound.

Glin, seaport vil., Kilfergus par., W. co. Limerick,
at the influx of river Glin to the Shannon, 8 miles SW.
of Foynes ry. sta., pop. 842; P. 0., T. O., 1 Bank. Market-
Tuesday; in vicinity is the seat of Glin Castle.

Giinsk, hamlet, 2 m. S. of Ballymoe, N. co. Galway.

Glinton, par. and vil., N. Northamptonshire, 3 miles
SE. of Market Deeping, 1380 ac., pop. 391; P.O.

Glohe Road and Devonshire Street, ry. sta. (on
Great Eastern Ry.), in E. of London, 1½ mile NE. of
Liverpool Street sta.

Globwll, hamlet, Llanfyllin par., Montgomeryshire.

Gloddaeth, seat, on coast of Carnarvonshire, 3 miles
NE. of Conway.

Glodwlck, 2 eccl. dists. (Christchurch and St Mark),
Prestwick par., SE. Lancashire—Christchurch, pop.
4835 ; St Mark, 6296.

Gioguc, ry. sta., Pembrokeshire, 9 m. S. of Cardigan.

Glomach, Falls of, waterfall, Kintail par., Ross-
shire, in a wild ravine on the Glomach, a headstream
of the Elchaig; is 370 ft. in leap.

Glomach Hecr Forest, Ross and Cromarty, 6730 ac.;
post-town, Lochalsh.

Gloomingside Burn, Clackmannan. See Gannel.

Glooston, par., Leicestershire, 5 miles NE. of Market
Harborough, 660 ac., pop. 105; has church of 13th cent.

Glorat, seat, Campsie par., Stirlingshire, 1 mile E.
of Lennoxtown.

Giorc Lough, 2 miles NE. of Castlepollard, N. co.

Glorornm, township, Bamburgh par., N. North¬
umberland, 4 miles E. of Belford, 460 ac., pop. 50. ^

Glory Paper Mills, Woburn Green, 2 miles SAY. of
Beaconsfield, Bucks.

Glossop, mun. bor., market town, par., and ry. sta._,
N. Derbyshire, 13 miles SE. of Manchester and 185
NW. of London—par., 40,134 ac., pop. 32,963 ; bor.,
pop. 19,574 ; 1 Bank, 4 newspapers. Market-days,
Tuesday and Saturday. The town has rapidly increased
in size during recent years. It is the great centre of
the cotton mfr. in Derbyshire ; it likewise has woollen
and paper mills, dyeing and print works and bleaching
greens. In close proximity to the town is Glossop
Hall, seat of Lord Howard of Glossop.

Glossop Dale, township, Glossop par., N. Derby¬
shire, 18,432 ac., pop. 21,393 ; contains bor. of Glossop.

Gloster Hill, township, AVarkworth par., N. North¬
umberland, on river Coquet, 7½ miles SE. of Alnwick,
212 ac., pop. 44.

Gloucester, pari, and mun. bor., city, market and
co. town, and river-port, E. Gloucestershire, on E. bank
of river Severn, 114 miles NW. of London, 1666 ac.,
pop. 36,521; 3 Banks, 6 newspapers. Market-day,
Saturday. The antiquity of Gloucester is amply proved
both by recorded history and by the discovered relics
of its ancient inhabitants—British, Roman, and Saxon.
Its ecclesiastical associations are of the greatest inte¬
rest. In 679 a monastery was founded, and is still
represented by the magnificent cathedral which adorns
the city. The see of Gloucester was formed in 1541;
before that date the whole of the co. belonged to Wor¬
cester diocese. Several parliaments were anciently
held in the city. During its occupation by the Parlia¬
mentarians in 1643 it was besieged by Charles I. Apart
from the cathedral the chief architectural features of
the city are the Shire Hall, the Town Hall or Tolsey,
the county gaol, corn market, infirmary, and hospital;
a new episcopal palace was built in 1861. There are 3
endowed schools. Gloucester carries on an important
foreign trade, especially with the Baltic ports. Through
the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal the city has com¬
munication with the Bristol Channel. (For shipping
statistics, see Appendix.) The mfrs. comprise match
works, foundries, chemical works, cordage works, rail¬
way plant works, soaperies, breweries, &c. Gloucester
was the birthplace of Taylor, the AYater Poet (1580-
1(554), AVhitfield, the founder of the Calvinistic
Methodists (1714-1770), and Raikes, the founder of
Sunday schools in England (1735-1811). The bor. re¬
turns 1 member to Pari. (2 members until 1885).

Gloucestershire, a west Midland co., situated upon
the estuary of the Severn, and bounded N. and NE. by

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