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Gravcsham in Domesday Book; it was incorporated
during the reign of Elizabeth. Gravesend is especially
familiar as the place of embarkation and disembarka-
tion of custom-house officers, pilots, &c., attached to
ships sailing to or arriving from foreign ports. It is
the boundary port of London; has a considerable in-
dustry in fishing, especially for shrimps ; and carries on
some boat-building, ironfounding, soap-making, and
brewing. Large supplies of vegetables and fruit are
grown in the surrounding country for the London
market. The hor. returns 1 member to Parliament.—
2. Gravesend, seat of Lord Graves, on E. border of
Cornwall, near Devonport.—3. Gravesend, hamlet,
Albury par., Herts, 5 miles NW. of Bishop Stortford.

Gravesliip, Nether, township, in par. and bor. of
Kendal, Westmorland, 358 ac., pop. 608.

Gray Cairn, The, at Balnabroich, in par. and 3 miles
S. of Kirkmichael, NE. Perthshire.

Gray House, seat (1715), near SW. border of Forfar-
shire, 5 miles AY. of Dundee.

Grayingham, par., N. Lincolnshire, 9 miles NE. of
Gainsborough, 1675 ac., pop. 167; P.O.

Graylake, place, Middlezoy par., W. Somerset, 5¼
miles SE. of Bridgwater.

Graymount, seat, co. Antrim ; post-town, Belfast.

Grayrigg, township and ry. sta., in par. and 5 miles
NE. of Kendal, AYestmorland, 3753 ac., pop. 228; P.O.

Grays, ry. sta., S. Essex, 19¼ miles SE. of London;
P.O., t.o. See Grays Thurrock.

Grays Inn, par., Finsbury pari, bor., Middlesex, pop.
328; situated on the N. side of Holborn, in London,
and comprises Grays Inn, one of the 4 Inns of Court.

Grays Pier, on the river Thames, S. Essex, at the
junction of Fiddlers Reach and Northfleet Hope.

Grays Thurrock, market town and par. with ry. sta.
(Grays), S. Essex, on river Thames, 19¼ miles SE. of
London, 1382 ac. and 320 tidal water and foreshore,
pop. 5327 ; P.O., T.o., called Grays, 1 Bank. Market-
Thursday; its chief trade is brickmaking.

Grays Wood, school, near border of Surrey, 1¼ mile
NE. of Haslemere sta.

Graysoiithcn. See Greysouthen.

Graystone, vil., Carmylie par., Forfarshire, 7¼ miles
NW. of Arbroath ; P.O., called Greystone.

Graystown, par., S. co. Tipperary, 2 miles SW. of
Killenaule, 7801 ac., pop. 1132.

Graythwaite Hall, seat, 4¼ miles N. of Ulverston,
N. Lancashire.

Grazeiey, eccl. dist., Shinfield, Sulhampstead Abbots
and Sulhampstead Bannister pars., Berks, pop. 589;
the seat of Grazeiey Lodge is 4 miles S. of Reading.

Grealin, hamlet, in SE. of Kilmuir par., Skye island,
12 miles N. of Portree.

Grean, par., E. co. Limerick, 7191 ac., pop. 2034;
contains Pallasgrean.

Greashrongh, town and township, in par. and 2
m. NW. of Rotherham, S. div. AAtost-Riding Yorkshire
—township, 2456 ac., pop. 3811; town, pop. 2914; P.O.

Greasby, township, West Kirby and Thurstaston
pars., W. Cheshire, 5 miles SAY. of Birkenhead, 809
ac., pop. 236 ; P.O.

Greaslcy, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Newthorpe and
Greasley), in co. and 7 miles NW. of Nottingham, 7220
ac., pop. 8867; has remains of Greaslcy Castle.

Great* Abington, par., Cambridgeshire. See Ab-
ington, Great.

Great Addington, 4¼ miles SW. of Thrapston,
Northamptonshire; P.O. See Addington, Great.

Great Alne, ry. sta., 2¼ miles NE. of Alcester, S.
AArarwickshire; P.O. See Alne, Great.

Great Ay ton, township and ry. sta., 3¼ miles NAY. of
Battersby Junction, North-Riding Yorkshire; P.O., T.O.,
1 Bank. See Ayton, Great.

Great Baddow, 2 miles SE. of Chelmsford, W.
Essex; P.O., T.o. See Baddow, Great.

Great Bardfield, 6 miles NE. of Dunmow, Essex;
P.O., t.o. See Bardfield, Great.

Great Barford, in co. and 6 miles NE. of Bedford;
p.o. See Barford, Great.

Great Barr, ry. sta., near SE. border of Stafford-
shire, 7 miles NW. of Birmingham; P.O. See Barr,

Great Barrington, 4 miles E. of Northleach, E.
Gloucestershire; p.o. See Barrington, Great.

Great Barrow, hamlet, Barrow par., W. Cheshire,
4 miles NE. of Christleton ; P.O.

Great_ Barugh, hamlet, Kirkby Misperton par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 4¼ miles SW. of Pickering.

Great Bayhill, seat of the Marquis of Camden, 2¼
miles E. of Tunbridge Wells, mid. Kent.

Great Bedwyn, near E. border of Wilts, 5 miles
SW. of Hungerford; p.o. See Bedwin, Great.

Great Bentley, ry. sta., 8 miles SE. of Colchester,
Essex ; p.o. See Bentley, Great.

Great Billing, in co. and 4 miles NE. of North-
ampton; p.o. See Billing, Great.

Great Bispham, vil., Bispham par., N. Lancashire,
near Poulton; P.O.

Great Bolas, N. Shropshire, 6¼ miles NW. of New-
port ; p.o. See Bolas Magna.

Great Bookhaui, 4 miles NW. of Dorking, AV.
Surrey ; P.O. See Bookham, Great.

Great Bounds Park, seat, 2¼ miles N. of Tunbridge
Wells, mid. Kent.

Great Bourton, 3 miles N. of Banbury, Oxfordshire;
p.o. See Bourton, Great.

Great Bowden, 1 mile NE. of Market Harborough,
S. Leicestershire; P.O. See Bowden, Great.

Great Bradley, W. Suffolk, 6 miles N. of Haver-
hill ; p.o., t.o. See Bradley, Great.

Great Brainden, 3 miles from Paddock Wood Junc-
tion, mid. Kent.

Great Brickliill, seat, Bucks. See Brickhill.

Great Bridge, vil. with ry. sta., Tipton par., E.
Staffordshire, 2 miles NE. of Dudley; P.O., T.O., IBank.

Great Bridgcford, ry. sta., in co. and 5 miles NW.
of Stafford.

Great Brington, in co. and 7 miles NAV. of North-
ampton ; p.o., t.o. See Brington.

Great Bromley, 5 miles E. of Colchester, Essex;
p.o. See Bromley, Great.

Great Broughton, 3 miles W. of Cockermouth, AY.
Cumberland ; P.O. See Broughton, Great. — 2.
Great Broughton, hamlet, 3 miles SE. of Stokesley,
North-Riding Yorkshire ; P.O.

Great Bndwortli, 2 miles N. of Northwich, mid.
Cheshire; P.O. See Budworth, Great.

Great Canfield, 3¼ miles SW. of Dunmow, W. Essex;
p.o. See Canfield, Great.

Great Canford, 6 miles NE. of Poole, Dorset; P.O.,
t.o. See Canford Magna.

Great Carlton, 6 miles SE. of Louth, N. Lincoln-
shire ; p.o. See Carlton, Great.

Great Casterton, 8¼ miles E. of Oakham, Rutland;
p.o. See Casterton, Great.

Great Castle Head, on N. side of Milford Haven,
Pembrokeshire, 4 m. AY. of Milford; has 2 fixed lights
112 and 76 ft. above high water, and seen 15 and 13 m.

Great Causeway, Staffa : which see.

Great Cave, W. coast of Gigha island, Argyllshire.

Great Chart, 2 miles SW. of Ashford, E. Kent; P.O.
See Chart, Great.

Great Chcll, 2 miles N. of Burslem, N. Staffordshire;
p.o. See Chell, Great.

Great Chesterferd, ry. sta., 10 miles N. of Elsen-
ham, W. Essex; p.o., t.o. See Chesterford, Great.

Great Chcverell, 5 miles SAY. of Devizes, N. AYilts;
p.o. See Cheverell, Great.

Great Chisliall, 8 miles NW. of Saffron AYalden,
Essex; p.o. See Chishall, Great.

Great Clacton, 13 miles SE. of Colchester, Essex;
p.o. See Clacton, Great.

Great Clifton, 2¼ miles E. of Workington, W. Cum-
berland ; p.o. See Clifton, Great.

Great Coates, ry. sta., 2¼ miles W. of Great Grimsby,
N. Lincolnshire; P.O. See Coates, Great.

Great Colonnade, Staffa : which see.

Great Cornard, 1¼ mile SE. of Sudbury, AY. Suffolk;
p.o. See Cornard, Great.

Great Cressinghani, 4 miles NAV. of Watton ry.
sta., N. Norfolk; p.o. See Cressingham, Great.

Great Cumbrae Island. See Cumbrae, Great.

* For names (other than those of railway stations and post
offices) prefixed by
Great, and not found under Great, see
principal name.

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