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tanneries, and breweries form leading industries. At
NW. end of Middle Shoals, in mouth of Humber, is a
light-vessel, with fixed light (Grimsby) seen 7 miles.
The bor. returns 1 member to Parliament.

Grimsby, Little, par., N. Lincolnshire, 3 miles N. of
Louth, 950 ac., pop. 54; contains Little G. Hall.

Grimsby, New and Old, 2 of the Scilly Isis., Corn¬
wall, between Bryher and Trescoe; each has a smallharb.

Grimsby Docks, ry. sta. at Grimsby, Lincoln.

Grimscotc, hamlet, Cold Higham par., N. North¬
amptonshire, 4½ miles NW. of Towcester.

Grimscott, hamlet, Launcells par., E. Cornwall, 7
miles NW. of Holsworthy sta.

Grimshadar, Loch, sea-loch, on E. side of Lewis
island, 4J miles S. of Stornoway.

Grimshoe, hundred, W. Norfolk, 69,820 ac., pop.
7064 ; contains 17 pars.

Grimspound, circular stone camp, Dartmoor, S.
Devon, on W. side of Hamildon Down, 6 miles SW. of
Moreton Hampstead.

Grimstead, East, township, West Dean par., S.
Wilts, 5 miles SE. of Salisbury, 951 ac., pop. 120.

Grimstead, West, par., S. Wilts, 4½ miles SE. of
Salisbury, 1509 ac., pop. 238 ; P.O.

Grimsthorpe.—hamlet, Edenham par., S. Lincoln¬
shire, 1 mile NW. of Edenham; P.O.; in vicinity is the
seat of Grimsthorpe Park.—2. Grimsthorpe, seat,
l½ mile NE. of Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Grimston.—par. and ry. sta., N. Leicestershire, 5
miles NW. of Melton Mowbray, 920 ac., pop. 153.—2.
Grimston, 7 miles NE. of Kings Lynn, Norfolk ; P.O.
Grimstone.—3. Grimston, township, Dunning-
ton par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles E. of York,
797 ac., pop. 58.—4. Grimston, township, Kirkby
Wharf par., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 4½ mile

S. of Tadcaster, 892 ac., pop. 108; contains Grimston
Park, seat of Lord Londesborough.—5. Grimston,
coast hamlet, Garton par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 7½
miles NE. of Hedon; in vicinity are the seats of
Grimston Garth and Grimston Hall.

Grimston, North, par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 4f
miles SE. of Malton, 1565 ac., pop. 166; P.O.

Grimston Hill, hamlet, Wellow par., N. Notts, 2
miles SE. of Ollerton.

Grimston Road, ry. sta., 7 miles NE. of Kings
Lynn, Norfolk. See Grimstone.

Grimstone.—vil. (ry. sta. Grimstone and Frampton),
Stratton par., Dorset, 5 miles NW. of Dorchester.—2.
Grimstone, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Grimston Road), W.
Norfolk, 7 miles NE. of Kings Lynn, 4240 ac., pop.
1132; P.O., called Grimston.—3. Grimstone, town¬
ship, Gilling par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles S.
of Helmsley, 987 ac., pop. 64.

Grimsworth, hundred, mid. Herefordshire, 36,587
ac., pop. 7273; contains 24 pars.

Grimthorpe, hamlet, Great Givendale par., East-
Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles NE. of Pocklington.

Grimwoods, place, Dalham par., W. Suffolk.

Grindall, township, in par. and 4 miles NW. of
Bridlington, East-Riding Yorkshire, 2429 ac., pop. 179.

Grindiscol, vil., Shetland. See Grandiscole.

Grindle.—hamlet, Colaton Raleigh par., E. Devon,
3 miles W. of Sidmouth.—2. Grindle, hamlet, Wood¬
bury par., E. Devon, 3 miles SE. of Topsham. — 3.
Grindle, hamlet, 4 miles S. of Shifnal, S. Shropshire.

Grindleford Bridge, hamlet, Eyam par., N. Derby¬
shire, on river Derwent, 6 miles NE. of Bakewell; P.O.

Grindleton, township and vil., Mitton par., N. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles NE. of Clitheroe, 3777
ac., pop. 623; P.O.

Grindley. — hamlet, in par. and 2½ miles SE. of
Malpas, W. Cheshire; in vicinity is Grindley Bridge.
Tushingham with Grindley. — 2. Grindley,
hamlet with ry. sta., Stowe par., W. Staffordshire, 4
miles SW. of Uttoxeter.

Grindley Brook, hamlet with school, in par. and N.
vicinity of Whitchurch, N. Shropshire.

Grindlow, township, Hope par., N. Derbyshire, 2
miles NE. of Tideswell, 296 ac., pop. 57.

Grindon.—par. and township, S. Durham, 4 miles
NW. of Stockton on Tees—par., 4295 ac., pop. 1026;
township, 3511 ac., pop. 345.—2. Grindon, hamlet,
Silksworth par., N. Durham, 3| miles SW. of Sunder¬
land.—3. Grindon, township, Norhampar., N. North¬
umberland, 7 miles SW. of Berwick on Tweed, 1493
ac., pop. 124. —
4. Grindon, par., N. Staffordshire,
8 miles SE. of Leek, 3274 ac., pop. 364.

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