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Gnnpowder Paper Mill, Bourne End, near Maiden-
head, Berks.

Guns Island, 24 miles SAV. of entrance to Lough
Strangford, co. Down; is connected with the mainland
by a causeway.

Gunsborongli, hamlet, 3 miles NAV. of Listowel, N.
co. Kerry.

Gunsgrecn House, seat, Ayton par., E. Berwick-
shire, 1 mile E. of Eyemouth.

Gunston House, seat, near Goodnestone, E. Kent.

Gnntliorpe.—hamlet, Owstonpar., N. Lincolnshire,
on river Trent, 5 miles N. of Gainsborough.—2. Gun-
tliorpe, par., N. Norfolk, 54 miles SAV. of Holt, 1087
ac., pop. 221.—3. Gnntliorpe, hamlet, Pastonpar., N.
Northamptonshire, 3 miles N. of Peterborough, pop.
63.—4. Gunthorpe, township, Lowdham par., in co.
and 9 miles NE. of Nottingham, pop. 323; P.O.—5.
Gunthorpe, township, in par. and 2 miles SE. of Oak-
ham, Rutland, pop. 23.

Gunthwalte, township, in par. and 24 m. N. of Peni-
stone, S. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 953 ac., pop. 70.

Gunton.—par. and ry. sta., N. Norfolk, 5 miles S. of
Cromer, 945 ac., pop. 73 ; contain Gnnton Park, seat
of Lord Suffield.—2. Gnnton, coast par., E. Suffolk,
24 miles N. of Lowestoft, 1072 ac., pop. 88; Gunton
Oenes is here, also the seat of Gunton Hall.

Gnnvillc, hamlet, Carisbrooke par., Isle of AVight, 1
mile AV. of Newport.

Gunville Park, seat, Tarrant Gunvillepar., Dorset,
44 miles NE. of Blandford.

Gunwalloe, coast par. and fishing hamlet, AV. Corn-
wall, 5 miles S. of Helston, 1469 ac., pop. 181.

Gupworthy, place with extensive ironworks, AVithiel
Florey par., AV. Somerset, 8 m. NAV. of AViveliscombe.

Gur Lough, 2 miles N. of Bruff, E. co. Limerick;
contains several small islands, on the largest of which
are interesting Druidical remains.

Gurlm, Loch, in NAV. of Islay island, Argyllshire.

Gurnard, vil. and bay, on NAV. coast of Isle of
AiVight, 14 mile AV. of Cowes; P.O.

Gurnards Head (Treryn Dinas), promontory, AV.
Cornwall, 54 miles SAV. of St Ives.

Gurney, tithing, Mapledurham par., Oxfordshire, 4
miles NAV. of Reading.

Gumeyslade, hamlet and valley, Binegar par., mid.
Somerset, 5 miles NE. of AVells; P.O.

Gurraneaslg, school, Ringrove par., co. Cork.

Gurteen.—hamlet, 8 miles from Castleblakeney, E.
co. Galway; P.O.—2. Gurteen, 5 miles from Manor
Hamilton, N. co. Leitrim; P.O.—3. Gurteen, 8 miles
S. of Ballymote, S. co. Sligo; P.O.—4. Gurteen, seat,
N. co. AVaterford, 4 miles E. of Clonmel.

Gurteeny, 5 miles from Woodford, co. Galway; P.O.

Gnrth Paper Mill, at Blarney, in co. and 4 miles
NAV. of Cork.

Gurthgogo, Denbigh. See Garthgogo.

Gurtnahoe, NE. co. Tipperary, 7 miles SAV. of
Johnstown; P.O.

Gurtnamackin, rivulet, S. co. Galway; rises near
Lough Rea, and flows NAV. to Kinvarra Harbour.

Gnrwas, district, Ystradgunlais par., Brecknock-
shire, 94 miles NE. of Neath.

Gushniore, hamlet, Selling par., E. Kent, 4 miles
SE. of Faversham.

Gussagc, hamlet, Handley par., Dorset, 5 miles AV.
of Cranborne; P.O.

Gussagc, All Saints, par., NE. Dorset, 4 miles SAV.
of Cranborne, 2907 ac., pop. 415.

Gussage, St Michael, par., NE. Dorset, 5 miles
SAV. of Cranborne, 2882 ac., pop. 259.

Gustard, hamlet, N. AVilts. See Gastard.

Gustard Wood, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile N. of
AVheathampstead, Herts.

Guston, par. and vil., E. Kent, 24 miles N. of
Dover, 1413 ac., pop. 481.

Gutcher, hamlet, on E. coast of North Yell, Shetland.

Guthlaxton, hundred, S. Leicestershire, 64,280 ac.,
pop. 26,817; contains 31 pars, and parts of 5 others.

Gnthrauicote, hamlet, in par. and 4 miles SAV. of
Pinchbeck, S. Lincolnshire.

Guthrie, par. and hamlet with ry. sta. (Guthrie
Junction), Forfarshire, on Lunan AVater, 7 miles E. of
Forfar and 7% miles NAV. of Arbroath, 3823 ac., pop.

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