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—8. Ham, hamlet, 3 miles SE. of Langport sta., mid.
—9. Ham, vil., West Buckland par., W.
Ham, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Kingston
on Thames par., mid. Surrey—dist., pop. 1457; hamlet,
2 miles N. of Kingston on Thames; P.O. See Ham
with Hatch.—II.
Ham, place, 3 miles SE. of Arundel,
W. Sussex.—12.
Ham, place, 3 miles NE. of Hartfield,
E. Sussex.—13.
Ham, par., S. Wilts, 4 miles SW. of
Hungerford, 1652 ac., pop. 199 ; P.O.

Ham.—harbour, Dunnet par., Caithness, 6 miles NE.
of Castletown.—2.
Ham, vil., Bressay island, Shet-
land, 1¼ mile SE. of Lerwick.

Ham, Fast, par. and ry. sta., S. Essex, mile SW.
of Barking, 2498 ac., pop. 9713.

Ham, High, par. and vil., mid. Somerset, 2¼ miles
N. of Langport, 4229 ac., pop. 1116; P.O.

Ham, West, pari, bor., par., and local government
dist., Essex, on N. bank of river Thames, opposite
Greenwich, and in E. of London, 4667 ac. (159 water)
and 270 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 128,953; returns

2 members to Parliament—2 divisions, viz., North and
South, 1 member for each division; it was made a pari,
bor. in 1885. See
West Ham.

Ham and Stone, township, in par. and 3 miles S. of
Berkeley, W. Gloucestershire, 4410 ac., pop. 818.

Ham Castle, ancient ruin, on river Teme, in co. and
8¼ miles NW. of Worcester.

Ham Common, local government dist., Ham with
Hatch township, Kingston upon Thames par., Surrey,
150 ac., pop. 1349.

Ham Farm, hamlet, Bletchingly par., E. Surrey.

Ham Green—tithing, Portbury par., E. Somerset-
shire, 5¼ miles NW. of Bristol.—
2. Ham Green, place,
in par. and 2¼ m. N. of Feckenham, E. Worcestershire.

Ham Haw Park, seat, on N. border of Surrey, near
Wey bridge.

Ham Hill, school, Birling par., mid. Kent.

Ham House, seat of the Earl of Dysart, on NW.
border of Surrey, on r. Thames, opposite Twickenham.

Ham Manor, seat, 1 m. S. of Angmering, W. Sussex.

Slam Stone, rock, on S. coast of Devon, 6 miles SW.
of Salcombe.

Ham Street.—vil. with ry. sta., Orlestone par., E.
Kent, 5 miles S. of Ashford; P.O.—2.
Ham Street,
hamlet, Warehorne par., E. Kent, 6¼ miles SW. of

Ham with Hatch, township, in par. and 2 miles N.
of Kingston-upon-Thames, mid. Surrey, 1913 ac., pop.
1855; here is the interesting mansion of
Ham House
(1610), built for Prince Henry, son of James I., and
now the property of the Earl of Dysart.

Hamar, headland, in SE. of Bressay island, Shetland.

Hamar Yoe, sea-loch, in W. of Northmavine par.,
Mainland, Shetland.

Hamars Ness, in NW. of Fetlar island, Shetland.

Hamhle, vil., Hamble-le-ltice par., S. Hants, 5¼
miles SE. of Southampton ; P.O., T.O.; an ancient fish-
ing vil.; its lobster fisheries are important.
is here.

Hainble-le-Rice, par., S. Hants, on Southampton
Water, 5¼ miles SE. of Southampton, 414 ac. (588 tidal
water and 281 foreshore), pop. 421.

Hamhleden, par. and vil., S. Bucks, 3 miles NE. of
Henley-on-Thames, 6598 ac., pop. 1502; P.O.

Hamhledon.—hundred, N. Hants, 8045 ac., pop.
1853. — 2.
Hamhledon, par. and vil., N. Hants, 6¼
miles SE. of Bishops Waltham, 9447 ac., pop. 2047;
P.O., T.o.—3. Hamhledon, par. and vil., W. Surrey,
3¼ miles S. of Godalming, 1588 ac., pop. 542; P.O.

Hamhleton.—township, Kirkham par., N. Lanca-
shire, on river Wyre, 7¼ miles SW. of Garstang, 1553
ac. (130 water), pop. 389; P.O.—2.
Hamhleton, ham-
let, Barkby par., in co. and 3 miles NE. of Leicester.—

3. Hamhleton, par. and vil., Rutland, on eminence,

3 miles SE. of Oakham, 1154 ac., pop. 245; p.o.—4.
Hamhieton, township and ry. sta., Brayton par., E.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles W. of Selby, 2338
ac., pop. 530; P.O.

Hamhleton Black, one of the Hambleton Hills,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles E. of Northallerton.

Hamhleton Hills, hill range, North-Riding York-
shire, 5 m. E. of Thirsk, extending 7 m. from N. to SE.

li a in bridge, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Curry Rivell,

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