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Hamwell, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile SW. of
Wheathampstead, Herts.

Hamwood, seat, SE. co. Meath, 3 m. W. of Clonee.

Ham worthy, par. and ry. sta., SE. Dorset, in NW.
of Poole bor., 1086 ac., pop. 668.

Hainworthy Junction, ry. sta., in W. vicinity of
Poole, Dorset.

Hanaford, vil., Landkey par., N. Devon, 4 miles
SE. of Barnstaple.

Hanheck, hamlet, Wilsford par., S. Lincolnshire,
5½ miles NE. of Grantham.

Hanhorough, Oxfordshire. See Handborough.

Hanbury.—par., township, and vil., E. Stafford¬
shire, on eminence, 6 miles NW. of Burton on Trent—
par., 12,112 ac., pop. 2411; township, 3195 ac., pop.
537; P.O.—2. Hanbury, par. and vil., E. Worcester¬
shire, 3½ miles E. of Droitwich, 7649 ac., pop. 1028;
P.O.; the church, an ancient edifice, contains monu¬
ments of the Vernons, whose seat is Hanbury Hall.

Hanbury Woodend, hamlet, Hanbury par., E.

Hanby, hamlet, Lavington par., S. Lincolnshire, 3
miles SW. of Falkmgham.

Hanchurch, hamlet, Trentham par., N. Stafford¬
shire, 3½ miles SW. of Stoke; p.o.

Hancombe, vil., Porlock par., W. Somerset, 5
miles W. of Minehead.

Hand Deeps, shoal in English Channel, in NW.
vicinity of Eddystone Lighthouse and 9 miles SW. of
Rame Head.

Handa Island, Eddrachillis par., W. Sutherland, 3
miles NW. of Scourie; much visited for its rock scenery.

Handale, place, Lofthouse par., North-Riding York¬
shire, 7½ miles E. of Guisbrough.

Handborough, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (for Blen¬
heim), in co. and 6½ miles NAY. of Oxford, 2270 ac.,
pop. 968; 1 mile from vil. is the vil. of Long H.; p.o.

Handbrldge, school, in co. and vicinity of Chester.

Handcombe, hamlet, Westham par., E. Sussex,
miles NE. of Eastbourne.

Handcross, vil., Slaughham par., E. Sussex, 4
miles NW. of Cuckfield; P.O., T.O.

Handford, eccl. dist. and vil., Trentham par., W.
Staffordshire—dist., pop. 1129 ; vil., 2½ miles S. of
Stoke on Trent; P.O., called Hanford.

Handforth, township and hamlet with ry. sta.,
Cheadle par., E. Cheshire, 5 miles SW. of Stockport,
1311 ac., pop. 736 ; P.O., T.o.

Handley.—par. and township, W. Cheshire, 7 miles
SE. of Chester—par., 2011 ac., pop. 364; township,
1351 ac., pop. 274; P.O.—2. Handley, hamlet with
school, North Wingfield par., E. Derbyshire, 7 miles

S. of Chesterfield. — 3. Handley (or Sixpenny
Handley), par. and vil., NE. Dorset, 5 miles NW. of
Cranborne, 5928 ac., pop. 938; P.O.—4. Handley,
hamlet, in par. and 2 miles SW. of Towcester, S.
N orthamptonshire.

Handley, Mid, Nether, and West, 3 hamlets, E.
Derbyshire, 4 miles N. of Chesterfield.

Handsacre, vil., Armitage par., E. Staffordshire, 4
m. NW. of Lichfield. See
Armitage and Handsacre.

Handsteads, hamlet, Abbots Langley par., Herts,
3 miles NE. of Watford.

Handsworth.—town and par. (ry. sta. Handsworth
and Smethwick), E. Staffordshire, NW. suburb of
Birmingham—par., 7680 ac., pop. 24,251; town, pop.
22,896; P.O., T.O.—2. Handsworth, par. and vil., S.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles SE. of Sheffield,
3638ac.,pop. 7645; P.O.; andp.o.,T.O. at Handsworth
Woodhouse, distant 2 miles.

Handwell, hamlet, Waltham par., E. Kent, 5 miles
SAAr. of Canterbury.

Hanford.—par., N. Dorset, on river Stour, 4 miles
NW. of Blandford, 460 ac., pop. 56 ; contains the seat
of Hanford House.—2. Hanford, Trentham par., N.
Staffordshire, 2½ miles S. of Stoke on Trent; p.o.

Hang, East and West, 2 wapentakes, North-Riding
Yorkshire—East Hang, 68,831 ac., pop. 9504; contains
6 pars, and parts of 3 others; West Hang, 165,735 ac.,
pop. 13,252; contains 11 pars, and parts of 2 others.

Hanger Hill, hamlet, in par. and 3 miles NE. of
Ealing, Middlesex.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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