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shire, 5| miles NE. of Shrewsbury; in vicinity is the
seat of Hardwick Grange.—19. Hardwick, hamlet,
Norbury par., S. Shropshire, 3 miles NE. of Bishops
Castle.—20. Hardwick, par. and seat, N. Suffolk, 2
miles S. of Bury St Edmunds, 2237 ac. (inclnding
Hawstead), pop. 19.—21. Hardwick, hamlet, Bredon
par., E. Worcestershire, 2 miles NE. of Tewkesbury.

Hardwick, East, township, in par. and 2 miles S.
of Pontefract, E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 527 ac.,
pop. 228;

Hardwick, Honks, hamlet, in par. and 24 miles
NE. of St Neots, Huntingdonshire.

Hardwick, Priors, par., Warwickshire. See Priors

Hardwick, West, township, Wragby par., E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 34 miles SW. of Pontefract,
487 ac., pop. 56.

Hardwick Hall, seat of Duke of Devonshire, Ault
Hucknall par., E. Derbyshire, 8 miles SE. of Chester-
field ; was built by Elizabeth Countess of Shrewsbury
(“Bess of Hardwick ”), and is one of the few mansions
of the Elizabethan period which have remained intact.

Hardwicke.—par. and vil., in co. and 4 miles SW.
of Gloucester, 2378 ac., pop. 645;
P.O., called Hard-
wick; in vicinity is the seat of Hardwicke Court.—
2. Hardwicke, hamlet, on river Usk, Monmouthshire,
14 mile S. of Abergavenny.

Hardy, Lancashire. See Chorlton cum Hardy.

Hardy Flatts, place, Bulmer par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 54 miles SW. of New Malton.

Hardyiuonnt, seat, 1 m. W. of Tullow, co. Carlow.

Hare HaU and Hare Lodge, 2 seats, 14 mile NE. of
Romford, S. Essex.

Hare Hatch, hamlet, Wargrave par., Berks, 14 mile
NE. of Twyford sta.

Hare Island.—in Roaringwater Bay, S. co. Cork.—
2. Hare Island, in Galway Bay, co. Galway.—3. Hare
Island, in Lough Ree, W. co. Westmeath ; contains a
lodge of Lord Castlemaine.

Hare Myre, moorish tract, 2 miles S. of Blairgowrie,
E. Perthshire.

Hare Park, seat, Cambridgeshire, 4 miles SW. of

Hare Street.—hamlet, in par. and 1 mile N. of Rom-
ford, S. Essex.—2. Hare Street, vil., Ardeley and
Cottered pars., Herts, 3 m. SW. of Buntingford ;

Hare Tor, mountain peak, N. Devon, in NW. of
Dartmoor, 7 miles NE. of Tavistock.

Harehrow, hill, overlooking Hackness, North-
Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles NW. of Scarborough.

Harehy, par., mid. Lincolnshire, 4 miles W. of
Spilsby, 589 ac., pop. 42.

Harecastlc, ry. sta., on NW. border of Staffordshire,
84 miles E. of Crewe ; a tunnel here on the Grand
Trunk Canal is 1888 yards long.

Harefanlds, place with traces of Roman camp,
NW. border of Kirkbuddo section of Guthrie par.,

Hareflcld, par. and vil., Middlesex, 34 miles N. of
Uxbridge, 4621 ac., pop. 1503 ;
P.O., T.O.; in vicinity is
the seat of Harefield Park.

Harehaugh, ancient camp, Holystone par., N. North-
umberland, on river Coquet, 8 miles NW. of Rothbury.

Harehill. — hamlet, Church Broughton par., S.
Derbyshire, 9 miles SE. of Ashbourne.—2. Harehill,
hamlet, Sudbury par., S. Derbyshire, 5 miles E. of
Uttoxeter.—3. Harehill, hamlet, in par. and near
Keighley, N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire.—4. Hare-
hill, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile N. of Leeds, E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire.

Harehopc, township, Eglingham par., N. North-
umberland, 8 miles NW. of Alnwick, 520 ac., pop. 50;
contains the seat of Harehope Hall.

Harelaw. — school, Canonbie par., SE. Dumfries-
shire ; the old peel tower of Harelaw stood on Liddel
Water, 24 miles NE. of Canonbie.—2. Harelaw, ham-
let, 24 miles from Dalkeith, Edinburghshire.

Harelaw Dam, reservoir, in par. and 24 miles S. of
Neilston, Renfrew ; Harelaw is an ancient battlefield.

Harelaw Lime works, Gladsmuir par., Haddington-
shire, near Longniddry Junction.

Harelaw Reservoir, Currie par., Edinburghshire, 14
mile SE. of Balerno sta.

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