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Headstone and Headstone Drive, places, Pinner
par., Herts, near Harrow sta.; the former was at one
time a residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury.

Head wood, sta. on Ballymena and Larne Ry., 4
miles SW. of Larne, E. co. Antrim.

lleage (or High Edge), township and vil., Duffield
par., S. Derbyshire, 24 miles NE. of Belper, 2366 ac.,
pop. 2405 ; P.O.; in vicinity is the hamlet of Nether

Heal, hamlet, in par. and near Ilfracombe, N. Devon.

Healand, hamlet, St Giles in the Wood par., N.
Devon, 2| miles SE. of Great Torrington.

Healaugh.—hamlet, Grinton par., North-Riding
Yorkshire, on river Swale, 14 mile SW. of Reeth.—2.
Healaugh, par., North-Riding Yorkshire, within ainsty
of York, 34 miles NE. of Tadcaster, 2770 ac., pop. 237;
contains the seat of Healaugh lfali.

Healaval More and Healaval Beg, 2 adjacent sum-
mits, Duirinish par., Skye island, 3 miles and 4 miles
SW. of Dunvegan, 1538 ft. and 1601 ft. high ; are also
called Macleod’s Table North and Macleod’s Table

Hcald, hamlet with school, 2 miles NE. of Bacup,
NE. Lancashire.

Heale House, old mansion, 4 miles NW. of Salis-
bury, S. AYilts ; Charles II. took shelter here after the
battle of AYorcester ; Heale HUl in vicinity has some
traces of an ancient British vil.

Healey.—eccl. dist. and vil. (ry. sta. Shawclough and
Healey), Rochdale par., SE. Lancashire—dist., pop.
2966 ; vil., 2 miles NW. of Rochdale ; P.O.; in vicinity
is the seat of Healey HaU.—2. Healey, hamlet, Bat-
ley par., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, near Dewsbury.
—3. Healey, hamlet, in par. and 3 miles SW. of
Masham, North-Riding Yorkshire; P.O. See
with Sutton.
— 4. Healey, Northumberland. See

Healey, Mount, township, in par. and 2 miles SE. of
Rothbury, N. Northumberland, 437 ac., pop. 36.

Healey House, ry. sta. (on Lancashire and York-
shire Ry.), S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles SW.
of Huddersfield.

Healey and Coiubhill, township, Nether Witton
par., N. Northumberland, 8 miles NW. of Morpeth,
852 ac., pop. 27.

Healey field, township, Lanchester par., in co. and
74 miles NW. of Durham, 1282 ac., pop. 357.

Healing, par. and ry. sta., N. Lincolnshire, 4 miles
W. of Grimsby, 1327 ac., pop. 117 ; P.O.

llealthwaite Hill, hamlet, Harewood par., E. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 8 miles N. of Leeds.

Healy, township, By well St Peter par., S. Northum-
berland, 7 miles E. of Hexham, 2182 ac., pop. 106.

Healy Castle, ruin, Betley par., N. Staffordshire.

Healy with Sutton, township, in par. and 2 miles
SW. of Masham, North-Riding Yorkshire, 4993 ac.,
pop. 244; P.O., called Healey.

lleane (or Hayne), hundred, Shepway lathe, E.
Kent, 3965 ac., pop. 670.

Heanlng Force, waterfall, on river Ure, North-
Riding Yorkshire, near Askrigg.

Heanley, hamlet, Kingsbury par., N. Warwickshire,
5 miles S. of Tamworth.

Heanor, town, par., and township, S. Derbyshire,
54 miles SE. of Belper—par., 6216 ac., pop. 11,137;
township, 1579 ac., pop. 6822; P.O., T.o., 1 Bank; is
situated in the midst of an extensive coal district,
and has ironworks; in vicinity of town is the seat of
Heanor Hall.

Hcanton Satchvillc, seat of Lord Clinton, 44 miles
NW. of Hatherleigh, N. Devon.

Heanton Puncliardon, par. and vil., N. Devon, 44
miles NW. of Barnstaple, 3020 ac., pop. 439.

Heanwood, place, in par. and near Solihull, N.
Warwickshire ; a Benedictine nunnery was founded
here in the reign of Henry II.

Heap, township, Bury par., SE. Lancashire, 2938
ac., pop. 17,686 (763 being in the pari, and mun. bor. of
Bury and 16,590 in the mun. bor. of Heywood); P.O.,
T.O., called Heap Bridge ; here are the Heap Bridge
Paper Mills.

Heapey, township and ry. sta., Leyland par., N.
Lancashire, 2 miles NE. of Chorley, 1464 ac., pop. 369.

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