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Hextclls, hamlet, Ranton par., in co. and 4 miles
W. of Stafford.

Hexthorpe, hamlet, in par. and 1|- mile SW. of
Doncaster, S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire ; P.O., called
New Hexthorpe. See
Balby with Hexthobpe.

Hexton, par. and vil., NW. Herts, 5J miles NW. of
Hitchin, 1485 ac., pop. 200; in vicinity is the seat of
Hexton Honse.

Hexworthy, hamlet, Lidford par., S. Devon, 6 miles
N. of Tavistock.

Hey . See also Hay .

Hey, eccl. dist. Rochdale par., partly in SE. Lanca-
shire but chiefly in S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, pop.

Hcybridge, par., E. Essex, on the river Blackwater,
opposite Maldon, 1854 ac., pop. 1677; P.O., T.O. ; here
are the Heybridge Ironworks.

Heydon.—par., W. Essex, 54 miles SE. of Royston,
1426 ac., pop. 257 ; P.O.—2. Heydon, par. and vil., N.
Norfolk, 5 miles NW. of Aylsham, 1942 ac., pop. 217;
P.O.; in vicinity is the seat of Heydon Hall.—3.
Heydon, Yorkshire. See

Heydon Down, eminence, on W. border of W.
Somerset, 24 miles AY of Wiveliscombe; is one of a
chain of hills extending eastward from Exmoor.

Heydour, Lincolnshire. See Haydor.

Heyford.—in co. and 6 miles SAY. of Northampton ;
p.o. See
Heyford, Nether, and Heyford, Upper.—
2. Heyford, ry. sta. (for Lower and Upper Heyford),
in co. and 11 miles N. of Oxford ; P.O.

Heyford, Lower (or Heyford at Bridge), par. and
vil. (ry. sta. Heyford), on river Cherwell, in co. and 114
miles N. of Oxford, 1764 ac., pop. 518; P.O., called

Heyford, Nether, par. and vil., in co. and 6 miles
SW. of Northampton, 1690 ac., pop. 810; P.O., called

Heyford, Upper.—par., in co. and 54 miles AY. of
Northampton, 726 ac., pop. 115; P.O., called Heyford.
—2. Heyford, Upper (or Heyford Warden), par. and
vil. (ry. sta. Heyford), N. Oxfordshire, on river Cher-
well, 12 miles N. of Oxford, 1628 ac., pop. 384 ; P.O. ;
contains the seat of Heyford House.

Heyford at Bridge, Oxford. See Heyford, Lower.

Heyford Warden, Oxford. See Heyford, Upper.

Heyhope, par., Radnorshire. See Heyop.

Heyhonses.—township, Whalley par., NE. Lanca-
shire, 44 miles SE. of Clitheroe, 322 ac., pop. 77.—2.
Heyhonses, eccl. dist., Lytham par., N. Lancashire,
pop. 1146. See
St Annes on the Sea.

Heyl, river, AY. Cornwall; rises near Crowan, and flows
W. and NAV. to head of St Ives Bay ; is 10 miles long.

Heyop (or Heyhope), par. and township, E. Radnor-
shire, 3 miles NW. of Knighton—par., pop. 215 ; town-
ship (partly in Llangunllo par.), 1180 ac., pop. 270.

Heyrod, vil., in par. and vicinity of Ashton under
Lyne, SE. Lancashire.

Hey sham, par. and vil., N. Lancashire, on More-
cambe Bay, 5 miles SW. of Lancaster, 1774 ac., pop.
632 ; P.O. ; in vicinity are the seats of Heysham Hall,
Heyshain Lodge, and Heysham Tower; at Higii
Heysham are remains of an ancient chapel, the pro-
perty of the Stanleys.

Heyshott (or Ileyshed), par. and vil., W. Sussex, 2
miles SE. of Midhurst, 2184 ac., pop. 448.

Heyside.—eccl. dist. and vil., Prestwich par., SE.
Lancashire—dist., pop. 4053; vil., 2 miles N. of Old-
ham ; P.O.—2. Heyside, hamlet, in par. and 4 miles
SW. of Poulton-le-Fylde, N. Lancashire.

Heyteshnry.—hundred, S. AYilts, 33,040 ac., pop.
4532; contains 13 pars, and part of another. — 2.
Heytesbury, vil. with ry. sta., Heytesbury cum Tyther-
ington par., S. Wilts) on river AViley, 4 miles SE. of
Warminster; P.O., T.O.; has church of 13th century
and an hospital founded in 1470; was a pari. bor.
returning 2 members until 1832 ; at AY. side of vil. is
Heytesbury House, seat of Lord Heytesbury.

Heytesbury cum Tylherington, par., S. Wilts (con-
taining Heytesbury vil. and ry. sta.), 5030 ac., pop. 928.

Hcythrop and Dunthrop, par., NW. Oxfordshire,
3 miles NE. of Chipping Norton, 1689 ac., pop. 250;
contains the seat of Heythrop House, surrounded by
a finely wooded park.

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