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par., W. Essex, 5 miles SW. of Saffron Walden.—3.
Hill Green, vil., Stockbury par., mid. Kent, 4 miles
NE. of Maidstone.

Hill Grove, seat, W. Worcestershire, 44 miles SE.
of Kidderminster.

Hill Hall, seat, 2 miles SE. of Epping, W. Essex.
Hill Hooks, vil., in par. and near Sutton Coldfield,
N. Warwickshire.

Hill Honse.—seat, 5 miles SW. of Beading, Berks.
—2. Hill House, seat, 6 miles NE. of Barnard Castle,
S. Durham.—3. Hill House, seat, 44 miles SE. of
Wymondham, S. Norfolk.-—4. Hill House, seat, near
Southwell, S. Notts.—5. Hill House, seat, 4 m. NW.
Bridgwater, Somerset.—6. Hill House, seat, 24 miles
SW. of Woodbridge, E. Suffolk.—7. Hill House, seat,

4 miles SW. of Beigate sta., mid. Surrey.

Hill Horton, 24 miles SE. of Rugby, Warwickshire;
P.O. See

Hill Park, seat of Lord Nordbury, on W. border of
Kent, 1 mile E. of Westerham.

Hill Park House, seat, 2 miles SW. of Stroud, E.

HUl Kid ware, vil., Mavesyn Rid ware par., E. Staf-
fordshire, 4 miles E. of Rugeley; P.O.

Hill Side, ry. sta., 2 miles NE. of Montrose, NE.
Forfarshire. See

Hill Somersall, place, Sudbury par., S. Derbyshire,

5 miles E. of Uttoxeter.

Hill Top.—in co. and 6 miles NW. of Durham; P.O.
—2. Hill Top, seat, near Dilwyn, Herefordshire.—

3. Hill Top, place, in par. and near Eastwood, N.
Notts.—4. Hill Top, eccl. dist., West Bromwich par.,
E. Staffordshire, pop. 9816; P.O., T.O.—5. Hill Top,
hamlet, Martley par., W. AYorcestershire, 44 miles
NAY. of Knightswick.-—6. Hill Top, township, Wragby
par., E. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SAV. of
Pontefract, 242 ac., pop. 101.—7. Hill Top, hamlet,
in par. and near Bradford, N. div. AYest-Riding York-
shire.—8. Hill Top, hamlet, in par. and 2 miles NAV.
of Huddersfield, N. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire. —
9. Hill Top, hamlet, in par. and 4 miles W. of Rother-
ham, S. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire.—10. Ilill Top,
hamlet, Sandall Magna par., S. div. AYest-Riding York-
shire, near AVakefield.

Hill and Moor, township, in par. and 14 mile SAY.
of Fladbury, E. Worcestershire, pop. 337.

Hill of Alyth, eminence, in N. vicinity of Alyth,
E. Perthshire, alt. 966 ft.

Hill of Heath, mining vil., Beath par., SW. Fife, 4
mile NW. of Crossgates sta., pop. 352.

Hill of Blair, eminence, in NAY. vicinity of Blair-
gowrie, E. Perthshire, alt. 690 ft.

Hill of Down, ry. sta., SW. co. Meath, 14 miles SE.
of Mullingar; P.O.

Hill of Forss, in par. and 3 miles W. of Thurso,
Caithness; P.O. See

Hill of Keillor, vil., Newtyle par., SW. Forfarshire,
4 miles E. of Coupar Angus.

Hill upon Cot, hamlet, Bitterley par., S. Shropshire,
54 miles W. of Cleobury Mortimer.

Hillam, township, Monk Frystone par., E. div.
AYest-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles NE. of Pontefract,
1527 ac., pop. 327; contains the Tudor mansion of
Hillam Hall.

Hiiland, Cornwall. See Helland.

Hiliborongh, hamlet, Temple Grafton par., S.
AArarwickshire, 5 miles SAY. of Stratford-on-Avon.

Hillbridge, vil., in par. and 24 miles W. of Sheffield,
S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire.

nillbrook, vil., Chaddesley Corbett par., E. AYor-
cestershire, 5 miles SE. of Kidderminster.

Hillbrook, seat, 4 miles S. of Tinahely, co. AYicklow.
Hillbutts, vil., in par. and near Wimborne Minster,

Hillcote, hamlet, in par. and near Bakewell, N.
Derbyshire ; in vicinity is the seat of Hillcote Hall.

Hillden, vil., Blaris par., S. co. Antrim, near Lis-
burn, pop. 904.

Hillend.—vil., Inverkeithing and Dalgetty pars.,
S. Fifeshire, 1£ mile NE. of Inverkeithing; P.O.—2.
Hillend, vil., Shotts par., Lanarkshire, 5 miles NE. of
Airdrie ; in vicinity (partly also in New Monkland par.)
is Hillend Reservoir.

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