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Hollinwood, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta., Prest-
wich par., SE. Lancashire—dist., pop. 7149; vil., 1|
mile SW. of Oldham ;
P.O., T.o., 1 Bank.

Hollis Croft, eccl. dist., in par. and bor. of Shef-
field, S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, pop. 6121.

IIollops, place, Ewelme par., Oxfordshire, 3 miles
NE. of Wallingford.

Hollow Meadows, hamlet, Stannington par., S.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire, near border of Derbyshire,
6 miles W. of Sheffield.

Holloway.—-ry. sta. and N. district of London,
Islington par., Middlesex, within the pari. bor. of
Islington, pop. 47,924; the station is If mile NE. of
King’s Cross.—2. Holloway, vil., Ashover par., E.
Derbyshire, 3 miles NE. of Wirksworth;
P.O. — 3.
Holloway, suburb of Bath, E. Somerset;
P.O. — 4.
Holloway, place, 1J mile from Dorking sta., Surrey.

Holloway Cross, place, E. Cornwall, 4 miles SW.
of Launceston.

Holloway Down, S. Essex, 2 miles NE. of Strat-

Hollowell, or Holywell, township and hamlet,
Guilsborough par., S. Northamptonshire, on affluent of
river Nen, 3 miles W. of Brixworth, pop. 211.

Hollows, vil., in par. and 2 miles NW. of Canonbie,
SE. Dumfriesshire; in vicinity, on the Esk, is H. Tower,
ruined stronghold of Johnnie Armstrong of Gilnockie.

Hollow-wood, Renfrewshire. See Howwood.

Holly——. See also Holy .

Holly Bank, seat, l\m. E. of Yoxall, E. Staffordshire.

Holly Hall, place, Kingswinford par., S. Stafford-
shire, 2 miles W. of Dudley ;

Holly Hatch, place, Broomy par., S. Hants, in New

Holly mil.—place, in co. and 4 miles N. of Notting-
ham.—2. Holly Hill, seat, 5 miles SE. of East Grin-
stead, E. Sussex.

Holly Hill, seat, 3 m. NE. of Strabane, N. co. Tyrone.

Holly House, seat, 6 miles NW. of Bristol, AY.

Holly Lodge, seat of Baroness Burdett Coutts (born
1814), the philanthropist, Highgate, Middlesex.

Holly Park, 24 m. SAY. of Dundrum, S. co. Dublin.

Holly Spring, seat, 2 miles E. of Bracknell, Berks.

Hollyarth, hamlet, in SAV. of Yell island, Shetland,
near Ulsta.

Hollybrook.—seat, 1 mile SW. of Prospect ry. sta.,
N. King’s co.—2. Hollybrook, seat, 4 miles SW. of
Claremorris, SE. co. Mayo.—3. Hollybrook, seat, on
Lough Arrow, SE. co. Sligo, 6 miles N. of Boyle.—4.
Hollybrook, seat, 24 m. SAY. of Bray, NE. co. AYicklow.

Hollybusli, ry. sta., 3£ miles SE. of Tredegar, Mon-

Hollybush, seat and ry. sta., Dalrymple par., in
co. and 6£ miles SE. of Ayr;
P.O.; the house is in S.
vicinity of sta., on river Doon.

Hollybush Hall, seat, 4 miles NE. of Abbots Brom-
ley, Staffordshire.

Hollycouihc House, seat, 54 miles NAA7. of Mid-
hurst, W. Sussex.

Hollyford, in AY. of co. and 14 m. N. of Tipperary; p. o.

Holly fort, seat, 4 m. NW. of Gorey, co. AYexford; P.O.

Holly green, hamlet, Ripple par., W. AYorcester-
shire, 2£ miles N. of Upton-on-Severn.

Hollyhnrst, hamlet, in par. and near Whitchurch,
N. Shropshire.

Hollym, par. and township, East-Riding Yorkshire,
14 mile S. of Withernsea ry. sta.—par., 4768 ac. (in-
cluding part of Holmpton par.), pop. 622; township,
2119 ac., pop. 248.

Holly mount, school, Haslingden dist., Lancashire.

Hollymount, vil., Kilcommon par., S. co. Mayo, on
river Robe, 8' miles SAY. of Claremorris ry. sta., pop.
300 ;
P.O., T.O. Market-day, Saturday.

Hollyport, hamlet, Bray par., Berks, 24 miles S.
of Maidenhead.

Holly water, place, Headley par., N. Hants, 34
miles SE. of Alton.

Hollywood, hamlet, Norton par., E. Worcestershire,
6 miles S. of Birmingham; P.O.; in vicinity are large

Hollywood.—par., N. co. Dublin, 6 miles SW. of
Balbriggan, 3998 ac., pop. 429.—2. Hollywood, par.

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