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and hamlet, W. co. Wicklow, on river Liffey, 5 miles
NE. of Dunlavin, 18,383 ac., pop. 1435 ;

Hollywood House, seat, 3 miles NE. of Rathdrum,
E. co. Wicklow.

Hollywood Towers, seat, near Bristol, Gloucester.

Hollywoodrath, seat, in co. and 7 m. NW. of Dublin.

Holm.—par., in SE. of Mainland, Orkney, 8451 ac.,
pop. 1090; contains St Mary’s Holm, vil., on Holm
Sound, 6 miles SE. of Kirkwall;
P.O.; has a pier, and
fisheries of herring and cod; Holm Sound, between
Holm par. and Bressay island, is 14 mile broad.—2.
Holm, island, Stromness par., Orkney, pop. 8.—3.
Holm, hamlet, Lewis island, Outer Hebrides, in par.
and 2 miles SE. of Stornoway, on Holm Bay; adjacent,
on right side of entrance to Stornoway Harbour, is
Holm Point (Rhuda Thuilm); at mouth of Holm Bay
is Holm Island (Eilean Thuilm).

Holm Chase, seat, S. Devon; post-town, Ashburton.

Holm Lacy, par., vil., seat, and ry. sta. (Holm
Lacey), on river Wye, in co. and 4£ miles SE. of Here-
ford, 3192 ac., pop. 321;
P.O., called Holme Lacey.

Holm Mill, place, Harrietsham par., mid. Kent, 6
miles SE. of Maidstone.

Holm Rook, hamlet, 8 miles SE. of Egremont,
P.O., T.o. See Holmrook.

Holm Sand, sandbank, off Lowestoft, E. Suffolk.

Holm of1 Noss, small rocky islet, Bressay par., Shet-
land ; once connected with Noss island by a rope
cradle bridge. See Noss.

Holm of Papal, isl., Bressay par., Shetland, pop. 4.

Holmains Tower, ruin, Dalton par., in co. and 64m.
E. of Dumfries; the Holmains Hills are 800 ft. high.

Holiubridge, vil., 2 miles SW. of Holmfirth, S. div.
AVest-Riding Yorkshire ;
P.O. See Holmebridge.

Holm bury, eccl. dist., Abinger, Cranley, Ewhurst,
Ockham, and Shere pars., W. Surrey, pop. 544 ; con-
tains Holmbury Hill, with double-ditched camp of
9 ac., 8 miles SE. of Guildford.

Holmbnsh.—vil., St Austell par., E. Cornwall.—2.
Holmbush, seat, 2 miles SAY. of Cuckfield, E. Sussex.

Holmby House, seat of Viscount Clifden, Holdenby
(or Holmby) par., in co. and 64 miles NW. of North-
ampton ; was a fine Tudor mansion, built in the reign
of Elizabeth ; it became a royal palace under James I.;
was for a brief period, in 1647, the prison of Charles I.,
and was finally dismantled in 1652.

Holiucotc, hamlet, Selworthy par., E. Somerset, 4
miles AY. of Minehead.

Holme.—hamlet, in par. and 1 mile S. of Biggles-
wade, Bedfordshire.—2. Holme, hamlet, in par. and 3
miles NW. of Bakewell, N. Derbyshire ; in vicinity is
the seat of Holme Hall. See
Longstone, Great,
with Holme.
—3. Holme, township and vil. with ry.
sta., Glatton par., Huntingdonshire, 74miles g. of Peter-
borough, 4300 ac., pop. 629 ; P.O.—4. Holme, ry. sta.,
4 miles SE. of Burnley, NE. Lancashire.—5. Holme,
township, Bottesford par., N. Lincolnshire, 6 miles AY.
of Brigg, pop. 72.—6. Holme, on the Wash, AY. Nor-
folk, 3 miles NE. of Hunstanton sta.; P.O. See
next the Sea.
—7. Holme, hamlet, Horning par., S.
Norfolk, 9 miles NE. of Norwich.—
8. Holme, par. and
vil., S. Notts, on river Trent, 34 miles N. of Newark,
1330 ac., pop. 127.—9. Holme, township, (ry. sta.
Burton and Holme), in par. and 14 mile N. of
Burton-in-Kendal, AYestmorland, 1648 ac., pop. 779;
P.O.; contains the seat of Holme Park.—10. Holme,
hamlet, Bardsey par., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire,
4 miles SW. of Wetherby. — II. Holme, hamlet,
Owston par., E. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles
N. of Doncaster.—12. Holme, ry. sta., East-Riding
Yorkshire, 54 miles SW. of Market AVeighton. See
Holme upon Spalding Moor.—13. Holme, township,
Pickhill par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles AA7. of
Thirsk, 550 ac., pop. 51.-—14. Holme, township,
Almondbury par., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 9
miles SW. of Huddersfield, 1728 ac., pop. 678.—15.
Holme, stream, S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire ; rises
on Holme Edge, and flows NE. and N. to the Colne, in
vicinity of Lockwood.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1887. Public domain image from


Holm of . For other names preceded by Holm of,

see principal name. A holm is a meadow. The name is
applied to small, low, green islands, especially in Orkney.

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