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Holme, Abbey, township, Holme Cultram par., AV.
Cumberland, 5 m. NW. of Wigton, 5617 ac., pop. 938.

Holme, East, par., SE. Dorset, on river Frome, 2
miles SW. of Wareham, 1200 ac., pop. 89.

Holme, Low, township, Holme Cultram par., W.
Cumberland, on Solway Firth, 6160 ac. (19 water) and
3540 foreshore, pop. 2092.

Holme, North, township, Great Edstonepar., North-
Riding Yorkshire, on river Rye, 5 miles SAY. of Helms-
ley, 546 ac., pop. 11.

Holme, South, township, Hovingham par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 7 miles AY. of New Malton, 904 ac.,
pop. 84.

Holme, The, seat (ry. sta. Holme), 4 miles SE. of
Burnley, NE. Lancashire. See
Holme in Cliviger.

Holme, The, seat, Balmaclellan par., Kirkcudbright,
on Garpel Burn, 2 miles NE. of New Galloway.

Holme, West, tithing, East Stoke par., Dorset, 3
miles SW. of AYareham.

Holme Cnltram, par., AY. Cumberland, on river
Waver, 23,650 ac. (58 water) and 332 tidal water and
7513 foreshore, pop. 4230; contains Silloth.

Holme East Waver, township, Holme Cultram par.,
AY. Cumberland, on river AVaver, 5572 ac., 316 tidal
water and 1487 foreshore, pop. 452.

Holme Eden, eccl. dist., hamlet, and seat, AYetheral
and Hayton pars., E. Cumberland—dist., pop. 859;
hamlet, on river Eden, 5 miles W. of Carlisle.

Moline Edge (or Holme Moss), mountain, S. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 8 miles SAY. of Huddersfield,
alt. 1859 ft.

Holme End, hamlet, 4 miles SE. of Longnor, N.

Holme Fell, hill-ridge, on border of Yorkshire and
Westmorland, 2 miles S. of Sedbergh.

Holme Hale, par. and vil. with ry. sta., N. Norfolk,
5 miles SE. of Swaffham, 2601 ac., pop. 411;
P.O.; in
vicinity is the seat of Holme Hale Hall.

Holme Hall. — seat, 3 miles NE. of Patrington,
East-Riding Yorkshire.—2. Holme Hall, Derbyshire.

Holme Hill, seat, 2 miles N. of Hesket Newmarket,

Holme Honse, seat, 1 mile SAY. of Holme sta.,
East-Riding Yorkshire.

Holme Island, small island, on extreme SAY. verge
of AYestmorland, at mouth of Kent estuary, in More-
cambe Bay.

Holme Lacey, in co. and 4£ miles SE. of Hereford;
p.o. See Holm Lacy.

Holme Lane, hamlet, Holme Pierrepont par., in co.
and 4 miles SE. of Nottingham.

Holme Lodge, seat, 2 miles SE. of Holme sta.,
East-Riding Yorkshire.

Holme Moss. See Holme Edge.

Holme Fark.—seat of the Palmers, E. Berks, on
river Thames, 3 m. NE. of Reading.—2. Iloliac Fark,
seat, lg mile N. of Burton in Kendal, AYestmorland.

Holme Pierrepont, par., on river Trent, in co. and
44 miles SE. of Nottingham, 2120 ac., pop. 221; contains
Holme Pierrepont Hall, seat of Earl Manvers.

Holme liose House, seat, Croy par., NE. Inverness-
chire, on river Nairn, 3 miles S. of Fort George sta.

Holme St Cnthhert, coast township, Holme Cultram
>ar., W. Cumberland, 5 miles S. of Silloth, 6301 ac.
30 water) and 2483 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 748.

Holme in Cliviger, eccl. dist. (ry. sta. Holme),
Whalley par., NE. Lancashire, pop. 1952.

Holme next Runcton, par., W. Norfolk, 4 miles
NE. of Downham Market, 1096 ac., pop. 267.

Holme next the Sea, coast par. and vil., W. Nor-
folk, 74 miles NW. of Burnham AArestgate, 2512 ac.,
pop. 304.

Holme on the Wolds, township, Dalton Holme
par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 64 miles NAY. of Beverley,
1517 ac., pop. 164.

Holme upon Spalding Moor, par. and vil. (ry. sta.
Holme), East-Riding Yorkshire, 54 miles SAY. of Market
AVeighton, 11,514 ac., pop. 1893;
P.O., T.o.; contains
the seats of Holme House and Holme Lodge.

Holmebridge, eccl. dist. and vil., Almondbury par.,
S. div. AAtest-Riding Yorkshire—dist., pop. 2322; vil.,

8 m. SAY. of Huddersfield; P.O., called Holmbridge.

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