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Howden Clough, ry. sta., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 6 miles SE. of Bradford.

.Howden Dyke, vil., in par. and 2 miles from How-
den, East-Riding Yorkshire ;
P.O. ; has chemical works
and coal and timber trade.

Howden House, in par. and If mile W. of Mid
Calder, W. Edinburghshire.

Howden le Wear, vil., Witton le Wear par., S.
Durham, 4 miles NW. of Bishop Auckland ;

Howdens Hall, hamlet, Liberton par., Edinburgh.

Howdenskire, wapentake, East-Riding Yorkshire,
33,551 ac., pop. 8278 ; contains 3 pars.

Howdenskire Division, pari, div., East-Riding
Yorkshire, pop. 51,371.

Howdon Pans, eccl. dist., local govt, dist., and ry.
sta. (Howdon on Tyne), Wallsend par., Northumber-
land, 24 miles SW. of North Shields—eccl. dist., pop.
5622; local govt. dist. (Howdon), 16 ac., pop. 1099;

Howe . See also How .

Howe.—par., S. Norfolk, 6| miles SE. of Norwich,
757 ac., pop. 92.—2. Howe, township, Pickhill par.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles SW. of Thirsk, 401
ac., pop. 49.

Howe.—hamlet, Bower par., Caithness, 4 miles W.
of Keiss.—2. Howe, hamlet, Colveud par., Kirkcud-
bright, 6£ miles SE. of Dalbeattie.

Howe Bridge, eccl. dist., Leigh par., SE. Lancashire,
poii. 1945.

Howe Street, hamlet, Great Waltham par., W.
Essex, 54 miles N. of Chelmsford.

Howe1 of Angus, The. See Forfarshire.

Howe of Hearns, Tkc. See Kincardineshire.

Howell, par., S. Lincolnshire, 4| miles NE. of Slea-
ford, 1650 ac., pop. 89.

Howequoy Head, prom., in SW. of Holm par.,
Mainland, Orkney.

Howes Strand, fishing sta., 4 miles SE. of Kilbrittain,
S. co. Cork;

Howcy.—hamlet, Disserth and Trecoed par., Rad-
norshire, 54 miles N. of Builth ;
P.O.—2. Howey,
hamlet, in co. and vicinity of Pembroke.

Howfleld, place, Chartham par., E. Kent, near

Howford, vil., in co. and 2 miles S. of Nairn.

Howgatc, vil., in par. and 14 mile SE. of Penicuik,

Howgill.—eccl. dist. and hamlet, Sedbergh par., N.
div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire—dist., pop. 210 ; hamlet,
3 miles NAY. of Sedbergh.—2. Howgill, hamlet, Gis-
burn par., N. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, on branch of
river Ribble, 54 miles NE. of Clitheroe.

Howgill, vil., in par. and E. vicinity of Annan,

Howgrave, hamlet, Kirklington and Ripon pars., E.
div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles N. of Ripon. See
Nunwick with Howgrave.

Ho wick.—township, Penwortham par., N. Lanca-
shire, 24 miles SW. of Preston, 754 ac. (144 water),
pop. 62; contains the seat of Howick Hall. — 2.
Howick, township, Itton par., Monmouthshire, 2|
miles NW. of Chepstow, 642 ac., pop. 29.-3. How-
ick, coast par. and vil., N. Northumberland, 5 miles
NE. of Alnwick, 1638 ac., pop. 311; gives the title
of viscount to Earl Grey, whose seat, Howick Hall,
is in vicinity of vil.

Howick Grove, seat, in vicinity of Gainsborough,
N. Lincolnshire.

Howietoun Fishery, large fish-culture, on Loch
Coulter, in co. and 5 miles SAY. of Stirling.

Howie, hamlet, Chetwynd par., N. Shropshire, 4
miles NAV. of Newport.

Howietts, seat, 2 miles SE. of Canterbury, Kent.

Howley, tithing, in par. and near Warrington, SW.

Howley Hall, seat, Batley par., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles NE. of Dewsbury.

Howlish Hall, seat, 2 miles SE. of Bishop Auck-
land, S. Durham.

Howlsyke, hamlet, in par. and 14 mile NW. of
Glaisdale, North-Riding Yorkshire.

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