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Hoy Station, ry. sta., Caithness, 1 mile NAV. of
Georgemas Junction and 5| miles SE. of Thurso.

Hoy an«l Graemsay, par., Orkney, 15,813 ac., pop.
603; comprises Graemsay island and the N. part of
Hoy island.

Hoylakc, eccl. dist. and coast vil. with ry. sta.,
AVest Kirby par., AV. Cheshire, at entrance to river
Dee—dist., pop. 2519 ; vil., 6 miles AV. of Birkenhead;
P.O., T.O.; is situated at the extreme point of AArirral
peninsula, and is a pleasant watering-place, affording
excellent bathing, and possessing a racecourse and
links for golfing. Near the church are 2 lighthouses,
64 and 42 ft. high, each with fixed light (Hoylake) 55
and 31 ft. above high water and seen 13 and 11 miles.

Hoyland, vil. with ry. sta., AVath upon Dearne par.,
S. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, in the township of
Nether Hoyland, 74 miles SE. of Barnsley by rail;
P.O., t.o., 1 Bank. See Hoyland, Nether.

Hoyland, High, par. and township, S. div. AYest-
Riding Yorkshire, on an eminence, 54 miles SE. of
Barnsley—par., 3385 ac. (including part of Emley),
pop. 3438 ; township, 853 ac., pop. 232 ; has cotton and
worsted mills.

Hoyland, Nether, township (ry. sta. Hoyland),
AArath upon Dearne par., S. div. West-Riding York-
shire, 74 miles SE. of Barnsley, 2085 ac., pop. 9822;
P.O., T.o., called Hoyland; has extensive ironworks,
rolling-mills, and collieries.

Hoyland, Upper, hamlet, Wath upon Dearne par.,
S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 6 m. SE. of Barnsley.

Hoyland Common, 2 miles from Hoyland vil., S.
div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire; P.O.

Hoyland Lane End, hamlet, Wath upon Dearne
par., S. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, near Hoyland.

Hoyland Swainc, township, Silkstone par., S. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire, 54 miles SW. of Barnsley, 2024
ac., pop. 750; P.O.; is a local government district.

Hoyle Hank, East and West, 2 sandbanks, off the
coasts of Cheshire and Flint, at mouth of Dee estuary;
the E. bank runs out 44 miles NW. from the shore;
the W. bank is 7 miles long and 2 miles broad, and is
surrounded by water.

Hoyle Lake. See Hoylake.

Hoyle Mill, hamlet, Darfield par., S. div. West-
Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles E. of Barnsley; P.O.

Hoyles Month, curious cavern, S. Pembrokeshire, 2
miles AY. of Tenby; contains several apartments con-
nected by narrow passages.

Huhherholiue, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Arncliffe
par., N. div. AYest-Riding Yorkshire—dist., pop. 297;
hamlet, on river AVharfe, 134 miles NE. of Settle.

Hubberston, par. and vil., S. Pembrokeshire, on
creek of Milford Haven—par. (partly within Milford
bor.), 1274 ac. and 317 tidal water and foreshore, pop.
1817; pop. of burghal part, 1486; the vil. is 1 mile
W. of Milford.

Hubberts Bridge, ry. sta., S. Lincolnshire, 3J miles
W. of Boston ; P.O.

Hubblestone Point, small headland, N. Devon, in
Bideford Bay, at confluence of rivers Torridge and Taw.

Hubert Hall, seat, 14 mile SE. of Harlow sta.,

Mnby.—township, Sutton-on-the-Forest par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles SE. of Easingwold, 4658 ac.,
pop. 494; P.O.—2. Huby, hamlet with school, Hare-
wood par., E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles NE.
of Leeds.

Hucclecote, township and hamlet, Churchdown
par., E. Gloucestershire, on Ermine Street, 24 miles
SE. of Gloucester, pop. 453.

Huckaby, hamlet, Lidford par., S. Devon, 7 miles
NE. of Tavistock.

Hacking, par., mid. Kent, 2 miles N. of Holling-
bourn, 1205 ac., pop. 133.

Hucklow, Great and Little, 2 townships, Hope
par., N. Derbyshire, 24 and 2 miles NE. of Tideswell—
Great Hucklow, 1113 ac., pop. 173; Little Hucklow,
589 ac., pop. 175.

Hncknall, ry. sta., in co. and 84 miles NW. of
Nottingham. See
Hucknall Torkard.

Hncknall, Ault. See Ault Hucknall.

Hncknall Huthwaite, 5 miles SW. of Mansfield,
; p.o. See Hucknall under Huthwaite.

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