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Imogecly, par., co. Cork. See Mogeely.

Iinokilly, bar., SE. co. Cork, 93,878 ac., pop. 33,594.

Iinokilly Castle, ruin, on Castlemartyr demesne,
SE.' co. Cork, near Mogeely ry. sta.

Imp Stone, large stone, at boundary between Berks
and Hants, in vicinity of Silchester.

Iniplirick, par., N. co. Cork, on river Awbeg, 3
miles N. of Buttevant, 4111 ac., pop. 581.

Impington, par. and vil., in co. and 24 miles N. of
Cambridge, 1200 ac., pop. 398; in vicinity is the seat
of Impington Park.

Imswortli. See Emswobth.

Inagli.—(or Dysert), par. and hamlet, W. co. Clare,
on river Inagh, 9 miles NAY. of Ennis, 19,887 ac., pop.
P.O.—2. Inagh, mountain lough, Moyrus par.,
NAY. co. Galway; is 3 miles long.

Inaltcrle, place with vestiges of ancient edifice,
Deskford par., Banffshire, 24 miles S. of Cullen.

Ince.—par. and vil. with ry. sta., AY. Cheshire, 6
miles AY. of Frodsham by rail, 1739 ac., pop. 334;
P.O., T.o.; in vicinity is the seat of Ince Hall.—2.
Ince, ry. sta., in par. and 1£ mile SAY. of AYigan, SAY.
P.O., T.O. See Ince-in-Makeriteld.

Ince Blundell, township and seat, Sefton par., SAY.
Lancashire, 9 miles N. of Liverpool, 2316 ac., pop. 516.

Ince-in-Makerlield, township and ry. sta. (Ince),
AYigan par., SAY. Lancashire, if mile SAY. of AYigan,
2320 ac., pop. 16,007 ;
P.O., T.O., called Ince; has ex-
tensive coal mines, also ironworks and forges, cotton
mills, and railway waggon works; contains the seat of
Ince Hall.

Inch1 . See also Inis , Inish , Innis ,

and Insh .

Inch.—place with school, in par. and 24 miles SAY.
of Fettercairn, Kincardineshire.—2. Inch, coast par.,
NAY. AYigtownshire, 30,844 ac., pop. 3766; contains
part of the town of Stranraer; Sir John Ross (1777-
1856), the Arctic navigator, was a native.

Inch.—par., E. co. Cork, 5 miles SAY. of Cloyne,
3822 ac., pop. 1038.—2. Inch, par. and hamlet with
ry. sta. (Inch Road), NE. co. Donegal, 8 miles NAY. of
Londonderry, 3396 ac., pop. 533; P.O.; the par. includes
Inch Island, in Lough Swilly.—3. Inch, par., mid.
co. Down, on river Quoile, 2 miles N. of Downpatrick,
6509 ac., pop. 1442; has remains of a Cistercian abbey,
at Inniscourcy, in Lough Strangford.—4. Inch, or
Inclifbgarty, par., mid. co. Tipperary, 5 miles NAV.
of Thurles, 4889 ac., pop. 850; contains Inch Honse.
—5. Inch, par., S. co. AVexford, 6 miles AV. of Tagh-
mon, 1388 ac., pop. 262.—
6. Inch, hamlet, co. AVex-
ford, and par., partly also in co. AYicklow—par., 6802
ac., pop. llll; hamlet, 5 miles NE. of Gorey ; P.O.'

Inch, SI Lawrence, par., in mid. of co. and 7 miles
SE. of Limerick, 2203 ac., pop. 371.

Inch, The, peninsula, AY. co. Kerry, between Dingle
Bay and Castlemaine Harbour.

Inch Castle, ruin, 3 m. E. of Athy, S. co. Kildare.

Inch House, seat, Liberton par., in co. and SE.
vicinity of Edinburgh.

Inch House.—seat, Killarney, co. Kerry.—2. Inch
House, seat, 5 miles NAY. of Thurles, co. Tipperary.

Inch Island, in Lough Swilly, Donegal. See Inch.

Inch Road, ry. sta., NE. co. Donegal, 8 miles NAY.
of Londonderry. See Inch.

Inehaffray Abhey, fragmentary remains, in par.
and near Madderty sta., 6 miles E. of Crieff, Perth-
shire ; the Abbot of Inehaffray said mass for the Scot-
tish army at Bannockburn.

Inchaghann, island, in Kilkieran Bay, Killannin
par., AY. co. Galway, 28 ac., pop. 20.

Inchagoill, isl., in Lough Corrib, Cong par., co. Gal-
way, 80 ac., pop. 19 ; contains interesting church ruins.

Inchamakinna, island, in Lough Corrib, Kilcummin
par., co. Galway, 108 ac., pop. 8.

Inchard, Locli, arm of the sea, Eddrachillis par.,
NAY. Sutherland ; forms a fine natural harbour.

Inchbae Deer Forest, Ross and Cromarty, 21,070
ac.; Inchbae Lodge is 6 miles N. of Garve sta.

Inehbare, bamlet, Stracathro par., Forfarshire, on
the North Esk, 4 miles N. of Brechin;

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