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Island-Magee, par. and hamlet, SE. co. Antrim, 9
miles NE. of Carrickfergus, 7042 ac., pop. 2644 ;
the par. consists of the peninsula (6 miles by 14 mile)
between Lough Larne and the sea.

Islandmore.—island, in river Eoyle, Clonleigh par.,
E. co. Donegal, 149 ac., pop. 9.—2. Islandmore,
island, in Lough Strangford, Killinchy par., E. co.
Down, 122 ac., pop. 5.—3. Islandmore, island, in
Clew Bay, W. co. Mayo, 5 miles SW. of Newport.

Islands, bar., mid. co. Clare, 63,592 ac., pop. 16,994.

Islandshire, ward, Northumberland, 28,444 ac.,
pop. 3875; contains the Fern Islands, 3 pars., and parts
of 2 others; formed at one time a detached part of
Durham county.

Islay, island, Argyllshire, 13 miles AY. of Kintyre
and on S. side of Sound of Islay, by which it is sepa-
rated from Jura; greatest length, 25 miles; greatest
breadth, 19 miles; area, 150,355 ac.; pop. 7559;
(at Bowmore, Bridgend, Port Ellen, Portaskaig);
2 Banks (at Bridgend and Port Ellen). Islay is the
most southern and, except Skye, the largest island of
the Inner Hebrides. Loch-in-Daal, on the S., and
Loch Gruinnard, on the N., convert the W. portion
into a great peninsula; the coast is generally low; the
interior is not mountainous. A considerable portion of
the surface is occupied by peat; nevertheless, Islay is
the richest and most productive island of the Hebrides.
Agriculture has of late years made vast progress, and
great attention is given to dairy farming and the rear-
ing of cattle and sheep. The farms are generally large.
The only industry not connected with the land is dis-
tilling. There are 9 distilleries. There is regular
steamboat communication with Glasgow. There are
harbours, with quay or pier, at Portaskaig, Sound of
Islay; Port Ellen, SE. coast; Bowmore and Port Char-
lotte, Loch-in-Daal; and Portnahaven, SW. coast of
island, near Rhynns Point. There are lighthouses on
Rudha Mhail, N. point of island; Macarthur Head, S.
end of Islay Sound ; Oversay island, Rhynns of Islay;
Dun Point, Port Charlotte; and Carraig Fada Point,
Port Ellen. The island is divided into the 3 pars, of
Killarrow and Killmeny, Kilchoman, and Kildalton.
Islay was long in possession of the Scandinavians; it
became the principal residence of the Macdonalds, Lords
of the Isles; and it passed, early in the 17th century,
to the Campbells.

Islay, Mull of (or Mull na Ho), promontory, S. ex-
tremity of Islay island, Argyllshire.

Islay, Rhynns of, SW. part of Islay isl., Argyllshire.

Islay, Sound of, between Islay and Jura islands,
Argyllshire; is 14 miles long, SE. and NW., and from
6 m. to 4 m. broad, and is swept by rapid tidal currents.

Islay House, ancient seat of the Campbells of Islay,
at head of Loch-in-Daal, Islay isl., Argyll, nr. Bridgend.

Isle, The.—seat, 3 miles NW. of Shrewsbury, Shrop-
shire.—2. Isle, The, river, Somerset; rises near Chard,
and flows 15 m. NE. to the Parret 2 m. above Langport.

Isle Abbotts. See Ile Abbotts.

Isle Brewers. See Ile Brewers.

Isle* Maree. See Eilean Maree.

Isle Martin, island, in Locb Broom, Lochbroom
par., NW. Ross and Cromarty, 44 miles NW. of Ulla-
pool, pop. 42 ; is a fishing station.

Isle Ornsay.—island and vil., Sleat par., Skye
island, Inverness-shire—vil. (Isleornsay), with pier and
excellent natural harbour, 9 miles SE. of Broadford;
P.O., t.o. ; island, at entrance to harbour, pop. 47 ; on
a small island off SE. coast of Isle Ornsay is a light-
house 63 ft. high, with a fixed light (Ornsay or Oronsay)
58 ft. above high water and seen 13 miles.—2. Isle
Ornsay, island, off N. coast of North Uist island,
Outer Hebrides, Inverness-shire.

Isle Toll, Kirkmahoe par., Dumfriesshire, 2 miles
SE. of Auldgirth;
P.O.; in vicinity is Isle Tower, seat.

Isle de Marchands, another name of Brechou,
Channel Islands.

Isle du Ras, small sandstone island, off Alderney,
Channel Islands, connected by a causeway with the N.
side of Longy Bay; on it is a fort.

Isle of Hogs. See Dogs, Isle of.

Isle of Man. See Man, Isle of.

Isle of Thanet Division, The, parliamentary divi-
sion of Kent, pop. 53,667.

Isle of Whithorn, seaport vil. with pier, in par. and
3| miles SE. of Whithorn, SE. Wigtownshire, pop. 352;
P.O., T.o.; stands upon what was once a rocky islet,
and has a well-sheltered harbour; at Isle of Whithorn
are the ruins of a very ancient church.

Isle of Wight. See Wight, Isle of.

Islebeck, Yorkshire. See Bagby with Islebeck.

Isleham, par. and vil., Cambridgeshire, 74 miles N.
of Newmarket ry. sta., 5211 ac., pop. 1697;

Islehainpstead, another name of Chenies, Bucks.

Isleornsay, vil., Skye island. See Isle Ornsay.

Isles of the Sea, or Garvelloch Isles : which see.

Isleworth. — hundred, Middlesex, 9381 ac., pop.
35,206; contains 3 pars.—2. Isleworth, par. and
vil. with ry. sta., Middlesex, on river Thames—par.
(containing part of Hounslow), 3143 ac., pop. 12,973;
vil., 12 miles SW. of London;
P.O., T.O.; produces
large quantities of fruit, and has flour mills, cement
mills, breweries, and perfumery works.

Isleworth, Old, vil., Isleworth par., Middlesex,
near Isleworth sta.;
P.O., T.o.

Isley Walton, township, Kegworth par., on NW.
border of Leicestershire, 2 miles NAY. of Castle Don-
nington, pop. 26.

Islington, pari. bor. and par. withry. sta., Middle-
sex, in N. of London, 24 miles N. of St Paul’s, 3107 ac.,
pop. 282,865. Market-days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday ; was a country vil. at the beginning of the
19th century ; the Agricultural Hall, the largest build-
ing of the kind in London (capable of holding 50,000
people), is situated in the par. Islington returns 4
members to pari. (4 divisions—namely, North, West,
East, and South—1 member for each division); it was
made a pari. bor. in 1885.

Islington Hall, seat, Tilney cum Islington par.,
Norfolk, 4 miles SW. of Kings Lynn.

Islip.—par. and vil., Northamptonshire, in NW.
vicinity of Thrapston, 1370 ac., pop. 571;
P.O.; has
matting mfrs.—2. Islip, par. and vil. with ry. sta.,
Oxfordshire, on river Ray, 6 miles N. of Oxford by
rail, 1978 ac., pop. 600;
P.O.; the birthplace of Edward
the Confessor.

Islivig, place with school, Uig par., Ross-shire, on
W. coast of Lewis island, Outer Hebrides.

Ismere, hamlet, Churchill near Stourbridge par., in
N. of Worcestershire, 3 miles NE. of Kidderminster; in
vicinity is the seat of Ismere Honse.

Ismorlais, hamlet, Llannon par., Carmarthenshire,
54 miles N. of Llanelly.

Ison Green, Nottingham. See Hyson Green.

Issayndre, township, Uanbadarnfawr par., Car-
diganshire, partly in bor. of Aberystwith, pop. 563.

Isslngton, hamlet, Binstead par., in NE. of Hants,
on river Wey, 4 miles NE. of Alton.

Isycoed, eccl. dist., Holt par., Denbighshire, 4| miles
E. of Wrexham sta., pop. 441.

Isygarreg, township, Machynlleth par., Montgomery-
shire, 4 miles NE. and partly in bor. of Machynlleth,
pop. 397.

Itchel Manor, seat, 4 miles NW. of Farnham, Hants.

Itchen.—vil., St Mary Extra par., Hants, at mouth
of river Itching, 1 mile E. of Southampton;
Itchen, river, AYarwickshire ; flows N. to the Learn at
Marton, 6 miles NE. of Leamington.

Itchen Ferry, near Itchen, Hants; P.O.

Itchen Stoke, par. and vil., Hants, on river Itching,
2 miles NW. of Alresford, 3035 ac., pop. 314.

Itchenor, West, par. and vil., Sussex,on Chichester
Harbour, 6 miles SAY. of Chichester, 545 ac., pop. 154.

Itchin Ahbas, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Hants,
on river Itching, 34 miles NW. of Alresford, 2165 ac.,
pop. 244;

Itching, river, Hants; rises near Alresford, flows
W. to Kingsworthy, and thence SW. to head of South-
ampton AYater; is 25 miles long, and is navigable 13
miles to AYinchester.

Itchlngfield, par. and vil., Sussex, 4 miles SAY. of
Horsham, 2519 ac., pop. 434.

Itchingswell (or Ecchinswell), par. and vil.,
Hants, 2 m. NW. of Kingsclere, 2349ac., pop. 445;

* Isle-and Isle of-. For names prefixed by Isle or

Isle of, and not found under Isle or Isle of, see principal name.

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