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Kilbeggan, town and par., S. co. AVestmeath, on
river Brosna and near a branch of the Grand Canal,
4 miles SE. of Horseleap ry. sta.—par., 6089 ac., pop.
1758; town, pop. 1033; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank. Market-
Saturday. It has a good market for eggs, butter,
and poultry; and there are extensive corn and flour
mills. Kilbeggan has a distillery.

Kilbegnet, par., N. co. Galway, 4 miles S. of Dun-
amon ry. sta., 10,865 ac., pop. 1933.

Kilbeheny, par. and hamlet, SE. co. Limerick, on
river Eunshion, 13 miles SE. of Caher, 15,376 ac., pop.
1923; P.O.

Kilbelfad, par., N. co. Mayo, on river Moy and
Lough Conn, 4 m. SAV. of Ballina, 7260 ac., pop. 2229.

Kilbennan, par., N. co. Galway, 3 miles NAV. of
Tuam, 7656 ac., pop. 1654.

Kilberry, hamlet and seat, Kilealmonell and Kil-
berrypar., Argyllshire, on AV. coast of Knapdale, 16
miles SAV. of Tarbert on Loch Fyne; P.O.

Kllberry.—par. and hamlet, SAV. co. Kildare, on
river Barrow, 4 miles NAV. of Athy, 10,539 ac., pop.
943; P.O. — 2. Kllberry, par. and hamlet, N. co.
Meath, on river Yellow, 4 miles N. of Navan, 4818 ac.,
pop. 941.

Kilblrnie, town and par. with ry. sta.; N. Ayrshire
—par., 10,335 ac., pop. 5243; town, on river Garnock,
3 miles NE. of Dairy and 20 SAV. of Glasgow, pop.
3405; P.O., T.O., 1 Bank; has flax-spinning mills,
linen-thread mills, wincey factories, fishing-net fac-
tories, rope-works, and engineering works, and in the
neighbourhood are mines and ironworks. In the church-
yard is the monument, with effigies, of Captain Thomas
Crawford of Jordanhill, who captured Dumbarton Castle
in 1571. Kilblrnie Castle, with tower of 13th or 14th
century, was an ancient seat of the Earls of Crawford;
it was accidentally burned in 1757. On E. border of
par. is Kilbirnie Loch.

Kilbixy, par., AV. co. AVestmeath, 6 miles NAV. of
Mullingar, 6331 ac., pop. 1117; contains Ballynacarrigy.

Kilblane.—ancient par., now in Southend par.,
Kintyre, Argyllshire.—2. Kilblane, ancient chapelry,
Kirkmahoe par., Dumfriesshire.

Kilbolane, par., cos. Cork and Limerick, 8 miles AV.
of Charleville, 10,014 ac., pop. 1553; contains Milford.

Kilbonane.—par., mid. co. Cork, 6 miles NAV. of
Bandon, 4709 ac., pop. 857.—2. Kilbonane, par., mid.
co. Kerry, on river Laune, 3 miles NE. of Milltown,
8668 ac., pop. 1881.

Kilbournc, township and vil. with ry. sta. (Kilburn),
Horsley par., in co. and 7£ miles NE. of Derby, 927 ac.,
pop. 1457; P.O., T.O., called Kilbnrn; has large col-
lieries ; in vicinity is the seat of Kilbourne Hall.

Kilbowie, ry. sta., Old Kilpatrick par., Dumbarton-
shire, 8| miles NAV. of Glasgow.

Kilboy, seat, 4 m. S. of Nenagh, N. co. Tipperary.

Kilbrack, seat, 5 miles E. of Buttevant, N. co. Cork.

Kilbracken, par., co. Kildare. See Ballybrackan.

Kilbradran, par., AV. co. Limerick, on river Deel, 3
miles NAV. of Rathkeale, 2901 ac., pop. 467.

Kilbragb, par., S. co. Tipperary, 4 miles NAV. of
Fethard, 1099 ac., pop. 85.

Kilbrandon an<& Kilchattan, par., Lorne dist.,
Argyllshire, 13,385 ac., pop. 1767 ; contains (besides a
section of the mainland) the islands of Easdale, Luing,
Seil, Shuna, Torsay, and Inis Capel or Sheep Island.

Kilbrannan Sound, between Kintyre peninsula and
Arran island, Firth of Clyde.

Kilbreedy Major, par., S. co. Limerick, 2 miles
SAV. of Kilmallock, 3384 ac. pop. 690.

Kilbreedy Minor, par., S. co. Limerick, near Kil-
breedy Major, 2110 ac., pop. 204.

Kilbrew, par., SE. co. Meath, 5 miles NE. of
Drumree ry. sta., 2530 ac., pop. 154.

Kilbricken,near Mountrathry. sta.,Queen’s co.; P.O.

Kilbride.—par., in E. of Arran island, Buteshire,
38,985 ac., pop. 2176; contains Lamlash. — 2. Kil-
bride, hamlet, on S. coast of South Uist island, Outer
Hebrides, Inverness-shire; P.O.—3. Kilbride, place,
Strath par., Skye island, Inverness-shire, 4 miles SAV.
of Broadford.—4. Kilbride, ancient chapelry, Kirk-
mabreck par., Kirkcudbright.—5. Kilbride, par.,
Argyllshire, now united to Kilmore. See KlLMORE
and Kilbride.




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