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Kllcllef, par. and hamlet, S. co. Down, on W. side
of entrance to Lough Strangford, 8 miles E. of Down-
patrick, 2427 ac., pop. 629; P.O.; contains the ruins of
Kllcllef Castle.

Ktlclogher, or Kennet Court, seat, co. Galway;
post-town, Athenry.

Kilclonagh, par., mid. co. Tipperary, 4 miles N. of
Thurles, 758 ac., pop. 41.

Kilclone, par., S. co. Meath, 3 miles NE. of Kilcock,
2717 ac., pop. 129.

Kilclonfert, par., N. King’s co., near Grand Canal,
2 miles NAY. of Philipstown, 10,266 ac., pop. 907.

Kilclooney.—par., mid. co. Armagh, 12,833 ac., pop.
4299; contains part of Markethill.—2. Kilclooney, par.
and seat, E. co. Galway, on river Suck, 7289 ac., pop.
4494; contains Ballinasloe.

Kllcoan, par., SE. co. Kilkenny, 5 miles E. of
Mullinavat, 1583 ac., pop. 268.

Kilcock, market town and par. with ry. sta., N. co.
Kildare, on river Rye and Royal Canal, 18 miles NW.
of Dublin—par., 4058 ac., pop. 1170; town, pop. 721;
P.O., T.o. Market-day,

Kileockan, par., SW. co. AVaterford, on river
Blackwater, 6 miles S. of Cappoquin, 4537 ac., pop. 828.

Kllcoe, par., SAV. co. Cork, on Roaring Water Bay,
near Ballydehob, 5272 ac., pop. 1045.

Kilcogy, hamlet, S. co. Cavan, 3 miles N. of Bally-
willan ry. sta.; P.O.

Kilcolagh, par., NW. co. Roscommon, 6 miles S. of
Boyle, 7217 ac., pop. 1861.

Kllcolgan, par. and hamlet, S. co. Galway, near
Galway Bay, 6 miles SE. of Oranmore, 5548 ac., pop.
429; P.O.

Kllcoliuan.—par., mid. co. Kerry, on river Maine,
7751 ac., pop. 2444; contains Milltown, in vicinity of
which is the seat of Kllcolman Abbey.—2. Kilcol-
iiian, par., SW. King’s co., on river Little Brosna, 4
miles S. of Parsonstown, 8202 ac., pop. 1065.—3. Kil-
colnian, par. and hamlet, NAY. co. Limerick, 3 miles
N. of Ardagh, 2761 ac., pop. 386; P.O.—4. Kllcolman,
par., S. co. Mayo, 23,739 ac., pop. 7289; contains Clare-
morris.—5. Kllcolman, par., cos. Mayo, Roscommon,
and Sligo, on river Lung, 17,026 ac., pop. 6168; con-
tains Ballaghaderreen.

Kllcolman Castle, ruin, 3 miles NE. of Butte-
vant, N. co. Cork, on the “ gentle Mulla;” was the
residence (1587-1598) of the poet Spenser.

Kilcolmanbane, par., mid. Queen’s co., 2 miles
SE. of Maryborough, 3692 ac., pop. 482.

KUcolmanbrack, par., mid. Queen’s co., 5 miles
SE. of Maryborough, 905 ac., pop. 32.

Kilcolmkill.—ancient par., Morvern par., Argyll-
shire.—2. Kilcolmkill (contracted Keil), ancient par.,
Southend par., Argyllshire. See

Kilcolmkill House, Sutherland. See Kilcalmkill.

Klleoltrlm, seat, near Borris, S. co. Carlow.

Kilcolumb, par., SW. co. Kilkenny, on river Bar-
row, 4 miles NE. of Waterford, 8274 ac., pop. 1183.

Kilcomb, par., N. co. Wexford, on river Bann, 6
miles SW. of Gorey, 5441 ac., pop. 617.

Kllcomenty, par., W. co. Tipperary, 2 miles N. of
Newport, 6892 ac., pop. 1176.

Kilcomln, par., S. King’s co., on river Brosna, 4
miles NE. of Cloghjordan, 3583 ac., pop. 653.

Kilcommadan Hill, in NE. vicinity of Aughrim,
E. co. Galway; the position taken up by General St
Ruth at the battle of Aughrim in 1691.

Kllcommock, par., mid. co. Longford, on Royal
Canal, 11,870 ac., pop. 1537; contains Keenagh.

Kilcommon. — par., NAY. co. Mayo, 200,959 ac.,
pop. 13,286; contains Belmullet.—2. Kilcommon,
par., S. co. Mayo, 17,395 ac., pop. 3774; contains Holy-
mount.—3. Kilcommon, 11 miles from Borrisoleigh,
N. co. Tipperary
; P.O.—4. Kilcommon, par., mid. co.
Wicklow, near Rathdrum, 4807 ac., pop. 365.—5. Kil-
common, par., S. co. Wicklow, 11,209 ac., pop. 1904;
contains Tinahely.

Kilconduflf, par., NE. co. Mayo, on river Moy,
16,522 ac., pop. 8172; contains Swineford.

Kilconlckny, par., S. co. Galway, 3 miles NW. of
Loughrea, 8352 ac., pop. 1022.

Kilconierin, par., S. co. Galway, 4 miles NW. of
Loughrea, 5476 ac., pop. 616.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1887. Public domain image from

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