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Killimordaly, par., mid. co. Galway, 7 miles E. of
Athenry, 10,211 ac., pop. 1028.

Killiinstcr, Caithness. See Kilminster.

Killin, par. and vil., Perthshire—par., 96,926 ac.,
pop. 1277; vil., at the confluence of the Dochart and.
the Lochay, near head of Loch Tay, 21 miles N. of
Callander and 23 miles SW. of Aberfeldy by rail, pop.
473; P.O., T.O., 2 Banks; has some small industries,
and is a seat of local trade and a centre for tourists.
Killin (or Kil Fin) signifies the “burial-place of Fingal,”
whose supposed grave is marked by a stone in a field to
the N. of the vil. A wooded island in the Dochart is
the burying-place of the Macnabs, a clan which once
owned all the surrounding country.

Killin, Loch, Boleskine and Abertarff par., Inver-

Killinnboy, par., N. co. Clare, 17,967 ac., pop.
2113; contains Corrofin.

Killinagli, par., NAV. co. Cavan, on Longh Mac-
nean, near Belcoo, 23,934 ac., pop. 4797.

Killinan, par., S. co. Galway, 7 miles SAV. of
Loughrea, 5760 ac., pop. 258.

Killinane.—par., AV. co. Carlow, on river Barrow,
near Bagenalstown, 2254 ac., pop. 374.—2. Killinane,
par., SAV. co. Kerry, on Dingle Bay, 5 miles NE. of
Cahersiveen, 26,868 ac., pop. 2558.

Killinardrisli, hamlet, 4 miles E. of Macroom, mid.
co. Cork, on river Lee ; P.O.

Killinearrig, hamlet, near Greystones ry. sta., NE.
co. Wicklow.

Killinclsy, par. and vil., N. co. Down, on Lough
Strangford, 6 miles E. of Saintfield ry. sta., 13,868 ac.,
pop. 4189; P.O., 1 Bank.

Killincoole, par., in co. and 2 miles SE. of Louth,
1396 ac., pop. 361.

Killincooly, par., E. co. AVexford, 11 miles E. of
Enniscorthy, 4430 ac., pop. 760.

Kiilincen, par., co. Galway. See Killeeneen.

Killiness Point, headland, on E. side of Kirkmaiden
par., AVigtownshire, 3 miles N. of Mull of Galloway.

Killiney.—par. and ry. sta., SE. co. Dublin, on Kil-
liney Bay, 2 miles SE. of Kingstown, 1334 ac., pop.
1586; P.O., T.O.—2. Killiney, par., AV. co. Kerry, on
Tralee Bay, 11 m. NE. of Dingle, 14,653 ac., pop. 2635.

Killiney and Ballybrack, township, Kill and Kil-
liney jiars., SE. co. Dublin, 1017 ac., pop. 2607.

Killing Pits, site of ancient British vil., North-
Riding Yorkshire, 9J miles SW. of Whitby.

Killingkall, township, in par. and 1 m. S. of Ripley,
E. div. West-Riding Yorkshire, 3515 ac., pop. 678; P.O.

Killingkolme, par., Lincolnshire, 7225ac., pop. 774;
P.O.; comprises the townships and vils. of North Kil-
lingholine, 9g miles NW. of Grimsby, pop. 225, and
South Killingholme, 8g miles NW. of Grimsby, pop.
549; at South Killingholme is a lighthouse 77 ft. high,
with 3 fixed lights (Killingholm) 68, 37, and 35 ft. above
high water, and seen 11 miles.

KillingnoMe Scar, hill range, North-Riding York-
shire, 8 miles NE. of Pickering.

Killington.—eccl. dist., Kirkby Lonsdale par., AVest-
morland, pop. 248; contains Killington Hall, seat,
7 miles N. of Kirkby Lonsdale.—2. Killington, Devon.

Killingwold Grove, hamlet, Bishop Burton par.,
East-Riding Yorkshire, 4J miles SAV. of Beverley.

Killingworth, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta.,
Longbenton par., Northumberland—dist., pop. 4822;
vil., 6 miles NE. of Newcastle ; P.O. ; was the scene of
the early labours of George Stephenson, the engineer ;
extensive coal mines are in the district.

Killinick, par. and hamlet, in co. and 7 miles S. of
Wexford, 1283 ac., pop. 370 ; P.O.

Killinkerc, par. and hamlet, mid co. Cavan, 5 miles
N. of Virginia, 15,958 ac., pop. 4631; P.O.

Killinny, par., S. co. Galway, 6 miles NAV. of Gort,
6117 ac., pop. 565.

Killinvoy, par., in co. and 6 miles SE. of Roscom-
mon, 5642 ac., pop. 964.

Killiow, seat, 25 miles SAV. of Truro, Cornwall.

Killisport, Loch. See Caolisport.

Killisliy, par., co. Kildare. See Killashee.

Killisk, par., E. co. AVexford, 6 miles SE. of Ennis
corthy, 4037 ac., pop. 619.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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