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Kilmacanoge, par. and hamlet, N. co. Wicklow, 3
miles SW. of Bray, 5401 ac., pop. 1236;
P.O., called

Kllmacar, par., N. co. Kilkenny, 2 miles SW. of
Castlecomer, 4815 ac., pop. 863.

Kilmacart, seat, near Hacketstown, NE. co. Carlow.

Kilmacdonogh, coast par., E. co. Cork, 5 miles SW.
of Youghal, 6242 ac., pop. 1795.

Kilmacdiiagli, par., S. co. Galway, 8804 ac., pop.
1580; contains part of Gort. The diocese of Kilmac-
duagh is now joined to Killaloe.

Kiluiacduane, par., W. co. Clare, 5 miles N. of Kil-
rush, 16,867 ac., pop. 4100.

Kilmackevogc, Kilkenny. See Kilmakevoge.

Kilmnclasscr, par., W. co. Mayo, 3 miles NE. of
Westport, 6865 ac., pop. 1312.

Kilniacleague, par., inco. and 5 miles SE. of Water-
ford, 3462 ac., pop. 402.

Kilmacleninc, par., N. co. Cork, 5 miles NW. of
Mallow, 1042 ac., pop. 134.

Kllinacncvan, par., NW. co. Westmeath, on Royal
Canal and river Inny, 9 miles NW. of Mullingar, 5017
ac., pop. 857.

Kilmacoe, seat, in co. and 6 miles NE. of Wexford.

Kilmacomb, par., in co. and 6 miles SW. of Water-
ford, 2400 ac., pop. 393.

Kilmacomoge, par., co. Cork. See Kilmocomoge.

Kilmacow, par. and vil. with ry. sta., S. co. Kil-
kenny, on river Blackwater, 6 miles NW. of Waterford
—par., 4445 ac., pop. 1462 ; vil., pop. 184 ;

Kiimacowcn, par., in co. and 2 miles SW. of Sligo,
on Ballysadare Harbour, 3543 ac., pop. 1002.

Kilmacredock, par., N. co. Kildare, 2 miles N. of
Celbridge, 479 ac., pop. 8.

Kilmacrec, par., in co. and 5 miles S. of Wexford,
1112 ac., pop. 171.

Kilmacrchy, coast par., NW. Clare, 4 miles NW. of
Ennistimon, 7403 ac., pop. 2244.

Kilinacrenan.—bar., N. co. Donegal, 310,385 ac.,
pop. 50,707.—2. Kilinacrenan, par. and vil., N. co.
Donegal, 7 miles NW. of Letterkenny—par., 35,580
ac., pop. 5795; vil., pop. 119;
P.O., called Kilma-
crennan, 1 Bank.

Kilmacskalgan, par., AV. co. Sligo, 5 miles SE. of
Easky, 25,984 ac., pop. 2873.

Kilmacsimon, 4 miles from Innishannon, S. co.
Cork ;

Kilinactalway, par., in co. and 7 miles SW. of
Dublin, 2502 ac., pop. 257.

Kilmacteige, par., SW. co. Sligo, on river Moy,
32,362 ac., pop. 6043 ; contains Aclare.

Kilniactliomas, small town with ry. sta., in co. and
14 miles SW. of Waterford, pop. 585;
P.O., T.O.

Kilmactranny, par., SE. co. Sligo, 3 miles NE. of
Ballinafad, 12,379 ac., pop. 2450.

Kilmacnd, par., in co. and 4 miles SE. of Dublin,
284 ac., pop. 80.

Kilinacumsy, par., N. co. Roscommon, Smiles NW.
of Elphin, 5454 ac., pop. 1314.

Kilmndan, Argyllshire. See Kilmodan.

Kilniademoge, par., N. co. Kilkenny, 4 miles SE. of
Ballyragget ry. sta., 1726 ac., pop. 298.

Kilmadock, par., S. Perthshire, on river Teith,
24,521 ac., pop. 3012 ; contains Doune.

Kilmadum, par., N. co. Kilkenny, 5 miles S. of
Castlecomer, 3424 ac., pop. 488.

Kilmaganny, par. and vil., in co. and 13 miles S. of
Kilkenny—par., 7454 ac., pop. 1046; vil., pop. 326;
P.O., called Kilmoganny.

Kilmakew Castle, seat, in par. and 1 mile N. of
Cardross sta., Dumbartonshire; in vicinity is an old
ruined castle of the Napiers.

Kilmahog, vil., on river Leny, in par. and 1 mile
NW. of Callander, SW. Perthshire.

Kilmakon, par., E. co. Cork, 4 miles SE. of Cloyne,
2849 ac., pop. 817.

Kilmahuddrick, par., in co. and 6 miles W. of
Dublin, 181 ac., pop. 7.

Kilmailing, part of Old Cathcart, Cathcart par.,
Lanarkshire, pop. 277. See

Kilmaine.—bar., S. co. Mayo, 95,284 ac., pop.
21,567.—2. Kilmaine, vil., Kilmainemore par., S. co.
Mayo, 6 miles S. of Holy mount, pop. 215 ;

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