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—3. Kilmurry (or Kilmnrry-Ibrickan), coast par.
and hamlet, AV. co. Clare, 5 miles S. of Milltown Malbay,
25,526ac.,pop. 5833; P.O., called Kilmurry-i-Brickcn.
—4. Kilmurry, par., mid. co. Cork, 5 miles SE. of
Macroom, 9108 ac., pop. 1707.—5. Kilmurry, seat, 2
miles NE. of Thomastown, E. co. Kilkenny.—6. Kil-
murry, par., in co. and 2 miles E. of Limerick, on river
Shannon, 3504 ac., pop. 811.—7. Kilmurry, par., SE.
co. Tipperary, 3 miles NAV. of Carrick-on-Suir, 7275
ac., pop. 1041.

Kilmurryely, par., S. King’s co., 2 miles NW. of
Shinrone, 5385 ac., pop. 545.

Kilinurry-i-Bricken, 5 miles S. of Milltown Mal-
bay, AV. co. Clare ; P.O. See

Kilmnrry-M‘Mahon, 4 miles W. of Killadysert, S.
co. Clare; P.O. See

Kilnmrvy, vil., Inishmore isl., co. Galway, pop. 124.

Kilmux House and Kilmux Colliery, Scoonie par.,
Fife, 2 miles NE. of Kennoway.

Kiln Green, vil., AVargrave par., Berks, 2J miles
NE. of Twyford ry sta.; P.O.

Kilna (Somerset) or Culbone : which see.

Kilnacrott, seat, 2 miles N. of Mountnugent, S.
co. Cavan.

Kilnaglory, par., in co. and 6 miles SW. of Cork,
3941 ac., pop. 523.

Kilnagros, school, Kiltoghert par., co. Leitrim.

Kilnagross, par., S. co. Cork, 2 miles NE. of Clona-
kilty, 3764 ac., pop. 807.

Kilnahard, seat, on Lough Sheelin, S. co. Cavan, 4
miles NW. of Ballywillan ry. sta.

Kilnakue, par., N. co. Wexford, 3 miles NW. of
Gorey, 15,360 ac., pop. 1661.

Kilnaleck, vil., Crosserlough par., S. co. Cavan, 9
miles NAV. of Oldcastle ry. sta., pop. 339; P.O., 1
Bank. Market-day,

Kilnamanagh.—par., SW. co. Cork, on Bantry
Bay, 13,808 ac., pop. 3028; contains Allihies.—2. Kil-
namanagli, par., NAV. co. Roscommon, 3 miles NE.
of Frenchpark, 6874 ac., pop. 1990.—3. Kilnamanagh,
par., E. co. Wexford, 4 miles NE. of Oulart, 2678 ac.,
pop. 460.

Kilnamanagh, Lower and Upper, 2 bars., W. co.
Tipperary—Lower Kilnamanagh, 42,041 ac., pop. 6421;
Upper Kilnamanagh, 59,990 ac., pop. 10,855.

Kilnamartcry, par., W. co. Cork, 3 miles SAV. of
Macroom, 11,680 ac., pop. 1861.

Kiinamona, par., mid. co. Clare, 3 miles NAV. of
Ennis, 5418 ac., pop. 875.

Kilnanare, par., mid. co. Kerry, 2 miles W. of
Farranfore ry. sta., 5130 ac., pop. 1014.

Kilnaneave, par., N. co. Tipperary, 6 miles SE. of
Nenagh, 6607 ac., pop. 703.

Kilnarath, par., W. co. Tipperary, 3 miles E. of
Newport, 10,449 ac., pop. 1173.

Kilnasoolagh, par., S. co. Clare, lmile AV. of New-
market, 5130 ac., pop. 464.

Kilnaughtin, par., N. co. Kerry, on river Shannon,
9164 ac., pop. 3857 ; contains Tarbert.

Kilnave, place with school, Kilchoman par., Islay
island, Argyllshire, on W. side of Loch Gruinnard, 8
miles NAV. of Bridgend.

Kilndown, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Goudhurst par.,
Kent—dist., pop. 862; hamlet, 6J m. E. of Frant; P.O.

Kilne . See also KlLNA .

Kilnegarruff, par., Limerick. See Killeenagarriff.

Kilnenor, par., N. co. Wexford, 6 miles N. of
Gorey, 6435 ac., pop. 704.

Kilneuair, place with ruined old church, at head of
Loch Awe, Argyllshire, 1J mile E. of Ford.

Kilnhead, vil., Cummertrees par., S. Dumfriesshire,
3£ miles NW. of Annan.

Kilnhurst, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta., Raw-
marshandAVath uponDearne pars., S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire—dist., pop. 2562; vil., 4 miles NE. of
Rotherham; P.O. ; has collieries, iron and steel works,
glass-bottle works, and earthenware manufacture.

Kilninian and Kilmore, par., in NW. of Mull island,
Argyllshire, 31,254 ac., pop. 405 ; comprises also the
islands of Calve, Gometra, Little Colonsay, and Ulva ;
Kilninian church is on N. side of Loch Tuadh, 8 miles
SAV. of Tobermory; Kilmore church is 7 miles NE. of
Kilninian church.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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