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Kingston Russell, par., Dorset, in SAV. of co., 8
miles NAV. of Dorchester, 1147 ac., pop. 70.

Kingston Seymour, coast par. and vil., Somerset,
in N. of co., 3J miles SE. of Clevedon, 3422 ac. (780
water), pop. 293.

Kingston Stirt, hamlet, 4 miles NE. of AVatlington,

Kingston Town, ry. sta., Kingston upon Thames,

Kingston Vale (or Robinhood Gate), eccl. dist.,
Kingston upon Thames par., Surrey, pop. 474.

Kingston Wyke. See Kingston near AVorthing.

Kingston by Sea, par., Sussex, in S. of co., at
mouth of Shoreham harbour, 1 mile E. of Shoreham,
778 ac., pop. 262; has a wharf, and carries on some
coasting trade; contains Kingston House.

Kingston near Lewes, par., Sussex, in S. of co.,
on SAV. side and partly in bor. of Lewes, 1676 ac.,
pop. 120.

Kingston near Worthing (or Kingston Wyke),
par., Sussex, in S. of co., 4 miles AV. of AVorthing, 425
ac. and 184 foreshore, pop. 34.

Kingston upon Hull, pari, and mun. bor. and par.,
East-Riding Yorkshire, at influx of river Hull to the
estuary of the Humber, 55J miles SE. of Leeds and
1734 miles N. of London—par., 1054 ac. (29 water) and
683 tidal water and foreshore, pop. 78,222; bor., pop.
165,690. Kingston upon Hull returns 3 members to
Parliament (3 divisions—East, Central, and AVest,
1 member for each division); the representation was
increased from 2 to 3 members in 1885, when the par-
liamentary limits were extended so as to include the
entire municipal limits. See

Kingston upon Railway, or New Kingston, S.
suburb of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey; consists of
handsome villas, and contains Surbiton Church.

Kingston upon Soar, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Keg-
worth), in co. and 10 miles SAV. of Nottingham by rail,
1200 ac., pop. 196;
P.O., called Kingston.

Kingston upon Thames, mun. bor., market town,
par., and township (ry. sta. Kingston Town), Surrey,
5 miles S. of Richmond, and 12 miles SAV. of Waterloo
sta., London, by rail — par., 7229 ac., pop. 35,829;
township, 4824 ac., pop. 33,560; bor., 1085 ac., pop.
20,648; 2 Banks, 2 newspapers. Market-day,
Several Saxon kings were crowned here, the first
beiDg Athelstane, in 924. In ancient times the place
was important through its ford, and afterwards its
bridge across the Thames. Kingston is now chiefly
known as a place of residence for London business men,
and its trade entirely consists in supplying the wants
of a suburban resort.

Kingstone.—par., in co. and 6 miles SW. of Here-
ford, 1991 ac., pop. 437; P.O.—2. Kingstone, par.
and vil., Kent, 5 miles SE. of Canterbury, 1555 ac.,
pop. 293; P.O.—3. Kingstone, par., Somerset, in S. of
co., 1 mile SE. of Ilminster, 3477 ac., pop. 22S.—4.
Kingstone, Dorset. See

Kingstone Winslow, hamlet, Ashbury par., Berks,
8J miles SW. of AVantage.

Kingstown, hamlet, in N. of Cumberland, 2g miles
N. of Carlisle,

Kingstown.—seaport town and township with ry.
sta., Monkstown par., in co. and 6 miles SE. of Dublin,
1463 ac., pop. 18,586; 2 Banks. Kingston is beautifully
situated on S. side of Dublin Bay. It was formerly
called Dunleary, and received its present name from
the circumstance of King George IV. embarking here
for England after his visit to Ireland in 1821. At one
time a mere fishing vil., Kingstown is now a fashionable
watering-place and a royal mail packet station. The
present harbour, covering an area of 250 ac., was com-
pleted in 1859 at a cost of £825,000. The mail steamers
ply from this port to and from Holyhead (64 miles
distant) twice daily, in conjunction with the London
and North-Western Ry.; on the E. pier-head is a re-
volving light 41 ft. above high water and seen 9 miles,
and on AV. pier-head is a fixed light 36 ft. above high
water and seen 2 miles.—2. Kingstown, school, Omey
par., co. Galway.

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