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Kyloe, par., Northumberland, near coast, opposite
Holy Island, 9852 ac., 94 tidal water and 1482 fore-
shore, pop. 870; Kyloe House, seat, is 6 miles NW.
of Belford.

Kyin, river, rising in Northamptonshire, near Higham
Ferrers, and flowing NE. and SE. through the N. part
of Bedfordshire and SW. part of Huntingdonshire to
the Ouse near St Neots; is 16 miles long.

Kymah Burn, beadstream of Livet Water, Inver-
avon par., Banffshire.

Kyine, North, township, South Kymepar., Lincoln-
shire, 7J miles NE. of Sleaford, 3490ac., pop. 696; P.O.

Kyrne, South, par., township, and vil., Lincolnshire,
on Car Dyke—par., 8358 tic., pop. 1226 ; township, 4868
ac., pop. 530; vil., 7 miles NE. of Sleaford; P.O.

Kymin HUl, lofty wooded hill, on border of co. and
1J mile SE. of Monmouth.

Kyn . See also Kin .

Kynance Cove, small picturesque bay on SW. coast
of Cornwall, 11 mile NAV. of Lizard Head; its shores
comprise cliffs and rocks with curious caverns, in which
there is much beautifully coloured serpentine.

Kynaston, vil., Kinnerley par., Shropshire, 7\ miles
SE. of Oswestry.

Kynastone Honse, seat, Hentland par., Hereford-
shire, 4 miles NW. of Ross.

Kyneton, seat, Gloucester; post-town, Thornbury.

Kynlcy, adjacent to Nymphsfield, Gloucestershire;
has remains of a priory founded before the Conquest.

Kyo, township and vil., Lanchester par., in co. and
9 miles NW. of Durham, 2203 ac., pop. 4065.

Kype Water, W. Lanarkshire; rises on Goodbush
Hill, and flows 8J miles N. to the Avon 1 mile SE. of
Strathaven; near its mouth is a waterfall 50 ft. in leap.

Kypes Big, hill-ridge, Avondale par., W. Lanark-
shire, on left bank of Kype AVater ; reaches, 3£ miles
SE. of Strathaven, an alt. of 1173 ft.

Kyre, Great (or Kyre Wyard), par., AVorcestershire,
in NAV. of co., 4 miles SE. of Tenbury, 1520 ac., pop.
105 ; P.O., called Kyre
% contains the seat of K. House.

Kyre, Little, township and hamlet, Stoke Bliss par.,
Worcestershire, 4Jm. SE. of Tenbury, 930 ac., pop. 128.

Kyrewood, hamlet, Worcestershire, in par. and 1^
m. E. of Tenbury ; in vicinity is the seat of K. House.

Kytes Hardwick, hamlet, Leamington Hastings
par., Warwickshire, on river Learn, 5| m. SW. of Rugby.

La Bergerie, seat, near Portarlington, N. Queen’s co.

La Chaire, seat, in NE. part of Jersey, Channel
Islands, 5J miles NE. of St Helier.

La Crete Point, lofty headland, oju E. coast of
Jersey, Channel Islands, between Anne Pott and St
Catherine’s Bay.

La Haule, ry. sta., on the line from St Helier to St
Aubyn, Jersey, Channel Islands.

La Houle, ocean pool, N. coast of Jersey, Channel
Islands, beyond Sorrel Point; is nearly surrounded by
lofty cliffs.

La Mancha, seat, on Lough Ennell, 3 miles SW. of
Mullingar, co. Westmeath.

La Motte, islet, off SE. coast of Jersey, Channel
Islands, near St Clement’s Bay.

La Platte Rocque, mass of low rocks, NE. coast of
Jersey, Channel Islands, at E. side of St Clement’s
Bay; was the landing-place in 1781 of the French
under Baron Rullencourt.

La Pule, rocky pinnacle, on NW. coast of Jersey,
Channel Islands, to the S. of Cape Grosnez, alt. 180 ft.

La Roque, ry. sta., 3 miles SE. of St Helier, Jersey,
Channel Islands.

Labacally, cairn, near Glanworth, NE. co. Cork.

Labach (or Loobagh), affluent of river Maigue, S.
co. Limerick, at 2 miles S. of Bruree; 20 miles long.

Labasheeda, vil., Killofin par., S. co. Clare, on
estuary of river Shannon, 6 miles W. of Foynes ry. sta.,
and 7 miles SW. of Killadysert, pop. 259; P.O.

Labballow, ancient circular fort, 6 miles W. of
Killarney, mid. co. Kerry.

Labbigowen, recess in a cliff, near S. end of Genflesk,
E. co. Kerry; was the retreat of an outlaw.

Laceby, par. and vil., Lincolnshire, 4 miles SW. and
within pari. bor. of Grimsby, 2063 ac., pop. 1017;
P.O., t.o.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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