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Lainbarts Castle, Roman camp, Dorset, in W. of co.,
4 miles NE. of Lyme Regis; is triple-trenched, and
occupies 12 ac.

Lamhay Island (1¼ mile by 1 mile), in Irish Sea,
Portraine par., co. Dublin, 3 miles SE. of Rush, 617
ac., pop. 61. The surface is hilly, the cliffs on the E.
side rising to an alt. of 418 ft.; the rocks are chiefly of
trap and porphyry. The island is the property of Lord
Talbot de Malahide.

Lambclose House, seat, on W. border of Notts, 1¼
mile SE. of Langley Mill sta.

Lainhcote, hamlet, Eatington par., Warwickshire,
5¼ miles SW. of Kineton.

Lamhcroft, hamlet, Kelstern par., Lincolnshire, 5f
miles NW. of Louth.

Lambden (or Laiuden), seat, in par. and 3¼ miles
SE. of Greenlaw, Berwickshire, on Lambden Burn.

Lamheg, vil. with ry. sta., S. co. Antrim, and par.,
partly also in co. Down—par., 1571 ac., pop. 3332; vil.,
2 miles NE. of Lisburn ;

Lainherhead Green, vil., in par. and miles AV. of
Wigan, SW. Lancashire.

Lamherhurst, par. and vil., partly in Kent but
chiefly in Sussex—par., 5479 ac., pop. 1866; vil., 4
miles E. of Frant sta. and 6¼ miles SE. of Tunbridge
P.O., T.O.; some brewing and brickmaking are
carried on.

Lambert, seat, 2 miles S. of Craughwell, S. co.

Lainherton (or Lainerton), ancient par., now in
Mordington par., SE. Berwickshire ; Lamberton Kirk,
the remains of which stand near the coast, 3¼ miles
NW. of Berwick upon Tweed, figured in the marriage-
treaty of Margaret, daughter of Henry VII. of Eng-
land, with James IV. of Scotland ; Lamberton toll-bar,
near the church, was long, like Gretna Green, a place
of runaway marriages.

Lamherton.—seat, 4 miles SE. of Maryborough, E.
Queen’s co.—2. Lamherton, seat, near Arklow, S. co.

Lamheson, seat, near Truro, Cornwall.

Lamheth, pari. bor. and par., Surrey, on r. Thames,
in SW. of London, 3942 ac., pop. 253,699. Lamheth
Palace (1197) has for centuries been the official resi-
dence of the Archbishops of Canterbury; the library
contains records of the see dating from the 13th cen-
tury. St Thomas’ Hospital is situated on the Thames,
opposite the Houses of Parliament.
Lambeth Bridge
is 1040 ft. long, with 3 spans of 280 ft. each. The bor.
returns 4 members to Parliament (4 divisions—viz.,
North, Kennington, Brixton, and Norwood, 1 member
for each division); the old pari. bor. of Lamheth (which
included parts of Camberwell and Lambeth pars, and
the whole of Newington par.) returned 2 members
until 1885.

Lamhhlll, vil., on Forth and Clyde Canal, N. Lan-
arkshire, 2 miles N. of Glasgow.

Lamhholm, island, in Holm Sound, Holm par.,
Orkney, pop. 8.

Lauihley.—par. and vil., in co. and 7 miles NE. of
Nottingham, 2170 ac., pop. 803;
P.O.—2. Lamhley,
par. and vil. with ry. sta., Northumberland, on river
South Tyne, 4¼ miles S. of Haltwhistle, 3060 ac. (59
water), pop. 712 ;
P.O., called Lamhley Station.

Lamhorn Hall, seat, 3 m. NE. of Rochford, Essex.

Lamhonrn.—town and par., Berks, on river Lam-
bourn, 8 miles NW. of Hungerford par., 14,873 ac., pop.
2165; town, pop. 1576;
P.O., T.O.; has a market cross
500 years old; in the neighbourhood are several cele-
brated antiquities, notably, the White Horse, Wayland
Smith’s Cave, Uffington and Alfred’s Camps, &c.;
Lamhonrne Place is a seat.—2. Lamhonrn, hundred,
in W. of Berks, 19,282 ac., pop. 2624; contains 2 pars.—

3. Lamhonrn, river, Berks; rises on SAV. border of
co., and flows 16 miles SE. to the Kennet 1¼ mile below

Lamhonrn Woodlands, 3 miles S. of Lambourn,

Lamhourne, par. and vil., Essex, 4 miles SE. of
Epping, 2470 ac., pop. 856; in S. vicinity of vil. is the
hamh>t of
Lamhonrne End.

Lamhrigg, township, in par. and 5 miles NE. of
Kendal, Westmorland, 1803 ac., pop. 168.

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