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Langland Bay, small hay, in W. of Glamorgan, 1
mile W. of Mumbles Head.

Lang] ands, hamlet, Mar ton par., N orth-Riding Y ork-
shire, 3 miles AY. of Guisbrough.

Langlee, seat, in par. and 2 miles S. of Jedburgh,

Langlee House, seat, Melrose par., Roxburghshire,
in E. vicinity of Galashiels.

Langley.—ry. sta., 3½ miles E. of Slough, Bucks;
P.O. See
Langley Marish.—2. Langley, vil., Heanor
par., Derbyshire, near Langley Mill sta.—3. Langley,
township, Lanchester par., on river Browney, in co.
and 4 miles NAY. of Durham, 2472 ac., pop. 143;
P.O., called Langley Park.—4. Langley, vil., in co.
and 2 miles SAY. of Durham; P.O., T.O., called Langley
Moor. — 5. Langley, par., Essex, in W. of co., 7
miles SW. of Saffron AYalden, 1660 ac., pop. 400.—6.
Langley, hamlet, in par. and 1 mile AY. of Winch-
comb, Gloucestershire.—7. Langley, hamlet, Fawley
par., Hants, 6½ miles S. of Southampton.—8. Langley,
hamlet, Hitchin par., Herts, 2 miles SAY. of Stevenage.
—9. Langley, par. and vil., Kent, 4½ miles SE. of
Maidstone, 1494 ac., pop. 370; p.o.—10. Langley,
hamlet, in par. and 2 miles S. of Beckenham, Kent;
in vicinity is the seat of Langley Park.—II. Langley,
par. and vil., Norfolk, 1½ mile N. of Loddon, 2723 ac.,
pop. 308; in vicinity of vil. is the seat of Langley
Park.—12. Langley, ry. sta. and seat of lead works,
Northumberland, 9 miles W. of Hexham; P.O. at
Langley Mills, distant ½ mile. Langley Castle, a
massive baronial ruin, in vicinity of sta., was the pro
perty of the last Earl of Derwentwater.—13. Langley
township, Shipton under AVychwood par., Oxfordshire

5 miles NW. of Witney, 303 ac., pop. 50.—14. Lam
ley, hamlet, Wiveliscombe par., Somerset, 7 miles N
of Wellington.—15. Langley, 1½ mile S. of AAfostham
Sussex ; has ruins of a grange chapel, formerly the pro¬
perty of Lewes Priory.—36. Langley, township, Claver-
don par., AVarwickshire, 3 miles SE. of Henley-in-Arden,
pop. 152.—17. Langley, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta.
(Langley Green), Halesowen par., AVorcestershire—dist.,
pop. 7384; vil., 2 miles SW. of Smethwick Junction;
P.O., T.O.; has chemical works, iron and steel works,
brick works, and collieries.—18. Langley, hamlet, AVell
par., North-Riding Yorkshire, 2 miles S. of Bedale.—
19. Langley, Shropshire. See Langley and Buckley.

Langley, Abbots, par., Herts. See Abbots Langley.

Langley, Kings, Herts. See Kings Langley.

Langley, Kirk, Derby. See Kirk Langley.

Langley Burrell, par. and vil., Wilts, on river Avon,
1½ mile NE. of Chippenham, 1694 ac., pop. 1129 ; P.O.

Langley Castle, ruined baronial mansion, Northum¬
berland, near Langley sta. and 2 m. S. of Haydon Bridge;
was the property of the last Earl of Derwentwater.

Langley Fitzurse (or Kington Langley), eccl. dist.,
Kington par, AVilts, pop. 553. See
Kington Langley.

Langley Green, ry. sta., Halesowen par., AVorcester¬
shire, 2 m. SW. of Smethwick Junction. See

Langley Hall.—seat, 3 miles S. of East Isley, Berks.
—2. Langley Hall, seat, Kirk Langley par., in co. and
4½ miles NAV. of Derby.—3. Langley Hall, seat, in
co. and 5 miles NAY. of Durham.

Langley House, seat, Abbots Langley par., Herts, 4
miles W. of AVatford.

Langley Marish, par. and vil. (ry. sta. Langley), in
SE. of Bucks, 3½ miles E. of Slough, 3937 ac., pop.
2162; P.O., called Langley; contains the seats of
Langley Marish Lodge and Langley Park.

Langley Mill, vil. (ry. sta. Eastwood and Langley
Mill), Heanor par., Derbyshire, and Eastwood par.,
Notts, on river Erewash, 3 miles N. of Ilkeston; P.O.

Langley Mills, ½ mile from Langley sta. and 5 miles
SW. of Haydon Bridge, Northumberland ; P.O.

Langley Moor, in co. and 3 miles SW. of Durham ;
P.O., t.o. See Langley.

Langley Park.—seat, Kirk Langley par., in co. and
4 miles NW. of Derby.—2. Langley Park, in co. and

6 miles NW. of Durham ; P.O. See Langley.

Langley Park, seat, Dun par., Forfarshire, 1½ mile

SAY. of Dubton Junction.

Langley Point, small headland, on coast of Sussex,
4½ miles NE. of Beachy Head; 2 small forts have
been erected on the point.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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