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Leake.—coast par., Lincolnshire, partly within the
pari, limits of Boston, 9514 ac. (1775 water), pop. 2120;
contains Old Leake, vil. with ry. sta., 7 miles NE. of
Boston; P.O., T.O.; and New Leake, vil., 3 miles NE.
of Old Leake sta.; P.O.—2. Leake, par. and township,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 5 miles SE. of Northallerton—
par., 6789 ac., pop. 1026; township, 309 ac., pop. 11.

Leake, East, par. and vil., Notts, 5 miles N. of
Loughborough, 2540 ac., pop. 943 ; P.O.

Leake, New, vil., Leake par., Lincolnshire, 10 miles
NE. of Boston; P.O.

Leake, Old, vil. with ry. sta., Leake par., Lincoln-
shire, 7 miles NE. of Boston ; P.O., T.o.

Leake, West, par. and vil., Notts, 2 miles W. of
East Leake, 1390 ac., pop. 132.

Lealholm, vil. with ry. sta., Danbypar., North-Riding
Yorkshire, 11| miles SW. of Whitby. Lealholm Vale,
in vicinity, is traversed by a brook which falls into the
Esk; in vicinity of sta. is
Lealholme Bridge : which see.

Lealholm Moor, tract, North-Riding Yorkshire,
common to the townships of Danby and Glaisdale,
11,598 ac.

Lealholme Bridge, hamlet, Danby par., North-
Riding Yorkshire, on r. Esk, near Lealholm sta.; P.O.

Lealt, hamlet, Kilmuir par., Skye island, Inverness-
shire, near mouth of river of same name, 10 miles N.
of Portree.

Learn, river, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire;
rises in Northamptonshire near the boundary between
the counties, and flows 3| miles along the border,
thence W. within Warwickshire, past Leamington
Hastings and Leamington, to the Avon in E. vicinity of
Warwick ; is 25 miles long.

Leam, New, artificial cut of river Nen, Cambridge-
shire, in N. of co., stretching 13 miles NE. from vicinity
of Itterborough.

Leamington (Leamington Priors, or Royal Lea-
mington Spa), mun. bor., par., and watering-place,
AYarwickshire, on river Leam, within parliamentary
limits of Warwick and Leamington, 2 miles E. of AVar-
wick and 98 miles NW. of London by rail, 1720 ac., pop.
22,979; 3 Banks, 5 newspapers. Leamington appears
in Domesday Book as
Lamintone, but was subsequently
designated Leamington Priors, through itsbeing granted
to the priors of Kenilworth. Since 1811, when the
town contained only 543 inhabitants, Leamington has
risen with marvellous rapidity, its progress being due
to its sheltered position in the valley of the Leam, and
the historical interest and beauty of its neighbourhood,
but chiefly, perhaps, to the excellence of its medicinal
springs. The town was incorporated as Royal Leaming-
ton Spa in March 1875, and was included in the pari,
limits of Warwick and Leamington in 1885. Its trade
is in a large measure connected with supplying the
wants of numerous visitors ; but there is a prominent
industry in the mfr. of Leamington cooking ranges,
which have gained a high reputation.

Leamington Hastings, par., Warwickshire, onriver
Leam, 4 m. NE. of Southam, 3244 ac., pop. 461 ; P.O.

Leamlara, seat, 6 m. NW. of Middleton, E. co. Cork.

Leamonsiey, suburb of Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Leamsidc Junction, ry. sta., in co. and 4£ miles
NE. of Durham; P.O., called Lcamside.

Leannan, stream, N. co. Donegal; rises in Lough
Gartan, and flows 12 miles NE. to Lough Swilly near

Leap, fishing vil., Exbury par., Hants, on the Solent,
8J miles S. of Southampton.

Leap, vil., Kilmacobea par., W. co. Cork, 7 miles
NE. of Skibbereen, pop. 176; P.O., T.o.

Leap Castle, seat, S. King’s co., 6 m. N. of Roscrea.

Lear, stream, co. Kildare; flows 12 miles SAY. past
Castledermot to river Barrow near Holymount.

Learchild, township, Edlingham par., Northumber-
land, 62 miles SAY. of Alnwick, 474 ac., pop. 30.

Learmount, par. and seat, in co. and 12 miles SE. of
Londonderry, on river Faughon, 17,613 ac., pop. 3105.

Learmoutli, Northumberland, 11 miles NW. of
Wooler; was once a market town.

Learney, seat, Kincardine O’Neil par., Aberdeen-
shire, 2 miles NE. of Torphins sta.; the house stands
on the E. slope of Learney Hill, alt. 1000 ft.

Leasam House, seat, near Rye, Sussex.

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