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Lisnastrain, co. Antrim, 3 m. from Lisburn; P.O.

Lisnavagh, seat of Lord Rathdonnell, 4 miles NE.
of Tullow, N. co. Carlow.

Llsnegar, seat, near Rathcormack, E. co. Cork.

Lisoughtcr, summit of the Twelve Pins, near Recess,
W. co. Galway, alt. 1314 ft.

Lispole, 5 miles SE. of Dingle, AV. co. Kerry ; P.O.

Lisquinlan, seat, 6 miles SE. of Mogeely ry. sta.,
SE. co. Cork.

Lisrenny, seat, 5 miles W. of Castlebellingbam ry.
sta., mid. co. Louth.

Ltsrodden, 4 m. from Portglenone, co. Antrim; P.O.

Llsronagh, par., S. co. Tipperary, on river Anner,
3 miles N. of Clonmel, 3046 ac., pop. 361;

Lisryan, 54 miles NE. of Edgeworthstown, NE. co.

Mss . See also Lis .

Mss, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Hants, 4 miles NE.
of Petersfield, 3620 ac., pop. 1215;
P.O., T.o., called
West Mss.

Mssacreasig, 6 m. from Macroom, W. co. Cork; P.O.

Lissadell, seat, in co. and 7 miles NW. of Sligo.

Mssadurn, seat, lg m. N. of Elphin, co. Roscommon.

Mssan, par. and seat, cos. Londonderry and Tyrone,
on Lissan Water, 3 miles NW. of Cookstown, 24,683 ac.,
pop. 4036; P.O.

Lissanoure Castle, seat, 7 miles E. of Ballymoney,
N. co. Antrim.

Mssard, seat, 3 miles N. of Edgeworthstown, N. co.

Mssarda, 6 miles from Macroom, W. co. Cork; P.O.

Msselton, par., N. co. Kerry, 5 miles NW. of Lis-
towel, 6882 ac., pop. 1692;
P.O., at Msselton Cross.

Mssenliall, 2 m. SW. of Nenagh, N. co. Tipperary.

Mssett, township, Beeford par., East-Riding York-
shire, 7 m. SW. of Bridlington, 1150 ac., pop. 90;

Mssigriflin, school, Kilmoe par., co. Cork.

Mssington, par., Lincolnshire, 4 miles NW. of
Wragby, 1526 ac., pop. 259;

MssonGrove, eccl. dist., St Marylebonepar., Middle-
sex, pop. 6866.

Mssonnlfy, par., mid. co. Roscommon, on r. Shannon,
3 miles SE. of Strokestown, 11,509 ac., pop. 2043.

Mssoy, hamlet, co. AYestmeath. See Auburn.

Mssycascy, 7 m. from Killadysert, S. co. Clare; P.O.

Msterlin, par., S. co. Kilkenny, on river Argala, 5
miles NE. of Mullinavat, 5431 ac., pop. 685.

Mston, par. and vil., Essex, in NE. of co., on river
Stour, 3 miles NAV. of Sudbury, 643 ac., pop. 123; in
vicinity of vil. is the seat of Liston Hall.

Liston Court, seat, Herefordshire; post-town, Ross.

Llstonsliiels, detached section of Kirkliston par.,
Edinburghshire, in the Pentland Hills, 8 miles S. of
Kirkliston vil. and 4 miles SAY. of Balerno.

Listoodcr, 3 miles from Crossgar, E. co. Down; P.O.

Listowel, town and par. with ry. sta., N. co. Kerry,
on river Feale, 20 miles NE. of Tralee and 180 miles
SW. of Dublin—par., 8252 ac., pop. 5236 ; town, pop.
2965 ;
P.O., T.O., 3 Banks. Market-day, Friday. It is a
clean and well-built town, has remains of an old castle,
and gives the title of Earl to the family of Hare.

Listullycurrann, 3 miles from Dromore, W. co.

Lis vane (or Llysvaen), par., on SE. border of Gla-
morgan, 5 m. NE. of Cardiff, 1416 ac., pop. 228;

Lisvernane, school, Clonbeg par., co. Tipperary.

Msways Hall, seat, Longdon par., Staffordshire, 4|
miles NW. of Lichfield.

Llswerry, 2 m. from Maindee, Monmouthshire; P.O.

Lit . See also Litt .

Lltcham, par. and vil., Norfolk, 2 miles NAY", of
Fransham sta. and 8 miles NE. of Swaffham, 1932 ac.,
pop. 801;
P.O., T.o.; was once a market town; the
church is ancient.

Lltcliborougli, par. and vil., Northamptonshire, 5
miles NYY. of Towcester, 1704 ac., pop. 348 ;

Litchfield, par. and hamlet with ry. sta., Hants, 4
miles SAY. of Kingsclere, 1814 ac., pop. 112.

Litchford Hall, seat, SE. Lancashire, 34 miles N. of

Mtchiirch.—township, Derby St Peter par., Derby-
shire, forming a SE. part of bor. of Derby,
pop. 18,507;
p.o.—2. Litchiirch. See
Morleston and Litchurch.

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