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Llanfair Caerinion, market town and par., Mont-
gomeryshire, in E. of co., on river Einion, 8 miles SW.
of Welshpool, 16,157 ac., pop. 2286;
P.O., t.o., 1
Bank. Llanfair, owing to the neighbouring rivers, is a
favourite resort of anglers.

Llanfalr-Clydogan, par., Cardiganshire, in S. of
co., on river Teifi, 3 miles NE. of Lampeter, 4815 ac.,
pop. 536 ;
P.O., called Llanfair ; there are lead mines,
also several cairns and ancient camps.

Llanfalr-Dyffryn-Clwyd, par. and vil., Denbigh-
shire—par. (partly in bor. of Ruthin), 7488 ac., pop.
1117 ; vil., 2 miles SE. of Ruthin ; P.O.

Llanfair-Mathafarn-Eithaf, par. and vil., Anglesey,
in NE. of co., 7 miles NW. of Beaumaris, 1949 ac. (35
water), pop. 680.

Llanfair-Xnnt-Glyn, par., Pembrokeshire, on river
Nevern, 6 miles S. of Cardigan, 1668 ac., pop. 180.

Llanfair-Xant-y-Gdf, par., Pembrokeshire, in N. of
co., 3 miles SE. of Fishguard, 2597 ac., pop. 167.

Llanfair-Orilwyn, par., Cardiganshire, in SW. of
co., on river Teifi, 4 miles NE. of Newcastle in Emlyn,
1744 ac., pop. 425.

Llanfair-Pwllgwyngyll, small market town and
par. with ry. sta. (Llanfair), Anglesey, in E. of co., 4
miles AV. of Bangor, 852 ac. land and 100 water, pop.
P.O., T.O. Market-day, Saturday. Building stone
is quarried and shipped.

Llanfair-Treflygen (or Llanfair-Tref-Helygcn),
par., Cardiganshire, in SAV. of co., 5 miles NE. of New-
castle in Emlyn, 648 ac., pop. 79.

Llanfair-lfngliornwy, par., Anglesey, in NW. of
co., 7^ miles NE. of Holyhead, 2135 ac., pop. 278 ;

Llanlair-ar-y-Bryn, par., Carmarthenshire, in NE.
of co., on rivers Bran and Towy, on N. side of Llan-
dovery, 23,457 ac., pop. 1281; has lead mines.

Llanfair-fechan, small town and par. with ry. sta.,
Carnarvonshire, 7f miles SAV. of Conway, 4255 ac. land
and 2266 water, pop. 2041;
P.O., T.O.; is a pleasant
watering-place at the foot of Penmaenmawr Mountain,
occupies a wooded and well-sheltered situation, and
commands a charming seaward view.

Llanfair in Buallt. See Builth.

Llanfatr-is-Gaer, par., Carnarvonshire, in N. of co.,
on Menai Strait, 2 m. NE. of Carnarvon, 1909 ac. and 505
water, pop. 1642; contains the seat of Flas Llanfhir,

Llanfair juxta Harlech, coast par., Merioneth, in
NAV. of co., near Harlech, 5196 ac., pop. 409.

Llanfair-yn-euhwll, par., Anglesey, in AV. of co.,
8 miles SE. of Holyhead, 1279 ac. (220 water), pop. 329.

Llanfairtalhalarn, par. and vil., Denbighshire, in
NAAr. of co.—par., 11,239 ac., pop. 1183; vil., on river
Elwy, 8J miles NW. of Denbigh;
P.O., T.O.

Llanfairyny-cwmniwd, par., Anglesey, in S. of co.,
on r. Brain, 2 m. NE. of Newborough, 166 ac., pop. 20.

Llanfalltcg, vil. with ry. sta., Carmarthenshire, and
par. partly also in Pembrokeshire—par., 1866 ac., pop.
390 ; vil., on river Taff, 4 miles NE. of Narberth ;
the par. consists of 2 townships—East Llanfalltcg
(forming the Carmarthenshire portion), 1448 ac., pop.
318 ; and West Llanfalltcg (forming the Pembroke-
shire portion), 418 ac., pop. 72.

Llanfarian, 3 miles from Aberystwith, Cardigan-
shire ;

Llanfawr, Merioneth. See Llanfor.

Llanfechan.—par. and vil. with ry. sta., Mont-
gomeryshire, in NE. of co.—par., 4462 ac., pop. 030 ;
vil., on r. Cain, 3J m. E. of Llanfyllin;
P.O.—2. Llan-
fechan, par., Brecknockshire. See

Llanfcchell, par. and vil., Anglesey, in N. of co., 5
miles SAV. of Amlwch, 3637 ac., pop. 923;
P.O. ; for-
merly famous for its quarries of marble.

Llanferras, par. and vil., Denbighshire, on river
Alyn, 5J- miles NE. of Ruthin, 3867 ac., pop. 690.

Llanffinan, par., Anglesey, in E. of co., 2 miles SE.
of Llangefni, 1267 ac., pop. 109; birthplace of Owen
Tudor (d. 1461), AVelsh chieftain, ancestor of Henry VII.

Llanfflewyn, par., Anglesey, in NW. of co., 8 miles
NE. of Holyhead, 1265 ac., pop. 79.

Llanfigael (or Llanfugail), par., Anglesey, in NW.
of co., on river Alaw, 5J miles E. of Holyhead, 484
ac., pop. 122.

Llanfihangel.—hamlet, Talley par., Carmarthen-
shire, in NE. of co., 5g miles
N W. of Llangattock.—2.


Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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