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Llanfihangel, ry. sta., Cardiganshire, 7% miles NE. of
Aberystwith. See

3. Llanfihangel (or Llanfihangel-yn-Gwynfa), par.
and vil., Montgomeryshire, in N. of co., 5 miles SW. of
Llanfyllin, 10,005ac., pop. 818;
P.O.—4. Llanfihangel,
Brecknockshire. See

Llanfiliangel- Aberbythych, par., Carmarthenshire,
in E. of co., on river Towy, 3 miles SAV. of Llandilo,
6036 ac., pop. 888.

Llanfiliangel-Ahercowin, par. and vil., Carmar-
thenshire, in SW. of co., on river Taff, 3 miles SE. of
St Clears, 5180 ac., pop. 814.

Llanfihangel-Abergwessin, par. and vil., Breck-
nockshire, in NW. of co., on river Teifi, 12 miles NW.
of Builth, 6836 ac., pop. 328.

Llanfikangel-Bachcllacth, par., Carnarvonshire, in
SW. of co., 5 m. SW. of Pwllheli, 2915 ac., pop. 280.

Llanfihangel-Begnildy, par., Radnorshire, in NE.
of co., on river Teme, 8 miles NW. of Knighton, 16,645
ac., pop. 994.

Llanfihangel-Bryn-Pabuan, par. and township,
Brecknockshire, in N. of co., 5% miles NAV. of Builth—
par., 4723 ac., pop. 288 ; township, 3395 ac., pop. 205.

Llanfiliangel-Cilfargen, par., Carmarthenshire, on
river Dulas, 5 miles NW. of Llandilo, 516 ac., pop. 46.

Llanfihangcl-Crucorney, Monmouthshire, in N. of
co., 5 miles NE. of Abergavenny;
P.O. See Llanvi-
hangel Crucornky.

Llanfibangel-Cwindu, par., Brecknockshire, inSE.
of co., 10,068 ac., pop. 957.

Llanfihangel-Esccifiog, par., Anglesey, in SE. of
co., on river Cefni, 2 miles SE. of Llangefni, 2889 ac.,
pop. 903 ;Qias extensive coal mines.

Llanflhangel-Geneur-Glynn, coast par. and vil.
with ry. sta. (Llanfihangel), Cardiganshire, 6 miles
NE. of Aberystwith, 32,825 ac. (2680 water), pop. 3891.

Llanfihangcl-Glyn-Myfyr, par., partly in Merioneth
but chiefly in Denbighshire, 6% miles NW. of Corwen,
7256 ac., pop. 413;

Llanfilmngel-Gobion, 4% miles SE, of Abergavenny,
P.O., T.o. See Llanvihangel-nigh-Usk.

Llanfiliangel-Hclygen, par., Radnorshire, 5% miles
SE. of Rhayader, 1459 ac., pop. 88.

Llanfihangel-Lledrod, par., Cardiganshire, in N.
of co., on river Ystwith, 7 miles NW. of Tregaron,
8692 ac., pop. 1068.

Llanfihangel Yant-Brane, par. and vil., in co. and
8 miles NW. of Brecknock, 9161 ac., pop. 386.

Llanfihangel - Penbcdw, par., Pembrokeshire, in
NE. of co., 4 m. SE.^of Cardigan, 2410 ac., pop. 294.

Llanfihangel-Bhosycorn, par., Carmarthenshire, in
N. of co., 10 m. NW. of Llandilo, 9012 ac., pop. 639.

Llanfihangel-Khydlthow, par., Radnorshire, 6%
miles NW. of New Radnor, 3204 ac., pop. 358.

Llanfihangel-Tal-y-llyn, par. (ry. sta. Tal-y-llyn
Junction), in co. and 3f miles E. of Brecknock, 1233
ac., pop. 253 ;

Llanfihangel-Tre’r-Beirdd, par. and vil., Anglesey,
in NE. of co., 1570 ac., pop. 322; has 2 cromlechs.

Llanfihangel-Tyn-Sylwy, coast par., Anglesey, in
E. of co., on NAV. side and partly in bor. of Beaumaris,
833 ac., pop. 48.

Llanfihangel-Ystrad, par. and vil., Cardiganshire,
61 miles SE. of Aberayron, 7467 ac., pop. 987.

Llanfihangel-ar-Arth, par. and vil., on N. border of
Carmarthenshire—par., 15,993 ac., pop. 1959; vil.,
on river Teifi, 2 miles NE.
of Pencader sta. and 12
miles E.
of Newcastle in Emlyn; P.O., called Llan-
v lhangel-ar- Ar tb.

Llanfihangel-feclian, township, Llandefailogfach
par., Brecknockshire, on river Honddu, 5 miles N. of
Brecknock, 2211 ac., pop. 109.

Llanfihangel-y-Croyddin, par. and vil., Cardigan-
shire, in N. of co., on branch of the Ystwith—par.,
22,553 ac., pop. 2567 ; consists of 2 townships—Lower
L., 6592 ac., pop. 873, and Upper L., 15,961 ac., pop.
1694 ; vil., 7 miles SE. of Aberystwith ;

Llanfiliangel-yn-Gwynfrt, eccl. dist., Llanfihangel
par., Montgomeryshire, pop. 477.

Llanfihangel-yn-Howyn, par., Anglesey, in W. of
co., 5% miles SE. of Holyhead, 1404 ac., pop. 174.

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