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Llanganliafal, par. and vil., Denbighshire, 3 miles
NE. of Ruthin, 2361 ac., pop. 404 ;

Llanganna, Glamorgan. See Llangan.

Llanganten, par., Brecknockshire, in N. of co., on
river Wherwi, 2 m. NW. of Builth, 2258 ac., pop. 187.

Hangar, par., Merioneth, in NE. of co., on river
lb mile SW. of Corwen, 3578 ac., pop. 200.

Llangarrcn (or Llangarron), par. and vil., Here-
fordshire, in S. of co., 5
b miles SW. of Ross, 5605 ac.,
pop. 1045 ;
P.O.; in vicinity of vil. is the seat of Llan-
garron Conrt.

Llnngasty-Tal-y-Llyn, par., Brecknockshire, in E.
of co., 6 miles SE. of Brecknock, 2119 ac., pop. 213.

Llangathen, par. and vil., Carmarthenshire, on river
Towy, 3 miles AV. of Llandilo, 5513 ac., pop. 868.

Llangattock.—par., Brecknockshire, in SE. of co.,
on river Usk, 4 miles NW. of Clydach ry. sta., 9597
ac., pop. 4731 ; contains part of Brynmawr and Ebbw
Vale; has large ironworks.—2.
Llangattock, par.,
township, and vil., Monmouthshire, in N. of co., 2
miles NE. of Newport ry. sta.—par., 2937 ac., pop.
1352 ; township, pop. 1099.

Llangattock-Llingoed, par., Monmouthshire, in
N. of co., on river Trothy, 5| miles NE. of Abergavenny,
1944 ac., pop. 174;
P.O., called Llangattoc Lingocd.

Llangattock-nigli-Usk, par., Monmouthshire, on
river Usk, 3
b miles SE. of Abergavenny, 1625 ac., pop.
239 ; contains
Llangattock House, seat.

Llangattock-Vibon-Avcl, par., in co. and 4 miles
NW. of Monmouth, 4194 ac., pop. 472.

Llangcriwyn, par., Denbighshire, in S. of co., on
river Tanat, 4 miles NE. of Llanfyllin, 1686 ac., pop.
247 ;

Llangefni, market town and par. with ry. sta., An-
glesey, on river Cefni, 5 miles NW. of Gaerwen Junction
and 13
b miles    of Amlwch, 2426 ac., pop. 1563; P.O.,

T.o., 2 Banks. Market-day, Thursday. Situated in
the valley of the Cefni, Llangefni has within recent
times risen from a small hamlet to a busy little town.
Woollen mfrs., tanning, and malting are the chief
occupations of the inhabitants. Llangefni formed one
of the Beaumaris District of Parliamentary Boroughs,
which returned 1 member until 1885.

Llangeinor, par., Glamorgan, on rivers Ogmore and
Garw, 5 miles NE. of Bridgend, 6554 ac., pop. 2992;
has coal and iron mines and limestone quarries.

Llnngelnwen, coast par., Anglesey, in S. of co., on
river Brain, 3 miles NAV. of Carnarvon, 5388 ac. (900
water), pop. 947.

Llangcitlio, par. and vil., Cardiganshire, on river
Ayron, 8J m. NE. of Lampeter, 2150 ac., pop. 668 ;

Llangeler, par. and vil., Carmarthenshire, in NE.
of co., on river Teifi, 5 miles SE. of Newcastle in
Emlyn, 7999 ac., pop. 1640.

Llangelynin.—par., Carnarvonshire, in NE. of co., on
river Conway, 3 miles SAV. of Conway, 2017 ac. (183
water), pop. 160.—2,
Llangelynin, coast par., Mer-
ioneth, in SW. of co., 4 miles NAAr. of Towyn, 8559 ac.
land and 2445 water, pop. 1143.

Llangcndeirne, par. and vil., in co. and 5 miles SE.
of Carmarthen, 11,810 ac., pop. 2276 ;

Llangenncck, par. and ry. sta., Carmarthenshire,
in S. of co., on river Llwchwr, 5 miles NE. of Llanelly,
2384 ac., pop. 1971;
P.O.; has tinworks ; contains the
seat of
Llangennecli Fark.

Llangennitli, par., Gower Peninsula, Glamorgan,
15 miles W. of Swansea, 3367 ac., pop. 292; p.o.

Mangcnny, par., Brecknockshire, in SE. of co., 1 b
mile SE. of Criekhowell, 2783 ac., pop. 505.

Llangeraiew, par. and vil., Denbighshire, on river
Elwy, 7 miles NE. of Llanrwst, 7793 ac., pop. 985; P.O.

Llangeview, par., Monmouthshire, 1 b mile E. of Usk,
1454 ac., pop. 155.

Llangian, par., Carnarvonshire, in SW. of co., 6
miles SW. of Pwllheli, 4835 ac. (330 water), pop. 1087.

Llangibby.—par. and vil., Monmouthshire—par.,
4443 ac., pop. 485; vil., 3 miles SW. of Usk ;
P.O.; in
vicinity of vil. are the ruins of
Llangibby Castle
and the seat of Llangibby Honse.—2. Llangibby.
See also Llangybi.

Llanginning, par., Carmarthenshire, in AV. of co., on
river Cynin, 11 m. SW. of Carmarthen, 3270 ac., pop. 364.

Llangiri-ig. See Llangurig.

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