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Lonfcarn, vil., Kilmuir par., Skye island, Inverness-
shire, 12 miles N. of Portree.

Long, Loch.—sea-loch, Argyllshire and Dumbarton-
shire ; strikes 17 miles N. and NE. from Firth of Clyde
at Holy Loch to Arrochar, If mile W. of Tarbert on Loch
Lomond.—2. Long, Loch, sea-loch, on border of Loch-
alsh and Kintail pars., Ross and Cromarty; strikes 5
miles NE. from Loch Alsh to influx of river Ling, which
flows 11 miles SAV.—3. Long, Loch. See
Long Loch.

Long1 Ashton, Somerset, 3 miles SE. of Bristol;
p.o., t.o. See
Ashton, Long.

Long Bennington, Lincolnshire, 8 miles NAV. of
P.O., t.o. See Bennington, Long.

Long Benton, Northumberland, 34 miles SE. of New-
castle ;
P.O., t.o. See Longbenton.

Long Bredy, in AV. of Dorset, 8 miles AV. of Dor-
chester ; P.O. See

Long Bridge, on r. Greta, Cumberland, nr. Keswick.

Long Buchby, ry. sta., Northamptonshire, 5 miles
NE. of Daventry; P.O., T.O. See
Buckby, Long.

Long Burton, in N. of Dorset, 24 miles SE. of Sher-
borne ; P.O. See

Long Churn, cavity, on AV. side of Ingleborough
Mountain, N. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire.

Long Clawson, vil. with ry. sta., Clawson par.,
Leicestershire, 5 miles N. of Melton Mowbray ; P.O.

Long Compton, AVarwickshire, 5 miles SE. of Ship-
ston on Stour; P.O. See
Compton, Long.

Long Crendon, Bucks, 2 miles N. of Thame sta.;
p.o. See
Ckendon, Long.

Long Critcliell, Dorset, 6 miles SAV. of Cranborne;
p.o. See Critchell,

Long Cross, eccl. dist. and vil., Chertsey par., Surrey
—dist., pop. 188; vil., 34 miles AV. of Chertsey; P.O.

Long Ditton, Surrey, 2 miles SAV. of Kingston upon
Thames; P.O. See
Ditton, Long.

Long Eaton, town and township with ry. sta., Saw-
ley par., Derbyshire, on E. border of co., 7 miles SE.
of Derby and 119 NAV. of London, 2099 ac., pop. 6217;
P.O., T.O., 1 Bank, 1 newspaper. Long Eaton is a local
government district, and has risen rapidly in point of
population through the great railway facilities which it
enjoys. Steam factories employ many of the inhabitants.

Long Franilington, Northumberland, 54 miles SE.
of Rothbury; P.O. See
Framlington, Long.

Long Grove, eccl. dist., Llangarren par., Hereford-
shire, pop. 563.

Long Hope, sea-loch, Orkney. See Longhope.

Long Horsley, par. and vil., Northumberland—par.,
12,949 ac. (including part of Hartburn par.), pop. 741;
vil., 6 miles NAV. of Morpeth ; P.O.

Long Houghton, Northumberland, 54 miles NE. of
Alnwick; p.o. See Houghton, Long.

Long Island, Skull par., co. Cork, 341 ac., pop. 210.

Long Island, The. See Hebrides.

Long Itchlngton, 2 miles NAV. of Southam, AVar-
wickshire ;
p.o. See Itchington, Long.

Long Lane, eccl. dist., Brailsford, Sutton on the
Hill, and Trusley pars., Derbyshire, 7 miles AV. of
Derby, pop. 332.

Long Lawford, Newbold upon Avon par., AVarwick-
shire, 34 m. NAV. of Rugby;
p.o. See Lawford, Long.

Long Load, eccl. dist. and hamlet, Martock par.,
Somerset—dist., pop. 336; hamlet, 4 miles SAV. of
Somerton; P.O.

Long Loch.—loch, Lundie and Fowlis par., Forfar-
shire.-—2. Long Loch, loch, on border of Mearns and
Neilston pars., Renfrewshire, 3 miles S. of Neilston.

Long Marston.—vil. (ry. sta. Marston Gate), Tring
par., Herts, and eccl. dist., partly also in Drayton
Beauchamp par., Bucks—dist., pop. 494; vil., 3| miles
NW. of Tring; P.O.—2. Long Marston, vil. with ry.
sta., Marston Sicca par., Gloucestershire, 54 miles SAV.
of Stratford on Avon ; P.O.

Long Marton, ry. sta., Westmorland, 34 miles NW.
of Appleby; p.o. See
Marton, Long.

Long Meg, Druidical column, Cumberland, 6 miles
NE. of Penrith; stands apart from a circle of 67 stones,
commonly called “ Long Meg’s Daughters.”

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