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Bowton St Mary’s, eccl. dist. and ry. sta., Lowton
par., SW. Lancashire—dist., pop. 982; the station is
64 miles SE. of Wigan.

Bowtown, seat, 2 miles S. of Killucan ry. sta., SE.
co. Westmeath.

Boxbear, par., Devon, 4 miles NW. of Tiverton, 761
ac., pop. 122.

Boxfield Camden, hundred, Pevensey rape, Sussex,
18,419 ac., pop. 7325 ; contains 2 pars, and a part.

Boxfield Dorset, hundred, Pevensey rape, Sussex,
19,084 ac., pop. 6058 ; contains 4 pars.

Boxliore, par. and vil., Devon, 5 miles NE. of Barn-
staple, 1530 ac., pop. 211.

Boxley.—par. and vil., Warwickshire, 4 miles SE. of
Stratford on Avon, 1620 ac., pop. 322 ;
P.O. ; Charles I.
spent a night at the manor house before the battle of
Edgehill. — 2. Boxley, hamlet, S. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles NW. of Sheffield ;

Boxley Hall, Staffordshire, 24 m. SW. of Uttoxeter.

Boxton, par. and vil., Somerset, 34 miles NW. of
Axbridge, 1203 ac., pop. 134; contains Boxton Manor.

Boxwood, eccl. dist. and vil., Wisborough Green par.,
Sussex—dist., pop. 663 ; vil., on Arun and Wye Canal,
8 miles NW. of Horsham ;
P.O. ; in vicinity is the seat
of Boxwood Hall.

Boyal (or Baoghal), Boch, on E. side of Ben Loyal,

Boyne (or Buine), stream, affluent of river Moriston,
Inverness-shire ; traverses Glen Loyne and Loch Loyne.

Boynton, hamlet, Norbury par., Staffordshire, 4
miles SW. of Eccleshall.

Bozells, eccl. dists. (St Paul and St Silas), Aston par.,
Warwickshire, pop.—St Paul, 13,557 ; St Silas, 7468.

Bubbenham, Leicestershire ; P.O. See Lubenham.

Bubbesthorpe, township, Aylestone par., Leicester-
shire, on river Soar, 4 miles SAY. of Leicester, 1200 ac.,
pop. 52.

Bubcnham, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Leicester-
shire, on river AVelland and Grand Union Canal, 34 m.
W. of Market Harborough, 2400 ac., pop. 590;
called Bubbenham; has mfrs. of carriage and livery
lace ; in vicinity of vil. is the seat of Bubenham llall.

Bnbnaig, Boch, Perthshire, on E. side of Ben Ledi,
4 miles NAV. of Callander.

Bucau, small town and par., in co. and 9 miles AV.
of Dublin by rail, on river Liffey and Royal Canal—
par., 1125 ac., pop. 899; town, pop. 691;
P.O., T.O.
Lucan has stations both on the Great South and Western
and the Midland Great Western railways, and a steam
tramway extends between the town and Dublin city.
There is a woollen factory here. A chalybeate spa in
the vicinity was formerly much resorted to. Lucan gives
the titles of baron and earl to the family of Bingham.

Buccombe, Somerset; P.O. See Luckham.

Buccombe Chine, deep, rocky chasm, on SE. coast
of Isle of Wight, 14 mile NE. of Yentnor.

luce, ancient par., now in Hoddam par., Dumfries.

Buce, Sew, par. and vil. with ry. sta., AVigtownshire
—par., 28,877 ac., pop. 706; vil., at the confluence of
the two headstr earns of the AVater of Luce, 5 miles
NW. of Glenluce, pop. 320;

Buce, Old, par., AA'igtownshire, 31,596 ac., pop.
2447; contains Glenluce.

Buce, Water of, river, Wigtownshire; is formed by
two headstreams (the Main AVater of Luce and the
Cross Water of Luce), at the vil. of New Luce, and
flows 6 miles S. to Luce Bay; is a good fishing stream.

luce Bay, in S. of Wigtownshire ; penetrates 16
miles inland, and is 184 miles across from Mull of Gal-
loway to Burrow Head.

Bnchle (or North Berwick) Honse, seat, in par.
and 2 miles SE. of North Berwick, Haddingtonshire.

Buclfer Shoals Bight-Vessel, off the E. coast of co.
Wexford, in St George’s Channel, 24 miles E. of shoals;
has fixed light 39 ft. above high water and seen 8 miles.

Bucker, township and ry. sta., Bamburgh par.,
Northumberland, 3| miles SE. of Belford, 1848 ac.,
pop. 209;

Buckham (or Bnccombe), par. and vil., Somerset,
11 miles AV. of Watchet, 4126 ac., pop. 371;
P.O., called
Buccombe; the par. contains the hamlet of West

Buckles lap, vil., 8 m. NE. of Dundee, Forfarshire.

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