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Hall, seat, near Marton Pool, is 4 miles NE. of Chir-
bury.—7. Marton, par. and vil. with ry. sta., War-
wickshire, at confluence of rivers Itchin and Leam, 7f
miles NE. of Leamington, 910 ac., pop. 374; P.O.—8.
Marton, hamlet, in par. and 2 miles NE. of Bridling-
ton, East-Riding Yorkshire; in vicinity is Marton
Hall, seat. See
Sewerby-with-Marton.—9. Marton,
township, Swine par., East-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles
N. of Hedon, 946 ac., pop. 96.
—10. Marton (or Marton
In Cleveland), par. and vil., North-Riding Yorkshire
—par. (partly in bor. of Middlesbrough), 3519 ac.,
pop. 1057 ; vil., 4 miles SE. of Middlesbrough ; P.O.; in
vicinity of vil. is Marton Hall, seat; Captain Cook
(1728-1779), the celebrated navigator, was a native of
Marton; a monument was erected to his memory on
Easby Heights in 1827.
—II. Marton, township, Sin-
nington par., Nortli-Riding Yorkshire, on river Rye, 4J
miles SW7. of Pickering, 677 ac., pop. 193.

Marton, East, vil., 5 miles AY. of Skipton, Nr div.
West-Riding Yorkshire;
P.O. See Marton in Craven.

Marton, Long, par. and ry. sta., AYestmorland, 3
miles NW. of Appleby, 6947 ac., pop. 709;

Marton, New, hamlet, in par. and 4 miles W. of
Ellesmere, Shropshire.

Marton, ¼ld, hamlet, Whittington par., Shropshire,
3 miles NE. of Oswestry.

Marton, West, vil., 6 miles W. of Skipton, N. div.
West-Riding Yorkshire;
P.O. See Marton in Craven.

Marton Brook, stream, Derbyshire ; rises at Intake
Chapel, and flows 9 miles SE. to the Derwent at Derby.

Marton in Cleveland, Yorkshire. See Marton.

Marton in Craven, par., N. div. AYest-Riding York-
shire, 2805 ac., pop. 235; contains East Marton, vil.,
5 miles W. of Skipton;
P.O.; West Marton, vil., 6
miles W. of Skipton ;
P.O.; and Marton Hall, seat.

Marton in the Forest, par., North-Riding York-
shire, on river Foss, 5 miles SE. of Easingwold, 2715
ac., pop. 144; had priory of time of King Stephen.

Marton le Moor, township, Topcliffe and Kirby on
the Moor pars., North-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles NW.
of Boroughbridge, 1678 ac., pop. 169.

Marton with Grafton, par., E. div. AYest-Riding
Yorkshire, 3 miles SE. of Aldborough, 2165 ac., pop. 365.

Martray, seat, 2 m. NAA7. of Ballygawley, co. Tyrone.

Martry, par., mid. co. Meath, 5 miles NW. of Navan,
3890 ac., pop. 374.

Martyr Worthy, par., Hants, 3 miles NE. of AYin-
chester, 2016 ac., pop. 249.

Marvel Stones, remarkable limestone rock, Derby-
shire, under Black Edge, 3 miles N. of Buxton.

Marwell, hamlet, Carisbrooke par., Isle of Wight,
on river Medina, 1 mile S. of Newport.

Marwell Hall, seat, Owlesbury par., Hants, 54 miles
SE. of AVinchester; in vicinity are remains of an ancient
residence of the bishops of AYinchester.

Marwick, hamlet, Lochs par., Lewis island, Ross-
shire, on the coast, 11 miles S. of Stornoway.

Marwick Head, headland, on S. side of Birsay Bay,
Harray and Birsay par., Mainland, Orkney.

Marwood.—par. and vil., Devon, 3 miles NAV. of
Barnstaple, 5396 ac., pop. 808;
P.O.—2. Marwood,
township, Gainford par., Durham, on river Tees, 34
miles N. of and partly in Barnard Castle, 3711 ac., pop.
197; on an eminence adjoining Barnard Castle are ves-
tiges of an ancient town of Marwood.—3. Marwood,
hamlet, Newington-next-Hythe par., Kent.

Marwood Honse, in town of Honiton, Devon; gave
a night’s shelter to Charles I. in 1644.

Mary Gate St Olave, township, North-Riding York-
shire, and par., partly also within the municipal limits
of York City—par., 2421 ac., pop. 10,120; township,
within the parl. bor. of York, 50 ac., pop. 1114.

Mary Gray Hill, near Newtown-Stewart, N. co.
Tyrone, alt. 826 ft.

Mary Tavy, 4 miles NE. of Tavistock, Devon; P.O.
See Marytavy.

Maryhank, place with school, Urray par., Ross and

Maryborough, market and co. town and township
with ry. sta., Borris par., mid. Queen’s co., on -Triogue
rivulet, 51 miles SAY. of Dublin, 504 ac., pop. 2872;
P.O., T.O., 1 Er.nk, 1 newspaper. Market-days, Tues-
and Thursday. Maryborough has considerable
trade and extensive corn mills. It is named after
Queen Mary, in whose reign Queen’s co. was formed
out of the territory of Leix. See

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